Palestinian Film Festival 2018

Showcasing the very best of Palestinian cinema from around the world, the Palestinian Film Festival Australia is proud to present its 2018 program filled with gripping, award-winning features, shorts and documentaries screening in Sydney (20-27 Sept), Hobart (27-30 Sept), Melbourne (4-7 Oct), Brisbane (11-14 Oct), Canberra (18-20 Oct), Perth (26-28 Oct) and Adelaide (2-4 Nov) … Continue reading Palestinian Film Festival 2018

‘Throw away your books, let’s go out into the streets!’

7 things you may have missed this week in PalestineAustralian media continues to frequently ignore important stories emerging from Palestine-Israel, stories that are vital to context setting and framing during those times when the issue actually does hit international headlines. By ignoring such stories, which expose the true nature of Palestinian life under military occupation … Continue reading ‘Throw away your books, let’s go out into the streets!’

Boycott SodaStream and defend the right to organise

The left wing Socialist Alternative group is copping a lot of flak from right wing university administrators, Zionists, the Murdoch press and Abbott government ministers, especially Christopher Pyne. I urge you to sign and to circulate it widely. I'm not a member of SA but the left as a whole should unite to defend them. The real villain of the piece is the ineffable Christopher Pyne.

Commemorating al Nakba: Celebrating Palestine – May 17th 2014

Commemorating al Nakba: Celebrating Palestine 2014 Featuring Phil Monsour - Songs of exile and return Phil will perform a selection of songs and share stories and videos about Palestinian refugees and the right of return. 15th May 2014 will be the 66th Anniversary of ‘Nakba Day’, the day on which Palestinians all over the world … Continue reading Commemorating al Nakba: Celebrating Palestine – May 17th 2014

Swimming Free Palestine!

Swimming Palestine Emad, Gareth and I walked to the starting line at Wategos beach, near the Byron Bay lighthouse. As we entered the water with the other swimmers, the race organisers called off the race because of treacherous conditions. Loud speakers announced that we would be 'swimming at your own risk'. We swam anyway. Many other swimmers did the same. As we rounded the point at Wategos, Emad was dumped by a two metre wave and had to be rescued. We wish to thank the selfless swimmers who kept Emad afloat until the Surf Life savers arrived in their Zodiac. Gareth and I continued swimming wide of the big breaking waves. I came across Gareth at one point yelling out to him above the sound of the waves and a nearby surf boat - as Gareth took each breath in mid-stroke he replied 'Free Palestine, Free, Free Palestine'. About one kilometre further on we arrived near main beach at Byron Bay where we were both hammered by big breaking waves. Gareth's googles were wiped off his face and my swimming cap with the Palestinian Flag emblem was lost in the cauldron along with one of my flippers. Gareth and I walked up the beach alongside others swimmers saying how their legs had cramped up as they came into the beach. We returned to the stall where Maxine had spent the last hour engaging with people asking questions about Palestine and the campaign by MECA to provide clean drinking water to children in the West Bank. We were happy to be re-united with Emad who told the story of the bravery of the swimmers who saved him in the big swell. In his words he said 'I drowned'. But he was saved! Some time later two young girls in swimming costumes came up to the stall holding my Palestinian flagged swimming cap lost in the sea about 20 minutes earlier. Maxine yelled out 'Ian, these girls found your cap!" I turned and asked how they knew the cap was mine. The 11 year old girl with braces on her teeth said she and her friend saw the flag flying high on the foreshore and looked at the flag on the cap and put two-and-two together. Gareth said: 'What are the chances of that happening!" and Maxine rewarded the girls with a sumptuous home made cake. Thanks girls! We are swimming to raise money for the Middle East Childrens’ Alliance so Palestinian kids can have clean drinking water despite Israel’s best efforts to desiccate them. You can sponsor us by making donations at MECA to help meet the basic needs of Palestinian children and give them opportunities to learn, play, and envision a better future. Go to A special thank you to Gareth and Maxine for making this small contribution to Palestinian kids lives possible. Free Palestine!