New Features on Workers BushTelegraph

Improved layout for smart phones, tablets and ipads. Use the SEARCH button on the top right on your screen to find posts, pages and images. Use the TRANSLATE button at bottom right to read the site in different languages. NB: The only app available is Google Translate. I prefer DeepL Translator because it can translate … Continue reading New Features on Workers BushTelegraph

Police ‘Storytellers’ from the Moonlight State

Step into The Storytellers and uncover the hidden histories, myths and tales of Brisbane as told by the contemporary writers of our city. - MoBImage: The Benjamin Law Room at the Storytellers exhibition in Museum of Brisbane, third floor, City Hall. “He was as guilty as sin. He got what he deserved… He was given … Continue reading Police ‘Storytellers’ from the Moonlight State

‘Save Women’s Sport’

To be clear, we publish this speech here on the basis that it is honestly held opinion and so meets national guidelines for broadcasters and electronic media. - Ed. Kath Deves at IWD '21 in BrisbaneSpeaking on behalf of Nerissa Scott, and we are both representatives of Save Women's sports Australasia. We're a non-partisan grassroots … Continue reading ‘Save Women’s Sport’

Government’s employer dob-in line

So we called this rally last week, when the news came out about the LNP government's so-called raise to "job seeker". This raise is actually a cut of $50 a week, coming with this false raise or a bunch of awful welfare changes that our speakers will be talking about today. One of the most pertinent to International Women's Day, being the employer dob-in line. This line allows bosses to dob-in interviewees who supposedly refused suitable work.

Blood clotting with certain covid vaccines?

We have noticed that mainstream media talks a lot and about blood clots with astrazeneca covid vaccine but they do not give the reasons for the clots or where they form. This is unknown territory but some possible causes are known. The clots appear to affect younger people.Here is the reason given by the New … Continue reading Blood clotting with certain covid vaccines?

Notes on the Coup in Myanmar: Karmic Kingship, Legitimacy, and Sovereignty

Protester holds signs featuring images of Aung San Suu Kyi and Min Aung Hlaing during February 14, 2021 protest in Myanmar. Via Wikimedia Commons. Photo Credit: MgHla (aka) Htin Linn Aye. For more than half a century, Myanmar’s military generals have based their political legitimacy on the claim that they were protectors of the realm, caretakers of … Continue reading Notes on the Coup in Myanmar: Karmic Kingship, Legitimacy, and Sovereignty

‘Terfs’ are the new witches

Anna McCormack Intro at International Women’s Day rally in Emma Miller Place on 5th March 2021 0:00 We're angry at the hyper sexualization and objectification of our girls, which sets them up as victims of male violence.0:11 We're angry that no one ever mentioned war, or the prostitution of women as factors in boys and men … Continue reading ‘Terfs’ are the new witches

Trev, the weatherman, reporting …

Trev’s Forecast for next 7 Days: 13th - 20th April The previous 3 months in total have been wetter than average, pretty much in line with La Nina Bureau of Meteorology forecasts. Now it’s looking dryer, and a great week to get out and about in nature. Fine mild weather is forecast for the next … Continue reading Trev, the weatherman, reporting …

What about public interest journalism?

Mugged by Zed has been taken down by 4ZZZ management on their facebook platform. Zed Folk is a forum for people who have worked or volunteered for Public Radio station 4ZzZ (from 1975 until now) to share stories, photos, videos or just reminisce. I have been involved with 4ZZZ since 1976.Mugged by Zed is not … Continue reading What about public interest journalism?

Mapuche – hombres de la tierra

Mapuche - people of the earth A comrade sent me this postcard to show me where his family came from - Traiguen. If you look at the long thin country in South America, his village is in the middle, south of Santiago, the capital of Chile. Traiguen is in the Araucanía Region of Chile but … Continue reading Mapuche – hombres de la tierra

Wangan Jagalingou establish a sovereignty camp / Sounds from a StopAdani lockon Adani is currently clearing trees for the construction of its Carmichael mine in Queensland. In todays show we hear Adrian Burragubba leader of the Wangan Jagalingou  family council  and  the traditional owners of the Carmichael coal mine site in Queensland.   Adani has recently made Adrian Burragubba bankrupt after several court cases with the … Continue reading Wangan Jagalingou establish a sovereignty camp / Sounds from a StopAdani lockon

The Fat Lady sings

Australia's Klu-Klux-Klan in uniform  Ben Roberts-Smith buried a cache of compromising photos, as well as videos and classified documents in his Queensland backyard, to hide them from police and military investigators. Among the images were those suggesting war crimes had been committed in Afghanistan, and others representing a breakdown of discipline and order.  Mr Roberts-Smith … Continue reading The Fat Lady sings

