The House of Zion

worker-solidarity-arab-unity-palestinian-victoryWe shall return
the nightingale told me
when we met on a hill
that nightingales still
live there in our dreams
and that among the yearning hills
and people, there is a place for us
      -Sanarjou Yawman – فيروز – سنرجع يوما 
       (sung by Fairfous)

Publisher’s Note: In 2015, I asked Palestinian author, Ghada Karmi, the following question:

After the death of Yasser Arafat in 2004, you went to Ramallah as a consultant to the Palestinian Authority which had policed its own people opposing the settlements all over the West Bank and entered into deals with the Americans and with Israel.… Go to Article

The Cloudland Collective: G20 is neoliberal and dangerous

The G20 may not make decisions that can be imposed on member states. It may not have a public service working for it that can monitor to what extent member states have implemented G20 recommendations. Yet it is the most significant economic forum in the world. It serves to streamline neoliberal policies across the 20 leading economies and is a very real threat to our communities and environment.… Go to Article