Lox Pics

Movie Country Genre   Palace James Street Palace Barracks
  The Realm (El Reino)     Spain, France     Political Thriller     website Friday, 26 April, 6.15pm Saturday 4 May, 6.15pm Thursday 25 April, 3.50pm Friday 3 May 6.15 pm
A March to Remember (Vitoria, 3 de Marzo) *   Spain Historical Drama, Thriller   website Sunday 28 April, 5.45pm Monday 13 May, 6.30pm
Peret: The King of Gypsy Rumba (Peret, Yo Soy La Rumba)   Spain   Documentary   website Saturday 11 May, 4.00pm Saturday 27 April, 4.20pm
The Accordionists’s Son (El Hijo del acordionista)   Spain   Drama   website Wednesday 8 May, 8.45pm Sunday 12 May, 8.20pm

Rojo (Rojo) Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Germany   Thriller   website Monday 29 April, 8.45pm Monday 6 May 8.45pm
The Chambermaid (La Camarista)   Mexico   Drama   website Tuesday 7 May, 6.30pm      
  The Projectionist (El Proyeccionista)   Dominican Republic   Drama   website   Wednesday 8 May, 6.30pm   Monday 29 April, 6.30pm
The Quietude (La Quietud)   Argentina   Drama   website Monday 29 April, 6.20pm Thursday 9 May, 8.50pm  
  Yuli   Spain, Cuba, UK Germany   Biography, Drama   website Saturday 27 April, 1.45pm Sunday 12 May, 1pm Saturday 4 May, 1.50pm Saturday 11 May, 1.30pm

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One response to “Lox Pics

  1. Some other choices:

    The accordionist’s son – on Wed 12 May (Barracks)
    Peret: The King of Gypsy Rumba – on Sat 11 May (James St)
    The Projectionist – on Sun 8 May (James St)
    The good girls – on Mon 6 May (Barracks)


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