Chernobyl – 35 years on

Just Peace and Friends of the Earth are collaborating to commemorate the 35thanniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown.The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster is a reminder that Australia's Federal Legislation 1999 that bans nuclear reactors and nuclear energy is under threat. Recently Australia has been urged by the nuclear lobby to "make a nuclear leap" to purchase small modular nuclear … Continue reading Chernobyl – 35 years on

Trev, the weatherman, reporting …

Trev, the weather man reporting – I said Monday 12th is looking more likely to be wet again, but I was wrong. Monday is looking great now. It shows fine weather by mid to late week, but winds turning to the South East by next Sunday, which is tends to bring our rain this time of … Continue reading Trev, the weatherman, reporting …

Tour de Brisbane, now for the Big Ride for Palestine

Over the past 12 weeks a number of people (Terry, Ali, Graeme, Lach and Ian) have bee training for the Tour de Brisbane now postponed because of Covid. On the day the race was supposed to have been run we did the course of the ride shown below. To be more accurate, almost the course. … Continue reading Tour de Brisbane, now for the Big Ride for Palestine

Hills Radio – the Voice of the Adelaide Hills

“We considered that we more than met the greatest requirement, but ACMA considered our application did not meet that requirement.’’ - Mr Hutchinson (Hills Radio) ACMA took away their broadcasting licence, why? Were they too popular in the community? Now they operate by live streaming. However they do have data costs which are expensive. Listen … Continue reading Hills Radio – the Voice of the Adelaide Hills

Peace Pole in the Gabba

Attention all peace groups (Just Peace, IPAN, WILPF, Quakers, Wage Peace/ anti-LandForces, UNAAQ & Peacekeepers, ''Refugee Rights are Human Rights''. The invitation is open to all.  You are very welcome to bring your banners and pamphletts and join in the dedication - Please share and like.  Dr (Uncle Bob) Robert Anderson OAM will be doing the … Continue reading Peace Pole in the Gabba

Land Rights Now!

Gary Foley has given permission for WBT to publish A Short History of the Australian Indigenous Resistance 1950 – 1990 Gary Foley during the Springbok Tour 1971 This history is as interesting and vibrant as history can be, yet it is largely unknown to the majority of the Australian people. I would hope that the following … Continue reading Land Rights Now!

The Failure of AHIMSA house

It is important to get facts right. CJ’s Pasta took over AHIMSA house after Ross Taylor defaulted on a bank loan. Ross, a retired meatworker, had been defrauded by two 'comrades' and various 'financial advisors' who took away heaps of cash when they re-financed AHIMSA house with Challenger bank. Ross's dream was to have a … Continue reading The Failure of AHIMSA house

The Protectors

I was once told by a patronising Englishman that the trouble with Australia is that it has too much geography and not enough history ... clearly the observation is not really relevant to Tasmania ... it has a remarkably rich tradition of historical literature. - Henry Reynolds in his Introduction to Grease and Ochre by … Continue reading The Protectors

Meanjin Weather forecast for 5 – 20 April

Weather 5 -20 April, Meanjin (Brisbane) Your weather man is reporting – Mon 12th is looking likely to be wet again. Planning 7 days in advance is often difficult with weather particularly at this time of year when the atmosphere is hotter, wetter and more unstable.   The weather pattern is often cyclical with the passage of … Continue reading Meanjin Weather forecast for 5 – 20 April

17 Group: Marian Wilkinson on The Carbon Club

As already announced in preliminary notices, the first 17 Group Meeting for 2021 will be held next week. After the lifting of the three-day Covid Lockdown, we can go ahead, but you are asked to comply with the Premier’s request that you wear a mask and observe physical distancing at the venue. This meeting will … Continue reading 17 Group: Marian Wilkinson on The Carbon Club

Tour de Brisbane postponed … get ready for the Big Ride for Palestine

The Big Ride (Australia) will still be riding for Palestine in 2021. This is possible because the Big Ride for Palestine may be run by groups and individuals organising their own Covid-safe rides and raising funds for Palestinian projects via the the Big Ride's website as we did in 2020.

All that I’ve Seen Foco Nuevo: the sounds of our town NO FOCO NUEVO IN APRIL BUT... Hello and thanks to all of you who have been coming to Foco Nuevo house concerts. Since relocating Foco Nuevo to our backyard in November last year we've had great feedback from both audiences and performers, so while the situation for … Continue reading All that I’ve Seen