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The Campaign Against Nuclear Power and the Right to March

Over the past 50 years the opposition to conservative National and Labor governments in Queensland has been extra-parliamentary. On 4th September 1967 street marches were banned by Premier Frank Nicklin to stop the anti-vietnam war demonstrations growing. 126 people were … Continue reading


Marching backwards

International Women’s Day held on 11 March 1978 came up with a novel tactic – marching away from a police blockade. Police Commissioner Lewis claimed that professional agitators  took over the rally. The rally, held in Roma Street Forum with … Continue reading


Reclaiming the Streets!

Broadcast on Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 Friday 11 Oct 2019. Ian interviews: Adela from Reclaim the NightEdwina from Bjelke BluesNoelene from Extinction Rebellion at occupation of the William Jolly Bridge. Reclaim the Night is a women’s rally and march … Continue reading


10th Palestinian Film Festival

Fri 8 November It Must be Heaven 8 Nov 6:30pm Brisbane Filmmaker Elia Suleiman travels to different cities and finds unexpected parallels to his homeland of Palestine. Ambience 8 Nov 6:30pm Brisbane Ambience follows the story of two young Palestinians … Continue reading


Che: Patria o Muerte!

Che paid the ultimate price for his challenge to imperialism, he was murdered in Bolivia on the 9 October 1967, 52 years ago. The film, ‘Cuba: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism,’ was an extremely interesting account of how ordinary Cubans defend … Continue reading


Can Roadblocks Help Change the Political Climate?

The clock’s been ticking for a while now. If we keep walking this track we’re on, our children and grandchildren will inherit a war-torn planet where only the very rich have reliable access to healthy food and clean water. Our … Continue reading


CUBA: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism

Cine Cubanopresents CUBA: Defending Socialism, Resisting ImperialismTuesday 8 October 20196.30 pm for 7 pm startQCU Level 216 Peel Street South Brisbane Entry by donation / light food, tea and coffee availableCuba: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism is a 2010 British film … Continue reading


Open Letter to Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee

Submission on the Summary Offences and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 Dear Members, Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback on the Summary Offences and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 which attempts to outlaw climate change activists stopping the … Continue reading


Civil Disobedience, the Right to March, and the Swinging Pendulum of Queensland Politics

The next meeting of the 17 Group will take place on Wednesday the 9th of October at 7 pm in unit 6 at 20 Drury St, West End.  It will be addressed by the one and only Greens Brisbane City … Continue reading

‘Locking On’ in Galilee

Worth a listen to this podcast on where right-wing populist politics have led us …

Paradigm Shift

Locking on – the great Australian political tradition” – Andy Paine

Paradigm Shift 4 Oct 2019 Friday at noon.

Intro Defending Greta by John Curr.;
Ian interviews Bri from Action Ready; and,
Andy from Frontline Action on Coal.

It is hard to keep the climate action camps going, i f you wish to donate to keep Frontline Action on Coal going please go to

Monster Machine by Madeleine Hudson
Make some Music by Paul Spencer
Old Growth by The Great Shame

Action Ready
Locking on – the great Australian politicaltradition

Much criticism has been levelled at Greta Thunberg following her address to the United Nations. She has been cast as puppet of climate activists.

Scientists addressing climate change have abandoned attempts to persuade people and governments about the science knowing that their efforts at truth to power are being ignored. No-0ne seriously doubts that…

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Locking on – the great Australian political tradition

Here is an excellent critique of the QLD Labor government’s anti-protest laws by climate activist, Andy Paine …


The first Australian political “lock-on” took place in 1908, in an auspicious location: the British House of Parliament. Muriel Matters grew up in South Australia, one of the first places in the world where women could vote. Moving to Britain and illegible to vote due to her gender, she went to parliament; where women were literally fenced off from proceedings by a metal grille. She locked herself to the grate and gave a speech on gender equality to a captive audience of politicians while police were forced to remove the grille.

It wasn’t the last
time the tactic of locking yourself to things would be used by
Australians seeking to change society. In Brisbane in 1965 some more
women famously did so – Rosalie Bognor and Merle Thornton chaining
themselves to the men-only bar at Toowong’s Regatta Hotel and
demanding the right of women to be served.

Like women’s suffrage…

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Quang demonstration shows UQU’s anti-war heritage

Quang Incident in 4th September 1970 inside the Relaxation Block UQU Complex This photographic record helps demonstrate the UQ Union Complex is an historic place where the University Administration and ‘the radical movement’ came into conflict over actions in opposition to … Continue reading


Popular Fronts & Vietnam Moratoriums

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He writes Vietnam like a huge four-letterword in blood and faeces on the wallsof government; reminds me whenthe intricate machine stalls there’s a poet still living at this address– Bruce Beaver __oOo__ Vietnamese Premier Ky’s visit to BrisbaneAir Vice-Marshall Ky … Continue reading


Civil Disobedience, the Right to March, and the Swinging Pendulum of Queensland Politics

The next meeting of the 17 Group will take place on Wednesday the 9th of October at 7 pm in unit 6 at 20 Drury St, West End. It will be addressed by the one and only Greens Brisbane City … Continue reading


Cuba: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism

Tuesday 8 October 2019  6.30 pm for 7 pm start QCU Level 2 16 Peel Street South Brisbane Entry by donation / light food, tea and coffee available Cuba: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism is a 2010 British film documenting the … Continue reading


100 Steps (I Cento Passi)

This is the story of an outspoken Peppino Impastato who lives in an ancient Sicilian town, hemmed in by sea and rocks and ruled by Mafia. Peppino starts a radio station to expose the mafia. His father is ambitious to … Continue reading


