Energy in a changing climate: what is the future of energy use in Queensland?

QLD government commits to rooftop solar and renewable energy target

At a well attended meeting at the Moorooka Bowls Club in Brisbane last night, organised by the Qld Conservation Council, the Qld Minister for Energy and Water Supply, Mark Bailey, committed his government to have one million homes with roof top solar power by 2020.… Go to Article

Babcock boys go for frock ‘n’ awe

[Editor’s note: Babcock & Brown … the ones that the ATO could never catch up with … but they were always bottom feeding obscurantists, weren’t they?]frock & awe

The Babcock & Brown boys – Phil Green and Trevor Loewensohn – who got the band back together under the name of boutique advisory Alceon have not lost their taste for high-octane deals.… Go to Article

‘The Golden Age wound down during 1854…’

[Editor’s Note: Here is another excellent story of how the workers of Kyneton, a central Victorian town, fought back against economic depression in the middle of the 19th century. Why do I feel that Humphrey McQueen’s words could easily describe our current global crisis and the need for better worker organisation?]… Go to Article