Eastern Kuku Yalanji win back control of the Daintree

The world’s oldest living rainforest has been returned to its custodians in a historic handback ceremony in Far North Queensland.

Key points:

  • Native title had already been established over the land, but the traditional custodians wanted more involvement
  • They will jointly manage the country with the Queensland government and say it will lead to cultural learning and employment opportunities
  • About 20 per cent of the 160,213ha handed back comes in addition to the land already under native title

The Eastern Kuku Yalanji people have taken formal ownership of 160,213 hectares of country stretching from Mossman to Cooktown, including the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Daintree National Park.… Go to Article

More calls for an inquiry into rip offs by Public Trustee

I am not sure that these repeated calls for inquiries into the practices of the Public Trustee is the answer. What is needed is for the government to return the public trustee under the control of the public service and for the office to be made fully accountable and for ordinary people with limited assets be provided with a free service to wind up the financial affairs of their family and friends when they die.… Go to Article

Open Letter to Minister regarding police harassment of Cr Jonathan Sri

To the Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services, Mark Ryan MP.

Jonathan Sri is not our local councillor but I think he is a model of what a Brisbane City councillor should be.

Policeman confronting Cr Sri at Clarence Corner Mater Hill

I am concerned that he is being harassed by specific police officers in the performance of his duties particularly this one (pictured).… Go to Article

Adani is an abuse of human rights

Queensland police refuse to remove traditional owners occupying Adani’s coalmine site

Miner says group is ‘trespassing’ but police have acknowledged their cultural rights under human rights act

Queensland police have told a group of First Nations people occupying the site of Adani’s Carmichael coalmine for the past five weeks that they have no intention of removing them from the area “at this time”.… Go to Article

Cinema del Popolo in Brisbane!

Italian film festival suggestions

The Italian film festival returns to Brisbane after a pause for Covid 12. Here are some suggestions.

IFF21 Journey to Italy (PG) 

Barracks SAT 23RD OCT 1:10pm 

IFF21 The Ties (M) 

Barracks SAT 23RD OCT 6:00pm 

IFF21 The Ties (M) 

Barracks FRI 29TH OCT 6:30pm 

IFF21 Paisan (PG) 

Barracks THU 4TH NOV 6:30pm 

IFF21 Stromboli (18+) 

James St FRI 5TH NOV 1:15pm 

IFF21 Paolo Conte – Via con me  

Barracks SAT 6TH NOV 8:00pm 

IFF21 Marriage Italian Style (M) 

Barracks SUN 7TH NOV 4:00pm 

IFF21 Padrenostro (18+) 

James St TUE 9TH NOV 7:00pm 

IFF21 Three Floors 

James St THU 11TH NOV 8:20pm 

IFF21 Amore (18+) 

Barracks SAT 13TH NOV 1:30pm 

IFF21 Three Floors (M) 

James St SAT 13TH NOV 6:00pm 

IFF21 Rome, Open City (18+) 

James St SUN 14TH NOV 6:30pm 

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Vale Bill Tully

Bill Tully (1937-2021)

If there were a good cause getting underway in Canberra in the decades after 1970, Bill Tully was lending a hand.

Bill and I met when he enrolled for history honours at the ANU, writing his thesis on the New Guard. When I moved flats, he turned up to help re-stack the bookcases.… Go to Article


“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” George Orwell

Semites are people who speak Semitic language, so really “Anti-Semitism” should be defined as “fear or dislike of people who speak Semitic languages.

Semites are speakers of Semitic languages and this term was coined by German linguists – Semitic languages included Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic and some other languages of Africa and Asia.Go to Article

Trev predicts severe thunderstorms on Thursday

Trev’s Brisbane Forecast for next 7 Days from 13 October PLUS

INSTABILITY – what does it mean?

The Bureau of Meteorology are predicting potentially extreme weather across much of south-eastern Australia from South Australia, with severe thunderstorms expected in south-east Queensland, in particular on Thursday. Extreme weather is often described as being associated with a highly unstable atmosphere.… Go to Article

Do we deserve these criminal governments?

“The offshore dumping of Refugees in impoverished Pacific communities has become an irretrievable disaster necessitating urgent action by Australia. No new direction in refugee policy can be complete without a change to the current offshore policy which has been an unmitigated disaster to both the refugees and to their unwilling hosts in the communities of the Pacific Islands.”Go to Article

Lepanto, Franco and 9/11

October 7, 1571

450 years on

‘… marvelous in our eyes’  (Psalm  118:23.)

