“Minyung Woolah Binnung” by Lionel Fogarty

This is a poetry book by Lionel Fogarty

Minyung Woolah BinnungLionel is a fighter for social justice.

I have heard him speak strongly for many years.

I have heard his poems and songs on the street against colonialist governments and their settler state.

Lionel is a Yugambeh man and his land stretches far and wide around the south east corner of Queensland [shown below].

I took the picture of Yugambeh land from the Mistake Mountains [sic] near Cunnignham’s Gap.

His people’s land forms the banner of the BushTelegraph out of respect for Lionel and his people.image

White settlement in Australia since 1788 has lasted only 8 generations (200 years ÷ 25 years).

Aboriginal settlement in ‘Terra Nullius’ (sic) has lasted more than 1,600 generations (40,000 years ÷ 25 years).

Sorrow for aboriginal dispossession is not enough.

Aboriginal people must have land rights and the economic ability to live in the land.

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