LeftPress is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of socialist literature.

LeftPress Printing Society has built up a range of resources. If you wish to know more about these resources or wish to contact Leftpress — ring Ian on 0407 687 016 or email iancurr@bigpond.com to discuss use of these resources and to book the PA equipment.


Portable Speaking Equipmentjoh-must-go10.jpg

Leftpress has two PA systems: one is good for rallies or meetings (inside and outside) for up to 1,000 people and the other is suitable for rallies up to 30,000 people.

The PAs can be hired at $35 a time and the larger system for $50 (plus an extra $10 if you wish a LeftPress member to bring it to the rally/meeting). A deposit may be required. The PA has input jacks (dins and three prong) for a second microphone, musical instruments, etc. It has an output jack (large 3.5mm plug) for clear recording of the rally. USB recordings can be supplied if the USB stick is supplied.

LeftPress is in the process of putting together a training manual and a course to enable groups and organisations to run their own rallies. This is particularly necessary for larger events.


LeftPress has printed a number of books and has a catalogue of pamphlets. It also has a large collection of film footage of struggles during the past 40 years. These films are made available to organisations needing historical material. The film is made available on the basis of three conditions:

  1. Acknowledge first nations people’s prior occupancy and that country was not ever ceded.
  2. Acknowledge LeftPress as the creator of the film footage used
  3. Provide a copy of the film made.

Some compensation may be necessary should high quality digitised recording video be needed.


After the Waterfront – the workers are quiet by the LeftPress Collective is available online!

Information about and links to LeftPress Books can be found on the blogroll on the side of this website.

front cover
Joint Publication with Bent Bannana Books … to released as an eBook and print edition on 15 July 2015 via Amazon … click on image to purchase.

Some of the books can be ordered by writing to LeftPress at PO Box 5683 West End, Qld 4101 Australia or iancurr@bigpond.com

On the blogroll there are links to other books and how to obtain them.


If you are interested in finding out more about the book or to order it, write to

LeftPress at PO Box 5683 West End, Qld 4101

Other books by LeftPress – Dawn-to-Dusk- edition by Social History of Australia Project (LeftPress)

LeftPress has made a number of archival films, these include the historic democratic rights and land rights struggles in Queensland in the 1970s and 80s. :

1982 Land Rights Marches

More info about costs can be found at LeftPress Facilities and Resources

LeftPress activities occur on Toorbul and Jagera lands never ceded.

LeftPress Film Catalogue (Digitised)

There are four historic films dealing with resistance by workers in Queensland during the Bjelke Petersen era (1971-1989).

They are:

  1. If You Don’t Fight You Lose (1977),
  2. We Fight (1982),
  3. Friends and Enemies (1985) and
  4. Manufacturing Dissent (1997).


Right to March – Griffith University March (31/3/1978)

If You Don’t Fight You Lose

1982 Demonstration in Brisbane to protest the Massacre of Palestinian refugees at Sabra and Chatilla

Peace Rally and March Brisbane 1982 or 1983

Needs to be digitised

The struggle for democratic rights in Queensland (1977-1979)

May Day 1982

May Day 1981 – contingents AMWU, Vehicle Builders, Tramways, Seamen’s Union, Painters and Dockers, Waterside Workers Federation WWF, Building Workers Industrial Union BWIU, Red Contingent – CPA, SPA, SLL, CISCAC, ALP (SL) CANP, Anarchists near Red Cross building in Queen St.

May Day at the EKKA 1979 Alternative Platform

Anti-Uranium Oct 30 1978 – unionist defend democratic rights on steps of KGSq

Lee Birmingham at Griffith Uni March 31st 1978.

Peace Rally April 15th

Painters & Dockers, Socialist Party of Australia (SPA), International Socialists (IS) banner, George Georges speaks, Peacock resigns, Hughie Hamilton on Peace.

Qld Remembers Chile

Two Reels – not yet digitised

Student Movement (TEAS) demonstration – David Barbagello – March leaving great court – coronation drive – past Arnott’s biscuit factory – Red flags – King George Square – Valley of Death –newspaper seller holds up Daily Telegraph ‘Reagan Shot’ – special branch – April 1981 education department – inside education dept. – uni students at a creek

Pat Dunne (ARU) – 1982 General Strike – 35 hr week – crowd scene

Troops Out – Bobby Sands rally – watchouse Special Branch.

Aug 6 Hiroshima Day rally

EKKA May Day 1979 – alternative platform – David Ettashank – Gay banners – 1979 may day march approach to Ekka – Ed Casey speaks on platform.

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