US Military bases in the Pacific

The hypocrisy of US and Australian governments over a Chinese base in the Solomon islands is exposed by Jeju activists. The US has many bases in the Pacific including Guam, Japan, South Korea, Hawaii, Philippines and Australia. Jeju activists are planning further actions opposing “Rim of the Pacific” war games (RIMPAC) led by the US in June/July 2022.… Go to Article

The ‘Price of Peace’

“Politics is war without bloodshed; war is politics with bloodshed .”- Mao

On 28th May 2022 Mariel Verroya, the program coordinator for the peace and security team of the UN Australia Association Qld, gave this brief message from the United Nations Secretary General, António Guterres. In Anzac Square that day were the governor of Queensland, Jeanette Young, a crowd of peacekeepers, military, united nations community of ambassadors, consuls and volunteers from India, Rwanda, Turkey, Cyprus, Indonesia, Portugal, Japan and the Queensland Country Women’s Association.… Go to Article

Australia’s UN Peacemakers – Just Peace?

The Australian government sends out peacekeepers under UN charter to war zones. This contribution by Australia is ranked second in the top ten nations that provide support.

Michael Murray from the Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Veterans Association gave the following welcome in Anzac Square in Brisbane /Meanjin at the Australia Peacekeepers annual celebration organised by the United Nations Association of Australia.… Go to Article

The ‘Greensland’ Election

The Greens have won Brisbane, the party’s third gain in Qld, two from the LNP (Brisbane, Ryan) and one from Labor (Griffith). The Greens now have four House of Reps seats with the party still in the race for the Melbourne seat of Macnamara. – Antony Green ABC’s Australia Votes.

Apparently there is more to an election than handing out how-to-vote cards.… Go to Article

‘Rim of the Pacific’ war games

The Pacific Peace Network has members in countries across the Pacific from Korea to Hawaii. This was an initiative coming out of the Darwin IPAN conference in 2019.

 We are planning actions to protest the largest military marine land and air exercise RIMPAC in July/August with 27 countries sending military forces to ‘engage the enemy’.… Go to Article

Foco Nuevo in winter 2022


Franké & Marco / Jumping Fences
Friday 3rd June
31 Arras Street, Yeronga

Doors open 6.00 p.m.
Music starts 6.30 p.m.

$10 admission
(Eftpos available)

Warm up at our first winter Foco Nuevo of 2022 with guest artists Franké & Marco joining Jumping Fences in their garden setting.

Savouries, cakes, mulled wine, tea, and coffee will be available.… Go to Article

One Limited Step in the Right Direction

Participants in the successful From Australia to Cuba with Love challenge may be interested in this “One Limited Step in the Right Direction” Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba.

Havana, May 16, 2022.

Today, the government of the United States announced several measures, which are positive but of a very limited scope, regarding Cuba associated to the granting of visas, regular migration, flights to Cuban provinces, remittances and adjustments to the regulations governing transactions with the non-state sector.… Go to Article

Israeli police attack fallen journo’s coffin cortege

A world renowned journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh was intentionally murdered by an Israeli sniper in Jenin. Millions of tears were shed for her including ours at the Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability ( We planted ten trees in her honor. The constellation of events and circumstances and her background actually were so amazing that it provided a huge dose of sadness but also a big ray of hope for us.… Go to Article

The Return – العودة

“We travel like other people, but we return to nowhere … we have a country of words” – Mahmoud Darwish

They began by shooting the militants; then they shot the children throwing stones; and when that was not enough, they began shooting the medics (Razan al-Najjar); and finally they are shooting the journos (Shireen Abu Aqleh).… Go to Article

Democracy: ‘a vote for the Greens is wasted’

Election ’22

The latest polls show that the LNP vote in south-east Queensland has collapsed. The LNP vote has gone down by more than 11%. The Greens vote, on the other hand, in Brisbane is neck and neck with that of the ALP. Yet we don’t have a Green in the house of representatives from any seats in south-east Queensland or anywhere else in Australia excepting in the seat of Melbourne where Adam Bandt, the leader of the Greens, did manage to capture a safe Labor seat some years ago.… Go to Article

River height alert from local councillor

Latest data from BOM on 13 May 2022 (early)

Jono Sri has provided people living on the flood plain in Brisbane with a warning about river levels. I have added the latest data from BOM – Ian Curr, Ed., 13 May 2022.

Evening everyone … I’ve been looking at the creek and river levels in the upper catchments of the Brisbane and Bremer Rivers and it certainly seems like there’s a lot of water around that’s yet to make its way downhill to the city…

Depending on how much water falls over the next few hours, it seems possible that Ipswich could cop a bit of flooding overnight.… Go to Article

Transitioning from Coal

Of course Barnaby is wrong … but so is the Guardian guy. I was in the workforce from 1967 till 2003 (when I was sacked) plus I was made redundant in different industries on a number of occasions … transitioning to another industry was very difficult, basically I spent about 8 of those 36 years either unemployed or working as a casual and going from job to job.… Go to Article

Vote NO to TOONDAH Harbour development

Over 1000 people marched in Redlands today in protest against Walker Corporations Toondah Harbour proposal that will destroy a RAMSAR wetlands refuge and will itself most probably be destroyed or rendered uninhabitable by extreme weather events caused by climate change and sea level rise. This is stupidity on the part of both major political parties who currently support this ‘development’, disfunctional government processes, and demonstrates the greed and political influence of Walker and Co.… Go to Article

Is Climate Action possible under capitalism?

Another delaying action by fossil fuel industry to forestall action on climate crisis – Trevor Berrill

International trade agreements open the door to claims that could slow progress on climate change.

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden revoked the permit for the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline, which would have brought exceptionally dirty oil south from Canada across the Plains.… Go to Article

Tosh – the musical

the musical

A play in two acts by Bernie Dowling

The following play is copyright as the intellectual property of Bernie Dowling, also identified in the manuscript as B. D. and hence ©B. D.
It may not be performed or copied in part or its entirety without the express and written permission of its author, Bernie Dowling.… Go to Article

Fare Evasion?

This article by Brisbane city counsellor for the Gabba Ward, Jonathan Sri, gives a practical rundown on what is termed ‘fare evasion’ in his case for free public transport. I do not like the term ‘fare evasion’ (to be clear this is not Jonathan Sri’s term it is a term used by Brisbane City Council and Translink).… Go to Article

May Day Concert @ Foco Nuevo

Jumping Fences / Sarah Irvine / The Combined Unions ChoirFriday 6th May31 Arras Street, Yeronga
Doors open 6.00 p.m.
Music starts 6.30 p.m.$10 admission 
(Eftpos available)

Our May Day concert features our guest musicians Sarah Irvine and the Combined Unions Choir joining Jumping Fences for the next concert in our backyard setting.
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Irish government complicity in US war crimes

There was a time when Irish juries would acquit protesters against Irish complicity in US war crimes. Take for example the Pitstop Ploughshares group that disarmed a US warplane t Shannon near Dublin in 2003. They were eventually acquitted. But it seems no more. See the following account from and Shannonwatch about the latest penalties delivered civil disobedience at the airport.Go to Article