Fight for climate justice


On November 6 the COP26 Coalition is organising to bring thousands of people on to the streets of Glasgow to demand urgent action on climate change. This will be part of a global day of action with protests taking place across the world.Here in Australia we will be having major mobilisations on the streets on Saturday November 6, all across the country.… Go to Article

Assange: the right to know

In the lead up to Assange’s extradition trial, Free Speech campaigner and author Dr John Jiggens writes his opinion of how Hilary Clinton and the ABC’s Four Corner’s program have sought to undermine Julian Assange as a Russian agent and refuse to recognise his credentials as a publisher and journalist. It was Hilary Clinton who, laughing, celebrated the brutal murder and torture of Libyan President Muammar Qaddafi with the words: ‘We came, we saw, he died’.… Go to Article

Save UQ Union endorses Duffield for UQ Senate

Those of you who are graduates of UQ may be aware that elections are currently underway for the UQ Senate, the university’s governing body.  Graduates have an opportunity to elect their own representatives. If you intend casting a vote I ask you to consider voting for Lee Duffield.  Lee has been a stalwart of our campaign to prevent the demolition of the UQ Union Complex.… Go to Article

I’d draw the Earth


When I was 10 years old, Mai Masri a Palestinian filmmaker wanted to document the lives of Palestinian children in the camp. I am one of the children in that documentary talking about my dream to become a doctor. I’m not exactly a medical doctor but I managed to finish a PhD in Chemical Engineering, and currently the co-owner of a successful business “Baladi”.… Go to Article

Palestinians are NOT terrorist, Israel IS guilty of war crimes

Open letter to minister on Israeli designation of six Palestinian organizations as “terrorist groups”

To: Hon Marise Payne, Minister for Foreign Affairs

Dear Minister,

Workers BushTelegraph condemns Israel’s designation of six prominent Palestinian Rights Organizations as “Terrorist Groups” with the intention to criminalize those exposing human rights violations stemming from the Israeli occupation of Palestine.… Go to Article

Cuba’s Energy Revolution

As leaders from countries converge on Glasgow Climate Change Conference of Parties, they could take a leaf out of Cuba’s Energy Revolution begun in the 1990s during the special period where the United States blockade brought the country to the brink of economic collapse.

Here is a slideshow presented in 2011 by Mario Alberto Arrastía Avila at Qld University of Technology on ‘The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil’.Go to Article

Vale Max Stahl

At the start of last week I learnt that old friend Max Stahl was hospitalised in Brisbane with throat cancer.  I finally tracked him down to the P.A. Hospital, but on the bus to visit him I was informed of his death earlier that morning.

Max’s footage of the 1991 Indonesian military massacre in the Santa Cruz cemetery, Dill/Timor Leste did much to eventually rid this occupied land of the forces of death. … Go to Article

Killing Julian Softly

Two years have gone by since that murder when killing the messenger made its debut. 
Now that we're civilized, wise and intelligent, 
So surely such practices now are taboo. 
But you talk to Julian Assange and he'll tell you 
Or ask Chelsea Manning if this is the case 
Or Bernard Collaery and his named suppressed clients 
You'll find that such spitefulness still has its place.
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Local government as property speculator?

Brisbane City Hall circa 1960s

“Basically I’m suggesting that if a local government is planning to rezone a certain neighbourhood for higher density development, it would be better for the council to buy up sites in that neighbourhood before the rezoning occurs, then sell them later to generate revenue, rather than leaving it up to private developers and speculators to do the same thing and pocket the profits for themselves.Obviously… Go to Article

The Podcaster’s Audio Handbook: A Technical Guide for Creative People

I have written a book about audio engineering for podcasters. It’s only once in your life that you release your first book, so I thought I should tell everyone. It’s called ‘The Podcaster’s Audio Handbook: A Technical Guide for Creative People‘. It has a really good cover.

The book is aimed at beginner and intermediate podcasters, and I have written it to be accessible to different types of learners.… Go to Article

Australia requests explanation for Israel’s outlawing of Palestinian NGOs

Australians urge Government to condemn Israel’s ‘terrorist’ designation for Palestinian human rights groups

Recently the Israeli Government made the outrageous decision to outlaw six Palestinian NGOs including Defence for Children International Palestine, Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, and Al-Haq. In response, hundreds of Australia’s most prominent human rights advocates, aid groups, and unions issued a statement calling on the Australian Government to pressure Israel to reverse its decision, and end its escalating attacks against Palestinian civil society.
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UQ Senate elections

Lee Duffield who was involved in the Save the UQ Unions complex campaign has sent this message around. Lee is a candidate of the left in the postponed elections.

As you may have heard the elections to the UQ Senate, suspended earlier this month, start again on Monday 1 November 2021 and close at 9am on Monday 15 November 2021.… Go to Article

“The trials of Bernard Collaery and Witness K” by Stephen Charles

This is a review of “The trials of Bernard Collaery and Witness K” by Stephen Charles published in John Menadue’s Pearls and Irritations.

