Trev’s Forecast for next 7 Days from 11 May

Well I said a couple of weeks ago that weather patterns often repeat (not precisely) over about 2 week periods. Last night we just had another storm with more predicted today as another trough line with a very unstable air mass moves over south east Queensland. That’s similar to what happen last week at around … Continue reading Trev’s Forecast for next 7 Days from 11 May

The Big Ride for Palestine rides the Tour de Brisbane on 11 July

The Big Ride for Palestine has entered the Tour de Brisbane on 11 July 2021 in support of the people of Sheikh Jarrah who are being forcibly evicted from their homes by Israeli defence forces. Riders are free to join us on our training rides on Sundays from the Kangaroo Point Cliffs (under the Capt … Continue reading The Big Ride for Palestine rides the Tour de Brisbane on 11 July

Al Nakba continues …

Dear Palestine supporters The Apartheid state of Israel has intensified attacks on Palestinians, attacking worshippers - wounding hundreds, escalating evictions in Sheikh Jarrah - and attacking protestors, as well as bombing the Occupied Gaza Strip - killing 24 people including 9 children..Act in solidarity with the people of Palestine.  Nakba Protest & MarchFriday, May 14, … Continue reading Al Nakba continues …

Trev’s Weather Forecast from 5 May ’21

Trev’s Forecast for next 7 Days from 5 May Well we just had a storm overnight and more are predicted today (Wednesday). When was the last time I can remember storms with large hail predicted for May? While I can’t remember and would need time to analyse data, I’ve been observing the weather closely now … Continue reading Trev’s Weather Forecast from 5 May ’21

Disruptive protest at Brisbane weapons company

The head office of weapons manufacturer Boeing has been occupied by a West Papuan solidarity group in Brisbane today. Activists have erected a memorial to murdered West Papuan civilians in the arms company’s lobby to commemorate over 30 civilian victims of military violence during 2020-21. Boeing Apache helicopters are currently strafing villages in the Puncak … Continue reading Disruptive protest at Brisbane weapons company

Julian Assange: it’s alright, Ma (i’m only bleeding)

It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding): But even the president of the United States, sometimes must have to stand naked. - Bob Dylan Celebrity certainly got Julian Assange into a lot of trouble. One of the organisers of the Bring Julian Home campaign asked me for a critique of the campaign. He later asked for … Continue reading Julian Assange: it’s alright, Ma (i’m only bleeding)

Workers of all countries Unite!

We rode the Tour de Brisbane Course - Camp Hill, Kangaroo Pt cliffs, V1, Rochedale, Priestdale, Tingalpa reserve, Sheldon looping back to Rochedale and Logan road and down to O'Keefe Street Buranda for a coffee and recap. Great discussion with Lach about the big May Day march today. Overall big day out in the saddle … Continue reading Workers of all countries Unite!

Is your suburb being hammered?

Opposition to poor development in our suburbs, along with the destruction of our vegetation and subsequently our wild life, is growing. There are quite a few groups willing to show Brisbane City Council that we are not happy with the current state of planning and development.  On the 8th of May the community will gather … Continue reading Is your suburb being hammered?

Disrupting the weapons industry expo in South Brisbane

A large crowd turned out for a Public Meeting and Art Show on May 1 at Jagera Hall in Musgrave Park. The weapons corporations are coming to Brisbane in late May. 260 entities dealing in tanks, military weapons systems, missiles, munitions. Selling to Indonesia is high on the agenda while West Papua is being militarised … Continue reading Disrupting the weapons industry expo in South Brisbane


Trespassing Interview Alana Hunt, from the body of work 'All the violence within this', 2019-21. Image courtesy the artist. As part of The National 2021: New Australian Art exhibiting artist Alana Hunt will be Carriagework’s inaugural Writer in Residence. Working progressively over the course of the exhibition she will publish Conversations and Correspondence—six texts that … Continue reading Trespassing

Peter Hunt, Hummin at Bunyapa Park

Peter Hunt with the Hummin at Bunyapa ParkSun, 02 May, 03:30pm–06:00pmBunyapa Park, corner Thomas & Vulture St, West EndBunyapa park continue’s pulsing as a space for gathering and celebration on Sunday May 2 with the music of Peter Hunt and the Hummin’ being offered into the atmosphere of the heart of West of End. Singer, trumpeter and … Continue reading Peter Hunt, Hummin at Bunyapa Park

