Hands off Bob! Defend the right to organise!

'I Called Him A Worship, Your Bastard!' 
Denis Kevans (Poet Lorrikeet)

The poet lorrikeet would have enjoyed court yesterday with obscene language featuring in the original 54 charges of criminal contempt against union man, Bob Carnegie.

Over 3000 people were arrested in Queensland in 1977-1979 defending the right to organise, to assemble and to march.… Go to Article

Quandamooka land claim frustrated by 16 years of unlawful sand mining

Earlier this year 2010 mineral sand mining firm, UNIMIN, was charged by Qld Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) for selling building sand from the silica sand mining process on North Stradbroke Island off Brisbane. The sand was unlawfully extracted from this site near Cooroompah creek on the island (See map).… Go to Article