Welcome to The BushTelegraph

ban bjelke march and anti uranium picket 1977

Street march and anti-uranium picket 1977

The BushTelegraph is one way of bringing together the views of the 25% of voters in Australia who are disenchanted with the mainstream parties around crucial questions. It is a place for writing articles, discussion and comment … but also is an engine for organisation.

Currently The BushTelegraph contains about four thousand articles, eight thousand comments, numerous video and sound.

It is a database of progressive struggle – a subversive’s toolkit, make sure you wear gloves when you read these pages.  Enter at your own risk.

The BushTelegraph works more like an online discussion group or forum (and is not like a web site or even a blog).

Readers be mindful that full access to The BushTelegraph is by membership and viewers are encouraged to contribute to its pages. Personal information should not be posted on these pages and email and other contact information should only be published by consent.

Membership is open to organisations and individuals. To become a member people must not contradict the purpose of The BushTelegraph which is a not for profit socialist enterprise that argues for aboriginal land rights, socialisation of industry, worker control and democratic rights.

To become a member of the BushTelegraph  make a request in the comments box below and an invitation to join will be sent out.

To find out more about The BushTelegraph click on About or text the publisher at the contact number below.

Ian Curr
mob 0407 687 016

One response to “Welcome to The BushTelegraph

  1. What workers face

    I think it is important to go to union meetings, to challenge the power of the boss, to organise at the grassroots and to challenge affiliation with political parties. But where is the political organisation of the Left that can do that? We should not pretend that there are socialist or organisations on the Left that can do this. Especially when such parties and organisations lack the ability to draw working class people into their own organizations, let alone to organise inside unions. See https://www.facebook.com/notes/ian-curr/what-workers-face/761951207303620


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