Vale Archie Roach

All the children come back
The children come back
The children come back
Yes I came back

– Archie Roach, ‘Took the children away’

When Kevin Rudd made his sorry speech to the stolen generation in the Australian parliament on 13 February 2008 they should have played Archie Roach’s song ‘Took the children away’.Go to Article

Ukraine war causes shortage of luxury cars

We are not wankers, the supply crisis is due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine“.” – spokesperson for the Lamborghini Association of Australia (LAA).

Editor’s Note: The following story by Michael West is not satire or parody; it is based on actual events.

Business is calling for urgent government intervention to address crippling shortages of Lamborghinis on the East Coast of Australia, according to an exclusive report in the Australian Financial Review.… Go to Article

Remembering Cloudland

“Il sòcul dal civàl al tociarà la ciera, lizèir coma ‘na pavea, e al recuardara se ch’al è stat, in silensiu, il mond e chel ch’al sarà.

“The horse’s hoof will touch the ground, light as a butterfly, and it will remember what the world has been, in silence, and what it will be.”
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Hiroshima, never again

Hiroshima Day is this coming Saturday, August 6, 2022.

The image above is of a small tribute to Harry and Shirley Hesse who for twenty years organised protest remembrances in Queanbeyan for the hour when the bomb fell.

Harry and Shirley were high school teachers and sponsored a Peace Essay for their senior students.… Go to Article

Why do people take drugs?

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea.
Samuel Coleridge, Kubla Khan

I like the good professor’s answer to the question: “Why do people take drugs? The most obvious and natural answer is because they like them.”… Go to Article

Mestri di Mont – memories of a mountain teacher

Those children who looked at me smiling cheerfully… they were beautiful because they radiated from their carefully patched clothes and shoes a kind of absorbed dignity that sparkled from their eyes and spread like an aura around their person.” – Tito Maniacco

I had the good fortune to be present at a conversation between an author, Valentina Maniacco, and Stephanie Green at the Dante Alighieri Society in Brisbane on Friday 29 July 2022. … Go to Article

Peoples Forum on the War in Ukraine

The Peoples Forum on the war in Ukraine gave perspectives from people as far away as Australia. The views expressed were critical of both Russia and NATO. Little was said about the security forces and spy agencies embedded in Ukraine by the United States and other NATO countries. This is a shame because mainstream media has been silent on foreign interference in that country.… Go to Article

The Trundle Electric Light Company

This is part of a series about the political economy of electricity, an invention of the 19th century that eventually penetrated to most towns and villages around the globe and even to the west of New South Wales during the Great Depression. This story begins in a small town to the west of the Great Dividing Range, further out than the fertile Bathurst Plains stolen from the Wiradjuri people by the first wave of settlers during the Homeland Wars of the 1820s.… Go to Article

Homelands war on Wiradyuri country

Raymond Evans has sent in this review of Stephen Gapps first comprehensive account of the Bathurst War, 1822–24 in Gudyarra: The First Wiradyuri War of Resistance – the Bathurst War, 1822-1824. This book is interesting because it increases the case for a re-evaluation of Australia’s colonial history. It may be no accident that while the Black Wars were raging in the colony of Van Diemen’s Land the colonists from Port Jackson were murdering Wiradyuri people on the fertile plains around Bathurst.… Go to Article

Catholic workers in Brisbane/Meanjin

We publish this research paper by Vivien Fleming about the Catholic Workers in Brisbane/Meanjin. Vivien is now embarking on a PhD to provide a comprehensive history of Brisbane’s CW from the 1980s to date. Any assistance that you can provide Vivien would be greatly appreciated.

Vivien’s contact is

In 1987 I helped print the Christmas edition of Mutual Aid on the offset press of LeftPress Printing Society (which is still going).… Go to Article

The Solomons


The Solomons

If you want peace, prepare for peace, not for war” says IPAN

Defence Minister Peter Dutton’s talk of war is dangerous to all in the Pacific

  • The beneficiaries are the weapons manufacturers
  • War with China is a lose-lose scenario
  • Stockholm International Peace Research Institute reports annual US $2.11 trillion spending on military
  • Mature leadership is needed for peace and a secure environment

Mr Dutton today again used scare tactics in an apparent desperate bid to see his government re-elected at the upcoming federal election.… Go to Article

No Arab in Hollywood

T. E. Lawrence in Damascus after it was taken by the British in 1916

Europeans, you must open this book and enter into it. After a few steps in the darkness you will see strangers gathered around a fire; come close, and listen, for they are talking of the destiny they will mete out to your trading-centres and to the hired soldiers who defend them.Go to Article

Abe and Kishi

We publish this obituary for recently assassinated former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe (安倍 晋三, Abe Shinzō) by Humphrey McQueen. It is a somewhat less starry eyed portrait than what we are hearing from the mainstream press including the national broadcaster and our own recently appointed PM, Antonio Albanese.… Go to Article

Ukraine to build nuclear power stations to supply Europe with energy?