Pius V instructed that the Psalmist’s words – ‘this is the Lord’s doing’ be stamped on medallions commemorating the Holy League’s destruction of the Ottoman fleet off Lepanto on October 7, 1571. Of 230  enemy warships, thirty escaped, leaving behind 30,000 dead or dying.… Go to Article

Flower Power

Here is the wattle,
The emblem of our land.
You can stick it in a bottle
Or hold it in your hand.

Barry Humphries.

As one of the lost legion of letter-writers, I’m always on the look-out for stamps not blighted by royal parasites or trained killers.

 Imagine my delight to spot these ‘Wattle Wonders.’.… Go to Article

Grand Finale for the Big Ride for Palestine 2021 (Australia)

At the close to the most successful Big Ride for Palestine (Australia) about fifty (50) from the community who support Palestine assemble near the Baladi (=home) Coffee Cart run by Farrah and Tony. Already 115 riders and walkers have completed over 11,720 kilometre Australia-wide and have raised over $45,000 (so far) for the Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organisation in the refugee camps in Lebanon.… Go to Article

How Israel gets its oil from Iran

Rotterdam​ city centre sits a few miles inland from the North Sea, its skyscrapers and office buildings lining the New Meuse River, a tributary of the Rhine. A ferry tour takes you past ship repair yards, grain silos, terminals receiving coal and iron ore for Ruhr Valley industries, and even a massive orange juice storage facility that receives its cargo from Latin America.… Go to Article

Jane Eyre exposed

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” – Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte: Author's lost love letters to married professor | Daily  Mail Online
Charlotte Bronte

Of all the characters in the Bronte sisters novels, I find Jane Eyre the most sympathetic character. Raised in a terrible orphanage before being forced into work as a governess with a cruel boss, Bronte portrays the plain Jane Eyre as a kind and heroic figure even before she meets the stormy Rochester in the rain one night on the dark moors.… Go to Article

Opposition to Nuclear Subs growing

We post this invitation by IPAN to a meeting of interested organisations to discuss the potential formation of a broad national coalition campaigning against Nuclear Submarines and AUKUS. This Introductory invitation is signed by 15 organisations listed at the bottom of the letter.

Australians are facing a dangerous turn of events with the Government joining the AUKUS military agreement (Australia, UK, US) that can open the door to nuclear power and nuclear weapons in Australia. … Go to Article

Modern Monetary Theory again

To a man with no name,
I don’t trust intellectuals. They can make anything sound true. If there is a truth, it lies in struggle. If you can’t make it happen, what’s the point? So long as you know which side you are on and why.
No one of consequence,
6 October 2021

Gladstone … observed that even love had not turned more men into fools than has meditation upon the nature of money.… Go to Article

Trev’s Brisbane Forecast for next 7 Days from 5 October PLUS

The Seabreeze Effect – Do the coastal areas always stay cooler?

“Brisbane has recorded its hottest October day since 2004, with the temperature today hitting 36.6 degrees earlier this afternoon. The Bureau of Meteorology says temperatures across the south-east were between five and 10 degrees above average. Senior forecaster Felim Hanniffy says the heat was the result of a trough travelling towards the coast — from an area just west of the Darling Downs — and northerly winds.”… Go to Article

Community opposes Aukus and the nuclear submarines

There has been a rapid community response opposing Scott Morrison’s government’s embracing Aukus war pact and nuclear- powered submarines.

The response to Scott Morrison’s decision to embrace Aukus and nuclear submarine technology has sparked opposition in the Australian community and overseas. A coalition of concerned people and organisations is being formed to challenge and oppose these decisions.Go to Article

Did Trump try to kill Assange?

In the absence of a viable plan to release Julian Assange, the media is speculating about a reported CIA abduction/murder plan. Everyone is treading water including Joe Biden.

Did the CIA plan to abduct, perhaps even murder, Julian Assange. Why? What are the Vault 7 secrets obtained by Wikileaks. The article explains that they are a trove of CIA software exploits.… Go to Article

New Military alliance between Australia, US & UK

Having left the Middle East In chaos, the United States is trying to protect its military superiority in the Indo-Pacific. Like a devoted child, Australia is going along for the ride providing an even greater base for US military superiority.

On this week’s Paradigms Shift, Andy manages to get a submariner to criticise the new nuclear sub deal with United States.… Go to Article

Palestine: from the frontlines

From the frontlines – an update on the situation in Lebanon

For nearly two years Lebanon has been assailed by compounded crises – specifically, the economic and financial crises, followed by COVID-19, massive inflation, the inability to access goods (medication, baby formula, etc.), unemployment, the explosion at the Port of Beirut in August 2020, the gasoline crisis, and in the past few months the electricity crisis.… Go to Article