4PR – Voice of the People

Forum Area – UQ Union Complex

4PR – Voice of the People can be found on all major podcasting platforms – SoundCloud iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Pocketcasts Anchor and TuneIn. As of April 2021, 4PR includes over 1,500 podcasts of original radio and interviews. This has only been possible because of a loose collective of people who put in time and effort to address all the major issues since 2009 and before.

For the most part the current mob of activists came from opposition to the Iraq & Afghanistan wars and from the Occupy movement’s response to the Global Financial Crisis.

So this is a useful historical record for the Left in Brisbane and elsewhere to use as they see fit.

But 4PR didn’t just come out of the blue …


4PR started out at the forum in the UQ Students Union complex in 1977. At first we had sound wave broadcasts but as the resistance grew we went to higher power via a pirate fm transmitter on Mt Cootha. The signal could just reach West End. After many years the government finally fell. Now we are back as the political situation grows worse word-wide.

Here are some recent 4PR episodes:

Greens hold army to account over war crimes

The 20 year war in Afghanistan has led to horrific deaths of civilians, and loss of normal living and has cost the lives of many of the invading forces in a war which was nothing to do with defending – Annette Brownlie, Just Peace.

This episode is also available as a blog post: http://workersbushtelegraph.com.au/2021/03/31/greens-hold-army-to-account-over-war-crimes

You cannot trust the public trustee

This episode is also available as a blog post: http://workersbushtelegraph.com.au/2021/02/24/you-can-not-trust-the-public-trustee-2/

Palm Sunday for Refugees

This episode is also available as a blog post: http://workersbushtelegraph.com.au/2021/03/30/palm-sunday-for-refugees.

Ian Curr
19 April 2021

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