You say you want a revolution

alma mater (literal in latin = a kind and nourishing mother) a school, college, or university at which one has studied and, usually, from which one has graduated.

University of Queensland St Lucia – Early Days

Courier Mail 16 Jan 1951

I first visited the University of Queensland in the 1950s with my father, Joe Curr.… Go to Article

Philistines at the Gates: Coaldrake’s millions

 Coaldrake wrestles with his conscience every day and wins!
                                  - former QUT employee
Peter Coaldrake, vice-chancellor of Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Photo: Q Weekend

While university staff are paid low wages for short-term contracts filled with uncertainty and university student fees are bumped up.

Peter Coaldrake has pocketed another $$million contract with the university council, this time till 2017; he has been in the job for 12 years, since 2003.… Go to Article

Rally in defence of Bob Carnegie!

On Monday 11 February 2013 Bob Carnegie will be appearing in the Federal Defend BobMagistrates Court in Brisbane on 54 charges of criminal contempt arising from his role as community leader of the 9-week strike at the Queensland Children’s Hospital construction site in August-October last year.

Construction company AbiGroup, part of the giant Lend Lease group, has brought these charges against Bob in a blatant attempt to victimise anyone lending support to trade unions in disputes with employers.… Go to Article

Theses on the Party

‘The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles’

— Marx and Engels, Manifesto of the Communist Party

Theses on the Party

by Dave Eden

I would like to thank comrades for inviting me to speak at this meeting and the comradely attitude it displays. My core point is that ideological groupings such as small Leninist parties are next to useless.
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‘The Golden Age wound down during 1854…’

[Editor’s Note: Here is another excellent story of how the workers of Kyneton, a central Victorian town, fought back against economic depression in the middle of the 19th century. Why do I feel that Humphrey McQueen’s words could easily describe our current global crisis and the need for better worker organisation?]… Go to Article

Rally: Free Lex Wotton!

Free Lex Wotton!

A Rally was held on 1 November 2008 in Brisbane.

Then a Rally was held on 7 November 2008 in Townsville, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, London, Santiago (Chile) and all around the world. Here are the Melbourne, Brisbane T’vlle, Palm Island and NZ Rallies (among others) —

To see photos of the rally in Brisbane see to Article