Pots & pans ring out in solidarity with Chile

Pots & pans rang out across Brisbane Square in front of the casino sounding out people's dissatisfaction with the turn of events this week. Chile, like Australia, is a country with a big middle class and is often used as a model of economic reform for the Americas. Yet now it has erupted into mass demonstrations and looting as a direct result of economic inequality and state repression. The poor have run out of choices ...

Queensland Govt abets elder abuse

“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.” ― Franz Kafka, The Trial They left only his hat On Thursday 16 October 2104 at 10 am I arrived at the Sunnybank home of my friend, Ross, a man of 80 years. I had told Ross … Continue reading Queensland Govt abets elder abuse

Jewel Towers over Moving Sands

'All that glitters is not gold' - 'The Merchant of Venice' by Shakespeare. On that stretch of beach known for decades as Surfers by the locals and badged as the Gold Coast for international consumption hump back and western wright whales pass by every year in winter, more than in living memory. Sea mullet migrate … Continue reading Jewel Towers over Moving Sands

Historic films on Democratic & Land rights struggles in Queensland

I have been asked to share historic films that may assist in coming struggles around g20. Here are my picks about land rights and democratic rights struggles for the right to march and right to assembly.

Boycott SodaStream and defend the right to organise

The left wing Socialist Alternative group is copping a lot of flak from right wing university administrators, Zionists, the Murdoch press and Abbott government ministers, especially Christopher Pyne.
I urge you to sign and to circulate it widely. I'm not a member of SA but the left as a whole should unite to defend them. The real villain of the piece is the ineffable Christopher Pyne.

Swimming Free Palestine!


Swimming Palestine

Emad, Gareth and I walked to the
starting line at Wategos beach, near the
Byron Bay lighthouse.

As we entered the water with the other
swimmers, the race organisers called off
the race because of treacherous
conditions. Loud speakers announced
that we would be 'swimming at your
own risk'.

We swam anyway.

Many other swimmers did the same.

As we rounded the point at Wategos,
Emad was dumped by a two metre
wave and had to be rescued.

We wish to thank the selfless swimmers
who kept Emad afloat until the Surf Life
savers arrived in their Zodiac.

Gareth and I continued swimming wide
of the big breaking waves. I came
across Gareth at one point yelling out
to him above the sound of the waves
and a nearby surf boat - as Gareth took
each breath in mid-stroke he replied
'Free Palestine, Free, Free Palestine'.

About one kilometre further on we
arrived near main beach at Byron Bay
where we were both hammered by big
breaking waves.

Gareth's googles were wiped off his
face and my swimming cap with the
Palestinian Flag emblem was lost in the
cauldron along with one of my flippers.

Gareth and I walked up the beach
alongside others swimmers saying how
their legs had cramped up as they came
into the beach.

We returned to the stall where Maxine
had spent the last hour engaging with
people asking questions about
Palestine and the campaign by MECA to
provide clean drinking water to children
in the West Bank.

We were happy to be re-united with
Emad who told the story of the bravery
of the swimmers who saved him in the
big swell. In his words he said 'I
drowned'. But he was saved!

Some time later two young girls in
swimming costumes came up to the
stall holding my Palestinian flagged
swimming cap lost in the sea about 20
minutes earlier.

Maxine yelled out 'Ian, these girls found
your cap!" I turned and asked how they
knew the cap was mine. The 11 year old
girl with braces on her teeth said she
and her friend saw the flag flying high
on the foreshore and looked at the flag
on the cap and put two-and-two

Gareth said: 'What are the chances of
that happening!" and Maxine rewarded
the girls with a sumptuous home made
cake. Thanks girls!

We are swimming to raise money for
the Middle East Childrens’ Alliance so
Palestinian kids can have clean drinking
water despite Israel’s best efforts to
desiccate them.

You can sponsor us by making
donations at MECA to help meet the
basic needs of Palestinian children and
give them opportunities to learn, play,
and envision a better future. Go to

A special thank you to Gareth and
Maxine for making this small
contribution to Palestinian kids lives

Free Palestine!

A Report from the streets of Dublin Pre- QE2/U.S. Prez B.O Visits

*** by Ciaron O'Reilly As the U.S. Grand Jury on WikiLeaks/ Julian Assange breaks cover and the Guardian newspaper settles into its dual role of the "Pravda of the Brit liberal left" and attack dog of the U.S. Feds....the Irish prepare for a change of shift of their imperial masters. Within a few short days, … Continue reading A Report from the streets of Dublin Pre- QE2/U.S. Prez B.O Visits

More on Sand Theft from Straddie

Police to probe sand 'theft' Police have been called in to investigate the alleged large-scale theft of sand from North Stradbroke Island Belgian-owned mining giant Sibelco has been accused of stealing as much as 8 million worth of sand from the island and selling it to the construction industry. Premier Anna Bligh's Government, already prosecuting … Continue reading More on Sand Theft from Straddie


The Quandamooka Combined Aboriginal Organisations Forum proudly presents QUANDAMOOKA DREAMING A documentary film series from the Traditional Owners of Quandamooka country (Moreton Bay region) Filmmaker, Marcia Machado created four films about local history and culture in collaboration with Elders, community leaders and young people of Quandamooka Country WHERE: Concert Hall, Redland Performing Arts Centre (RPAC) … Continue reading Film: QUANDAMOOKA DREAMING

The Left on Labour Day 2011

Labour Day, Brisbane, 2011 Socialist groups missed an opportunity this Labour Day. There has been a shift inside the Labour movement and the Left has not recognised it fully nor have they responded to it. Observe the Labour Day march in Brisbane this year. For the first time not a single Labor party politician up … Continue reading The Left on Labour Day 2011

40,000 years and a handful of sand

Tony Mockeridge has asked that this song be dedicated to Lex Wotton. Accordingly this song goes out to Lex Wotton and his family for their courage in standing up for justice on Palms for the Bwgcolman people and for all the people of Queensland. 4PR - Voice of the People Tony dedicates this song to … Continue reading 40,000 years and a handful of sand

Pine Gap 4 have won their Appeal!

by Donna Mulhearn Dear friends Today [22 February 2008] Bryan, Jim, Adele and Donna were acquitted of their convictions under the Defence (Special Undertakings) Act 1952. It was a unanimous decision by the full bench of the Northern Territory Court of Criminal Appeal. The three judges agreed with our submission that there was a miscarriage … Continue reading Pine Gap 4 have won their Appeal!

Where now for Palestine?

After US president Bush's visit to Palestine in in January 2008 Israel cut power and fuel in its siege of the Gaza strip yet again . See http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article19128.htm http://www.petitiononline.com/SaveGaza/petition.html for details. Given the points raised below in the email about Israel’s cutting power and fuel in its siege of the Gaza strip in Palestine, I … Continue reading Where now for Palestine?

‘A cage lined with silk is still a cage’ – detained Iranian refugee

Villawood Death in Custody Demands Ministerial Action “The tragic death of a 62 year old Iranian immigration detainee is yet another disgraceful and entirely preventable cost of the ongoing mandatory detention policy” said Pamela Curr, of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC). “Mr F was taken to St Georges Hospital on Friday for an appointment. … Continue reading ‘A cage lined with silk is still a cage’ – detained Iranian refugee

2007 Federal Election: Bastards voted out

Little Joy for Workers "In democracies, sometimes the rulers have to change in order to ensure that things remain the same" — adapted from The Leopard by Giuseppe di Lampedusa Unions were told by the Labor Party that they had to work on a marginal seats campaign to get the ALP in government and thereby … Continue reading 2007 Federal Election: Bastards voted out