Defending Greta

Greta Thunberg has been criticised for not addressing the facts and being too emotional in her speech to world leaders at UN Climate Action Summit. However the climate activist is pleading for action from world leaders and not trying to … Continue reading


Power of country tour

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Right now, big fracking companies are lining up to drill through precious groundwater in the Northern Territory, destroying sacred Country, putting remote communities’ health at risk, and contributing to catastrophic climate change. Traditional Owners should have the final say about … Continue reading


Kashmir on the Edge of the Abyss

In an unsettled world, amid violent wars and imperial occupations, with all norms ruthlessly cast aside, did Kashmir really have a chance to be free? As unrest spreads, India, the vaunted “world’s largest democracy,” has imposed a total communications blackout. Kashmir is … Continue reading

Kashmir: you can say you weren’t told

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift 27 Sept 2019 4zzz fm 102.1 Friday at Noon.

Kashmir is an ancient country in Central Asia surrounded by Pakistan, India, and China. It is currently under Indian military occupation with a curfew imposed. During the cold war both Pakistan and India were client states of the US and the USSR respectively. Now India is under populist control of a Hindu nationalist, Modi supported by Trump. On 26 Sept 2019 President Imran Khan warned the UN General Assembly of possible nuclear conflict over Kashmir if a massacre occurs when the curfew is lifted. What is the truth of the matter? How do we inform ourselves?

Ian interviews Jamshied Kashkari about crisis in Kashmir.

  1. What is Kashmir (Scenic beauty of Kashmir)? Where is its Geographic Location and who are its people?
  2. When did the dispute over Kashmir begin (When India brought forces in Kashmir)? What is the current situation…

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Foco Nuevo in October

The monthly performance space hosted by Jumping Fences in the heart of Brisbane’s West End. Performing this month: Baerg-Roeseli | Silken Thomas | Jumping Fences. *PRICING CHANGES: After more than 11 years we regretfully need to increase our admission prices. … Continue reading


International Day of Peace

Whale carcass attracts sharks at Point Lookout (Australia)

This is the whale intended for Yalingbila Bibula

The ocean update

October 03, 2011 (Suzanna Dorfield and AAP). A 14.5 metre-long humpback whale carcass is attracting sharks to a beach, with swimmers being warned to stay out of the water.

The whale became stranded on Main Beach 2km south of Point Lookout yesterday afternoon and had been attracting the interest of both locals and sharks.

But this morning Cameron Stewart, captain of the Point Lookout Surf Club, said that the whale had died.

“The whale is dead, we’ve erected warning signs and we’re advising not to swim,” he said.

“There are sharks waiting for it, but it is currently too shallow and the sharks can’t get to it.”

James Stevenson, who took photos, said he had seen other whales circling around 300 metres away.

“The Redland Shire ranger (told) the crowd to stay well back so as not to stress the whale – some onlookers observed its eyes…

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How Uber attracted capital in its several forms turns out to be neither innovative nor ingenious, merely delusional beyond the point of fraud. Uber Technologies Inc. lost $20bn in the five years to 2019, despite revenues growing fivefold. Without forcing … Continue reading


Mayor calls for Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Brisbane

Schrinner renews calls for Indigenous cultural centre Brisbane’s lord mayor says the city needs an Indigenous cultural centre to properly recognise its heritage and history. Adrian Schrinner spoke on the topic at a Committee for Brisbane event on Wednesday, where … Continue reading


The Climate Strike

Only Human (broadcast on 4ZZZ fm 102.1, Mondays at Noon) interviews and recordings of the Brisbane climate strike held on 20 September, 2019. Speakers include Adrian Burragubba (Wangan and Jagalingou countryman), and Sid Plant (Farmers for Climate Action). Features music … Continue reading


A Spirit Released

On Minjerribah there is a contest going on between land developers and green capitalists … both developers and green capitalists want to build on the foreshores, this time on Mooloomba Road at Point Lookout. The Queensland Government intends to commence … Continue reading


Sovereignty for Climate Justice

We stand together with all First Nations people. We stand against this injustice. We want climate justice for everybody. As First Nations people, we will lead the way. We’re against coal mining in our Country. We’re against those who would … Continue reading


We can’t say we didn’t know

“Dreamers don’t abandon their dreams, they flare and continue the life they have in the dream…tell me how you lived your dream in a certain place and I’ll tell you who you are. And now, as you awaken, remember if … Continue reading

SolGold Mining in Ecuador, Peace in the Middle East, & ‘Big Music at the Risk’

Australian company SolGold is pushing to open copper and gold mines in Ecuador. We were asked to attend their Brisbane AGM to share testimonials from Ecuadorian communities opposed to mining on their traditional lands. They didn’t let us in but – on this day of the global climate strike – I think they know people around the world will stand up against polluting extractive industries. Solgold – out of Ecuador! – Robin Taubenfeld, 20 Sept 2019.

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 Friday 20 Sept 2019 at noon.

Helen Hamley – Big Music at the Risk
Clem Campbell (United nations Association) – International Day of Peace
Rebekah Hayden (Rainforest Action Group) – SolGold Mining in Ecuador.

Yellow Bird – Follow the River
Spinifex Gum Band – Yurala
Spinifex Gum Band – Dream Baby Dream

Security issues
In August 2019, guerrillas from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) announced that the 2016 peace deal had failed, and armed revolution was r e-established in Colombia. The criminal group has been spreading its actions down into Ecuador ever since the deal was established in 2016.

Cascabel is located in close proximity to the Colombian/Ecuadorian border, an area the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) advises as a DO NOT TRAVEL area, where regular travel insurance policies are void and the Australian Government says it is…

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