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Right to Organise

[Editors Note: WBT has received this appeal from Dr John Tully in Victoria and urges people to defend the right to organise by signing the petition (below). Some things never change.]

The left wing Socialist Alternative group is copping a lot of flak from right wing university administrators, Zionists, the Murdoch press and Abbott government ministers, especially Christopher Pyne.

Their “crime” has been to oppose the bombardment of Gaza and Pyne’s Higher Ed “reforms”.

As a result, a number of their members are facing trumped up charges that could lead to their expulsion from universities. At Monash, the Socialist Alternative Club has been deregistered by the Student Association Executive. A petition against the deregistration is circulating.

You can find it at Allow free speech on campus, and overturn the decision to deregister the Socialist Alternative Club

I urge you to sign and to circulate it widely. I’m not a member of SA but the left as a whole should unite to defend them. The real villain of the piece is the ineffable Christopher Pyne.


Dr John Tully
Senior Lecturer in Politics and History
Victoria University

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