Trev’s Forecast for next 7 Days from 27 April

You may have noticed that the last two weeks have been pretty similar with fine weather most days. My observation is that it is not uncommon to see similar weekly patterns over a couple of weeks. That’s partly because the weather is largely due some major factors. One of these is the angle of incidence … Continue reading Trev’s Forecast for next 7 Days from 27 April

Trade, democratic, human and land rights

Trade Minister Dan Tehan wants to refer China to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) because he deems its imposition of tariffs on Australian exports is unfair. He extolled the virtues of a rule based international system and said the alternative is the law of the jungle.   Compare this with Australia's record on human rights. During … Continue reading Trade, democratic, human and land rights

John Shipton tour for Julian Assange Reporter: Dr John Jiggens Duration:    2m 30s Anchor:      John Shipton, Julian Assange’s father, is planning a marathon tour down the east coast, beginning in Nimbin at the Mardi Grass, then going on to Brisbane, Mullumbimby, Lismore, Byron, Lismore, Coffs Harbour, Bellingen, Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra, to speak about Julian’s plight and to reconnect with … Continue reading John Shipton tour for Julian Assange

March with the ACFS on May Day!

MAY DAYJoin with the ACFS (Brisbane)May Day 2021 March with the ACFS on May Day! Monday 3rd May   Assemble 9.30 AMMarch starts 10.00 AM Assemble in Leichhardt St near Wharf St  Owing to COVID-19 restrictions placed on community groups participating in the annual May Day march, this year the ACFS has been invited to … Continue reading March with the ACFS on May Day!

May Day: Workers of all countries Unite!

Why does union membership continue to decline? PodcastThe Communist ManifestoThe Red Contingent PlaylistPete Seeger - L'InternationaleBilly Bragg - InternationaleJumping Fences - Brisbane Barrio live at Foco Nuevo with intro by Lachlan Hurse Transcript Jeff:  Ian, what year did the Red Contingent start in Brisbane Labour Day? Ian: 1978 was the first year we carried … Continue reading May Day: Workers of all countries Unite!

Guns in the cathedral on Anzac Day

St Stephens Cathedral Brisbane Prior to the 2020 Covid year, a group of us has been engaged in trying to remove guns from the Cathedral on Anzac Day. This year we did not engage the blasphemy that has perverted the Catholic mass on Anzac Day.  Earlier in the year we were told Anzac day ceremonies … Continue reading Guns in the cathedral on Anzac Day

Nakba Vigil & March

Young woman holds up commemoration plaque of al Sumayriyya a village near Acre that was destroyed by the invading Israeli Carmeli Brigade. During al Nakba Palestinian people were made refugees in their own land. Photo: Lachlan Hurse Nakba Vigil & MarchFriday, May 14, 5.30pmKing George Square. May 15, 2021 marks the 73rd anniversary of the … Continue reading Nakba Vigil & March

Manifesto of the Communist Party

On the eve of the annual May Day celebrations, we post the communist manifesto by Engels and Marx. We seek a world free of the obscene competition for weapons of mass destruction and free of poverty, illiteracy and inhuman living conditions; a world where the word solidarity is not just an empty phrase but is … Continue reading Manifesto of the Communist Party

Press Freedom Day at Bunyapa Park

“Julian is now 10 years in arbitrary detention: Wandsworth prison, ten days solitary confinement; Norwich, eighteen months house arrest; Ecuador's London embassy, 7.5 years; and now, Belmarsh maximum-security prison, 2 years in a cell 23 hours per day. Ten years just for telling the truth!”, said Mr Shipton. “Morrison should get on the blower and tell … Continue reading Press Freedom Day at Bunyapa Park

Greens thorny path to where?

We post this section of an article by Liam McLoughlin about changes in the Greens towards social democratic populism. I wish the Greens good luck. However, as the brief Whitlam experiment showed, the parliamentary road is a thorny path to anywhere whether it be: (1) the modest reforms demanded by Whitlam or (2) larger scale … Continue reading Greens thorny path to where?

Cover-up and denial of Genocide

On Anzac Day 2021, as the Australian government refuses to recognise the Armenian genocide, so too, there is no mention of the genocide of aboriginal people in Australia. Nor is there recognition of the invasion of the East Timorese by the Indonesian government with the tacit approval of Whitlam. It was that invasion in 1975 … Continue reading Cover-up and denial of Genocide

Stop Urannah Dam

Queensland Water is in charge of all the water projects outside of southeast Queensland.One project is in the Burdekin Basin west of Mackay. And that is the Urannah Dam project, which is due to begin construction in 2022. The environmental impact statement has not yet been prepared.This project is highly controversial. It has opposition by … Continue reading Stop Urannah Dam