Australian socialism and Aboriginal struggle — a critique.

 by John Tracey

I paint this essay with very broad brushstrokes. I am aware that there are many exceptions as well as different degrees amongst different groups regarding my various generalisations. This essay does not attempt to provide an accurate historical record but rather to provoke consideration of some general issues of the history of the Australian “Left”.

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‘The Golden Age wound down during 1854…’

[Editor’s Note: Here is another excellent story of how the workers of Kyneton, a central Victorian town, fought back against economic depression in the middle of the 19th century. Why do I feel that Humphrey McQueen’s words could easily describe our current global crisis and the need for better worker organisation?]… Go to Article

James Cook, Joseph Banks and Smallpox

by John Tracey

This is an article about covert biological warfare, Captain Cook and Joseph Banks, about the deliberate infection of disease which spread like wildfire across the nation.

The historical context for the discovery of Australia was the defeat and withdrawal of the British forces from America after a protracted war with the French, the indigenous and the new white Americans in America and Canada as well as the French and Spanish and others in the global conflict.… Go to Article