I worked in the Australian Tax Office for about 20 years. One of the clerks I worked with, Terry Yates, a follower of Dorothy Day, exposed the injustice of the Timor Gap treaty long before Bernard Collaery and Witness K.… Go to Article

black & write

Featured (left to right): Bianca Valentino, Jasmin McGaughey, Grace Lucas-Pennington, Nadia Johansen, Allanah Hunt 

An editor’s job is often invisible. Writers and editors work together on a story, but the writer’s name is the one on the book cover. black&write! editors centre First Nations knowledges and approaches into our writing and editorial practice to create a culturally safe space for authors to write their story, their way.… Go to Article


Out of Abingdon / Jumping Fences
Friday 5th November
31 Arras Street, Yeronga

Doors open 6.00 p.m.
Music starts 6.30 p.m. $10 admission
(Eftpos available)

We’re very happy to be able to reschedule

Out of Abingdon for our November Foco Nuevo.

Hopefully a good sign for the future! Come along and join us for some welcome live music at our backyard house concert.
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Surviving Utopia

“Misplaced faith in political utopias has led to ruin” – quote from Oxford Languages

Foco can mean a central space, however in revolutionary politics Che Guevara gave it real meaning in guerrilla warfare against military dictatorships around the world. It was a place from which the poor and oppressed could launch their attack on the ruling class.… Go to Article

Aborigine – land rights now !

The long struggle for the land rights continues


Fifty years after the the Whitlam Labor government gave Gurynji their land back in the Northern Territory, land rights struggles continue in Queensland with mixed results

This week Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon) covers indigenous issues from around the state:

  • Andy speaks to Kuku Yalanji woman Chrissy Grant about their nation taking joint control over national parks,
  • to Jinibara man BJ Murphy about whether people should climb Mt Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, and

Andy gets an update from Djaki Kundu, where Kabi Kabi protectors last week were arrested playtesting against a highway going through Kabi Kabi Land near Gympie.… Go to Article

‘Something’s Wrong’: Assange is in the High Court

Last Train to Mirabad 
Julian Assange took on the US  
Wikileak'd ten years war in Afghanistan 
Julian roams downstairs in Woolwich Court 
Thinking what would Pilger and Ellsberg do now? 
Waiting to be taken through tunnel to Belmarsh Prison 
Where ghosts of IRA meet 
Guildford Four in special secure unit 
No Wikileaks today about Sapper Jamie Larcombe 
No mention of his Afghan mate
Both dead in Mirabad 
                        - Ian Curr
Sapper Jamie Larcombe and his partner

As international politics shifts to the right, Julian Assange, who recently turned 50 years of age, remains holed-up in Belmarsh prison in the United Kingdom.… Go to Article

Eastern Kuku Yalanji win back control of the Daintree

Will the Queensland government honor this week’s agreement with the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people in its historic agreement handing back control of the Daintree? Only time will tell. We post here a report from the ABC Far North office.


The world’s oldest living rainforest has been returned to its custodians in a historic handback ceremony in Far North Queensland.… Go to Article

More calls for an inquiry into rip offs by Public Trustee

I am not sure that these repeated calls for inquiries into the practices of the Public Trustee is the answer. What is needed is for the government to return the public trustee under the control of the public service and for the office to be made fully accountable and for ordinary people with limited assets be provided with a free service to wind up the financial affairs of their family and friends when they die.… Go to Article

Adani is an abuse of human rights

Queensland police refuse to remove traditional owners occupying Adani’s coalmine site

Miner says group is ‘trespassing’ but police have acknowledged their cultural rights under human rights act

Queensland police have told a group of First Nations people occupying the site of Adani’s Carmichael coalmine for the past five weeks that they have no intention of removing them from the area “at this time”.… Go to Article

Cinema del Popolo in Brisbane!

Italian film festival suggestions

The Italian film festival returns to Brisbane after a pause for Covid 12. Here are some suggestions.

IFF21 Journey to Italy (PG) 

Barracks SAT 23RD OCT 1:10pm 

IFF21 The Ties (M) 

Barracks SAT 23RD OCT 6:00pm 

IFF21 The Ties (M) 

Barracks FRI 29TH OCT 6:30pm 

IFF21 Paisan (PG) 

Barracks THU 4TH NOV 6:30pm 

IFF21 Stromboli (18+) 

James St FRI 5TH NOV 1:15pm 

IFF21 Paolo Conte – Via con me  

Barracks SAT 6TH NOV 8:00pm 

IFF21 Marriage Italian Style (M) 

Barracks SUN 7TH NOV 4:00pm 

IFF21 Padrenostro (18+) 

James St TUE 9TH NOV 7:00pm 

IFF21 Three Floors 

James St THU 11TH NOV 8:20pm 

IFF21 Amore (18+) 

Barracks SAT 13TH NOV 1:30pm 

IFF21 Three Floors (M) 

James St SAT 13TH NOV 6:00pm 

IFF21 Rome, Open City (18+) 

James St SUN 14TH NOV 6:30pm 

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Vale Bill Tully

Bill Tully (1937-2021)

If there were a good cause getting underway in Canberra in the decades after 1970, Bill Tully was lending a hand.

Bill and I met when he enrolled for history honours at the ANU, writing his thesis on the New Guard. When I moved flats, he turned up to help re-stack the bookcases.… Go to Article


“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” George Orwell

Semites are people who speak Semitic language, so really “Anti-Semitism” should be defined as “fear or dislike of people who speak Semitic languages.

Semites are speakers of Semitic languages and this term was coined by German linguists – Semitic languages included Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic and some other languages of Africa and Asia.Go to Article