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Climate Justice in Western Civilisation?

Young students march to pose a challenge to society …

Paradigm Shift

“Who says all is lost; I come to offer you my heart.” – Fito Paez in Yo Vengo a Ofrecer Mi Corazon

This program offers its heart to all the victims, their family & friends in Christchurch last Friday.

The student strike for climate justice on 15 March 2019 demonstrated that there needs to be more contemporary issues discussed as part of public education.

Political leaders like Annastacia Palasczchuk and Scott Morrison came out against the student strike. State schools forbade their students to march as a group. For example Brisbane State high school students were told not to march for climate justice and not to go to the demonstration as a state high contingent.

Fortunately this did not stop the students.

I saw a group of 15 State high school students marching as a group.

The response by students in Brisbane and across the country was inspirational. Mums dads…

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Ross Watson remembers

Warning this video contains images of a person who has passed. Ross Watson was a Dawson River murri where Warabinda Mission stood for many years. His grandmother lived on the Dawson river prior to the mission being set up. His … Continue reading


Climate Justice and Western Civilisation

Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ FM 102.1 Fridays at noon … listen on demand at The student strike for climate justice on 15 March 2019 demonstrated that there needs to be more contemporary issues discussed as part of public education. Political … Continue reading


Top 40 Tax Dodgers

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Muslim Lives Matter

The Maori community performing a traditional Haka at the end of the service at the Islamic College Karawatha, paying respects for their fallen sisters and brothers from Christchurch. Muslims all around the world have been struck a deep blow following … Continue reading


Student Strike for Climate

On 15 March 2019 thousands of school kids marched down George Street Brisbane to demand Climate Action. These are the placards and chants that they made. Thanks to Lachlan Hurse (NTEU) for the excellent photos of people and placards. I … Continue reading


Save Deebing Creek

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The Great Society

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Chelsea Manning Jailed for Contempt

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Local journo man-handled during visit by NSW Premier

Editor’s Note: Jim Beatson was a founding member of 4ZZZ, Australia’s first FM community radio station. Jim is out their still doing the business nearly 50 years later. It would be interesting to hear what his questions of the Premier … Continue reading


No Modern Slavery at Chemist Warehouse

Hard words rang across the factory floor Juan heard the sound of hate bitter words to injure a shout that sent the signal for the war to come– ‘Brisbane Barrio’ by Jumping Fences Disparity between rich and poor is growing. … Continue reading


Can the centre hold?

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Dissent: The Student Press in 1960s Australia


Australia, no country for revolutionaries

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Emma Miller Place to be closed?

This gallery contains 1 photos.

In a corner of Emma Miller Place (Roma Street Forum) is a plaque that was laid in March 2016 after the murder of Eunji Ban nearby on the steps of Wickham Park on 23 November 2013. Police say that Eunji … Continue reading


Cuba fights climate change

Cuba has become the latest country to enshrine the fight against climate change in its constitution — provoking a mixed response from the scientific community. In late February voters approved a new constitution that included amendmentsdirecting Cuba to “promote the … Continue reading


When Israel’s Black Panthers found common cause with Palestinians

Gila learned about the Nakba long before she was ever introduced to her own history with Israel. “I learned more about the Nakba from Israeli liberals than what they were willing to tell me about what Jews did to Jews, … Continue reading


Australian uranium fuelled Fukushima

On March 11, the anniversary of the earthquake, tsunami and ensuing reactor melt down at Fukushima, we remember and recognise that we all have something to say about this. Even here in Brisbane, mining giants BHP and Rio Tinto are … Continue reading


Solidarity with the Women of Cuba: International Women’s Day 2019

Women from the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society marched in solidarity with the women of Cuba in the Brisbane International Women’s Day Rally and March, held on Saturday 9th March. The rally celebrated the decriminalising of abortion in Queensland in late 2018, … Continue reading


IWD Brisbane/Meanjin 2019

Thanks to Lachlan Hurse (NTEU) for capturing International Women’s Day 2019 in Brisbane/Meanjin in pictures.


The fight for the future of union seafaring in Australia

LISTEN NOWThe fight for the future of union seafaring in Australia: Part 1The shipping industry and conservative governments have been systematically manipulating laws so that bosses can fire their MUA seafarers, and directly employ non-union seafarers from south-east Asia.  These … Continue reading


Women fight to end exploitation, inequality, violence and imperialist war

The 2019 International Working Women’s Day throws a powerful spotlight on working women’s lives and struggles in a period of global resistance to the increasing burdens and exploitation of capitalism and US imperialist interventions, invasions and coups. International Working Women’s … Continue reading

IWD 2019: What is a woman?

Paradigm Shift

Ian talks with Betty Taylor (Red Rose Foundation) about violence done toward women and institutions that discriminate against women.

Ian talks with Pamela Curr AOM about growing up as a woman in the 1960s. Pamela Curr later became an activist with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Podcast @

What is a woman?
Angela Davis once said ‘radical simple means getting to the root‘. At the 1910 2nd International Conference of Working Women, delegate Clara Zetkin successfully moved for an International Women’s Day to be celebrated every year. People have marched ever since for women’s rights and to end discrimination against women.

There are many events around Brisbane this week where people can celebrate gains made by women and to organise for struggles ahead. Last night women celebrated IWD at an event hosted by Union Aid Abroad highlighting the international character of this struggle. In the trade unions…

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IWD Fundraiser: ‘So, which band is your boyfriend in?’


Palm Sunday Rally for Peace and Refugees

JUSTICE FOR REFUGEESPEACE NOT WARBRING THEM HERE Speakers include:Aran Mylvaganam, co-founded Tamil Council of AustraliaProfessor Susan Harris-Rimmer, Griffith UniversitySenator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Join us on Palm Sunday to stand up for refugees. In the run up to the federal … Continue reading


Arms-led recovery for Maryborough

Maryborough like the rest of regional Queensland is in recession. Yet Minister Cameron Dick said today ‘The economy (is) on the march with all guns blazing’. I’m sure the pun was intended but the decision is mad. A $7.5 million … Continue reading


Swim for the Reef – revisited

Join the Wello Pointers Team Sunday, 10 March – 9:30am We are inviting you to be either a swimmer or supporter for the Environmental Defenders Office Qld’s (EDO Qld) fundraising effort called SWIM for the REEF. Ian Curr, Peter Harker, … Continue reading


On the basis of sex

In the lead up International Women’s Day 2019 Dendy has put on this excellent film about one of the victories of the women’s movement, in this case, that women should not be discriminated against in their employment on the basis … Continue reading


‘Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest’?

There is a thought that has haunted me for a long time … it is to portray a wholly good man. Nothing is more difficult … especially in our time. – Dostoevsky The title is an utterance attributed to Henry … Continue reading