Strengthened Pride

Corey writes:

This is about Aunty Dawn Daylight’s experiences as a child slave at the All Hallows’ convent in Brisbane in the 1950’s and 60’s. Aboriginal slavery was common and legal at that time.

If you go through the transcript there are photographs and documents which add to the story.

Please listen, please share. I really want people to know this history.

Dawn Daylight singing at Sovereign Tent Embassy.jpg

Auntie Dawn Daylight singing at Brisbane Sovereign Tent Embassy

When Aunty Dawn Daylight was a child she was kept as a slave at the All Hallows’ convent in Brisbane – which was perfectly normal and legal treatment of an Aboriginal person under the 1939 Aboriginals Preservation and Protection Act. I’ve been working on this audio documentary for about a year. Originally it was meant to be a short current affairs piece, but it grew and grew. It’s tough listening, but the reason that I wanted to do it is that Uncles and Aunties always talk about their time under the Act as slavery, and most non-Aboriginal people don’t know about it. They seem to be quite frustrated at non-Aboriginal people’s ignorance. It’s important to know the truth before healing can begin …

Transcript of strengthened pride


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