Stories from the Cuban revolution and Palestinian Thawra ثورة

1984 – First Australian Brigde to Cuba

WBT looks forward to reading Robert Austin’s account of Cuba & Palestine titled “Cuba, Palestine and Israel: Forgotten Histories”.

Just how can we forget the ongoing story of the Cuban revolution and the Palestinian struggle for a right of return to their homeland.

Of course Cuba and Palestine are very different struggles.

For one, the left is not strong in Palestine but it has been in Cuba for over 60 years. Also The leadership in Cuba is not divided as it is in Palestine. Palestine suffers from an apartheid akin to the struggles in South Africa in the 20th century.

Cuba’s armed struggle against the South African military in the frontline states helped free Africans from apartheid, so similar brigade has gone to Palestine from Arab or Western worlds.

The apartheid state of Israel has been able to rebuff international boycotts whereas South Africa could not.

But the struggle continues and the Palestinians like the Cubans have shown great reserves of humanity and courage against the military might of the imperialists.

Ian Curr
Editor WBT
3 Nov 2020

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