Palestinian Film Festival 2018

Showcasing the very best of Palestinian cinema from around the world, the Palestinian Film Festival Australia is proud to present its 2018 program filled with gripping, award-winning features, shorts and documentaries screening in Sydney (20-27 Sept), Hobart (27-30 Sept), Melbourne (4-7 Oct), Brisbane (11-14 Oct), Canberra (18-20 Oct), Perth (26-28 Oct) and Adelaide (2-4 Nov) … Continue reading Palestinian Film Festival 2018

ISIS in Gaza

Publishers Note: WBT reposts this article by Sarah Helms from New York Review of Books | January 14, 2016. It analyses from a western perspective the effect of Israel's bombardment of Gaza and how post-Oslo* children in Gaza are recruited to Daesh and the response by Hamas, the political authority in Gaza. The Oslo Accord … Continue reading ISIS in Gaza

The House of Zion

However at the grass roots, Palestinians are a revolutionary society in the midst of a deadly struggle against apartheid Israel. For example, in the occupied territories, when the Israeli army come to detain someone, Palestinians allow the person to flee through their home even though it is likely Israeli soldiers will bust in and interrogate all, even children. None will surrender information easily to the occupier. Palestinian children run out onto the street and throw stones to distract the soldiers from their quarry. In short, a society where struggle is reborn each year, each generation

Robert Fisk: Isn’t it important to realise who our enemies really are?

It's important, you see, to realise who our enemies are. Muslims, Iranians, Iraqis, Syrians, Russians, you name it. Not Israel, of course. Nor Americans. Think generational. Think civilisation. Think the most significant threat to global peace. Daesh. Isn't that the name?

The 17 Group: ‘Israel Colonial Settler State and the New Apartheid’

The Palestinian story is one of catastrophe and struggle following the Palestinian dispossession of 1948 and the creation of the homeland for Jewish settlers from Europe. It has been subsumed beneath European and US support and sympathy for the Jewish people following persecution and genocide in Europe. Israel’s circumstance depends on massive military and economic support from the US to maintain its domination. In the Western media the full Palestinian narrative is overshadowed by Western support for the settlers.

Take action: tell Bill Gates to divest from Israel’s torture prisons#StopG4S

Take action: tell Bill Gates to divest from Israel's torture prisons #StopG4S Dear friend, Sign the petition now: Tell Bill Gates to divest from G4S! We're writing to ask you to support an important campaign against G4S, the British private security company that helps the Israeli government to run prisons at which Palestinian political prisoners … Continue reading Take action: tell Bill Gates to divest from Israel’s torture prisons#StopG4S

Supporting the Palestinian BDS campaign – Stand with Professor Jake Lynch

Final reminder don’t miss this important Public Meeting Supporting the Palestinian BDS campaign and the Academic Boycott of Israel. Featuring Associate Professor Jake Lynch, Director of Sydney University's Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS) Associate Professor Halim Rane is one of Australia's leading scholars in Islamic Studies. He has researched and written extensively on … Continue reading Supporting the Palestinian BDS campaign – Stand with Professor Jake Lynch