On June 2, Energoatom signed a new agreement with the US-based Westinghouse Electric Company that will enable Ukraine’s nuclear power plants to get all their fuel from Sweden instead of Russia. Where is the Ukraine going to get its uranium to fuel this project? From Sweden? I don’t think so. It takes a lot of time and capital to build a nuclear power plant.… Go to Article

Art and Activism in the Nuclear Age Exhibition

POP Gallery Fortitude Valley Wednesday 6th– Saturday 16th July

Opening night Friday 8th 6pm 

Principal organiser Ms Barbara Hartley available for interview: 0404 997 231

Special guests on opening night include the Japanese Consul Mr Masuo Ono, Prof Marianne Hanson ICAN, Dean St John’s Cathedral Dr Peter Catt, Councillor Jonathan Sri and Mr Robert Anderson OAM Ngugi Elder from Mulgumpin in Quandamooka.… Go to Article

Poetry in Motion

July 2022

Poetry in Motion XX 6:00 for a 6:30pm start Tuesday 26th July 2022
ETU Rooms
41 Peel Street, South Brisbane.

Entry via Maryvale Street.

Bring a plate to share!
Celebrate the 69th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Barracks, marking the beginning of the Cuban Revolution.

Now in its 20th year our celebration will feature live music, including the Combined Unions Choir, Jumping Fences, Ovidio Orellana and Musica Rebelde, and readings of poetry from the Cuban Revolution. 
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Death of a Salesman – Boris Johnson’s obituary

This new Olympic flame behold,
that once burned bright in Greece of old;
with happy hearts receive once more
these Games revived on London's shore.
- Boris Johnson 
Johnson at the 2012 London Olympics

Last Saturday the London Pride march in solidarity with women suffering under the defeat of Roe v Wade in the US went right through some of the Monopoly board streets and participants got an great view of the beautiful carved stone.… Go to Article

Prison – reform or abolition?

Prisons are an attack on working class people. We provide details of the latest attempt to reform Queensland prisons below. We thank the organisers of a blueprint to break the cycle of incarceration and the follow up on Keith Hamburger’s Presentation at the Group 17 Meeting 29.06.22.

Malcolm X

Much is made of reform to assist indigenous break out of the cycle of imprisonment.… Go to Article

Mystery Road

If you get a chance you have got to watch the new ABC series of Mystery Road set in WA. It is interesting in that most of episodes,  the screenplay writers are first nations people, must be a first.  Here is a wiki entry for one of the screen writers:

Kodie Bedford was born in Western Australia of the Djaru and Gija people on her father’s side and Irish and English on her mother’s.… Go to Article

Disband NATO!

Thousands of people took to the streets in Madrid on Sunday, June 26, against the NATO summit which began in Madrid on June 28. Protesters called NATO a threat to global peace and demanded its dissolution. The organizers also held a two-day peace summit in Madrid on June 24-25, at the conclusion of which, a joint declaration was issued asserting that “NATO is a serious threat to world peace, having left a trail of destruction from Yugoslavia to Afghanistan.”… Go to Article

Assange: cyber Messiah

ANU Chamber Choir director Tobias Cole sees parallels between Julian Assange and the persecuted Christ when he reflects on Handel’s Messiah.

POPULAR doesn’t quite say it: Messiah may well be the most performed piece of classical music. It’s certainly the most hummed – everybody must know the first 10 words of the Hallelujah Chorus – actually, it’s one word: “Hallelujah” repeated.… Go to Article

A contest for who owns labour

“the wage system and employment are permanent industrial relations, and within their limits the proletarian must bargain to gain a little here and forego a little there, so that the representative leader becomes the arbitrator or ‘business agent’ of the union… The union leaders have therefore used their working class as a stepping stone by which to lift themselves into a more comfortable and secure position…” – Winspear, Economic warfare.… Go to Article

‘Life lifted into the Sky’

Art & Activism in a nuclear age

This flyer was handed to me at Foco Nuevo last night where people braved cold and rain to hear great performances by Jumping Fences and Robin Etter-Cleave and Brian Brett singing Canadian ballads and Irish songs on Canada Day. Getting in the spirit of Canada Day Sue Monk sang a beautiful version of Joni Mitchell’s haunting Night Ride Home.Go to Article