When Joh went to Uni

In 1980 or 1981, Bjelke-Petersen went to University of Queensland guarded by Qld Special Branch. Joh’s visit was controversial as the questions from the news media suggest. We have secured historic footage of the event.

Standing behind Joh during the interview was Constable Gary Hannigan, previously from Sandgate CIB and the youngest ever undercover detective and member of the Qld Special Branch.… Go to Article

Greece: another ‘Z’ ?

[Publisher’s note: Readers may remember what happened to a democratically elected popular government in Chile in 1973 – the Generals coup and the subsequent economic hardship inspired by the Chicago School. Greeks already knew this lesson because a left wing parliamentarian, Grigoris Lambrakis, was assassinated by extremists because he had called for Greece to disarm and withdraw from NATO.… Go to Article

‘Right to March’ Movement 1977-1979

Strange primitive piece of flesh, the heart laid quiet
 hearing their cry pierce through its thin-walled cave
 recalls the forgotten tiger,
 and leaps awake in its old panic riot;
 and how shall mind be sober,
 since blood's red thread still binds us fast in history?
 Tiger, you walk through all our past and future,
 troubling the children's sleep'; laying
 a reeking trail across our dreams of orchards.
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Open Letter from Nyungah Land

Open Letter from Nyungah Land and Culture Protector Iva Hayward-Jackson

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 17/11/2014 – 6:57pm

Recently The Premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett, committed to closing down approximately one hundred and fifty remote Aboriginal communities in the State of Western Australia.

The Premier has claimed that the closures would be in the best interest of Aboriginal people in the State of Western Australia.… Go to Article

People need parks!

Under Public Land and Council Assets Local Law 2014 Brisbane City Council is intending to limit public assembly in local parks, malls, and gardens. The restrictions on use of public parks require “a person who wants to conduct an activity with exclusive use of a particular site within a park for a set period of time must book the site.”… Go to Article

G20 Peoples Summit: call for presenters/invitation

Brisbane Community Action Network – G20

Visioning another world
Brisbane G20 Peoples Convergence
Nov 8-16, 2014

Global Call to action
Dear Friends,
The G20 Leaders Summit will bring the leaders of the worlds’ 20 largest economies to Brisbane in November this year. The “austerity” budget that has just been delivered to Australians is a small taste of what people around the world have been experiencing under G20 driven economic systems — systems which prioritise profit over community welfare and the environment.… Go to Article

How America made ISIS

Whatever your politics, you’re not likely to feel great about America right now. After all, there’s Ferguson (the whole world was watching!), an increasingly unpopular president, a Congress whose approval ratings make the president look like a rock star, rising poverty, weakening wages, and a growing inequality gap just to start what could be a long list.… Go to Article

Battle for Pooh Corner at Wacol

” There needs to be proper policies put into place where the community gets consulted about the sale of these lands before they actually go ahead and sell them off.” – Simon Birrell

“But the Jezzine Barracks in Townsville and Pooh Corner here in Wacol raise an interesting question how many other defence sites might come on the market?… Go to Article

Humanitarian aid, arms trade and refugees.

This is the story of how the Syrian war reached out 5,000 miles across the globe and destroyed at least 29 Lebanese lives in the Indian Ocean. It is a story of tragic irony; the destitute Lebanese families who wanted to live in Australia and left their arid villages in the hills of the northern Akkar plateau had been warned by their relatives not to leave their homes, and they died just off the coast of Indonesia – Robert Fisk

But it is also a story of how the Australian government supports the US government which helped fatten the Islamic State to take on the Assad regime in Syria and now wants to curtail its power in Iraq trading arms to the Kurds in exchange for fighting the Islamic State (IS).… Go to Article

Changed “Terror War” strategies?

Profitable armaments industries assure that wars generated by the great powers proliferate one after another and are preferred to diplomacy and justice in resolving conflicts. The current ‘Terror War’ has seen the US-UK led alliance actively generating enemies using false flag incidents to convince sufficient numbers of people that the world is under increasing attack by radically violent terrorists.

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Bloodless Coup – Barwick revisited

In this, the season of demonstrations and marches, there is a call for ‘better government’, but is that possible when the problem is the system of government itself? Along with that is a call to block the austerity budget put forward by the government (see photo). The Constitutional Crisis of 1975 gives some insight into questions that arise from this movement.… Go to Article

Petition to drop the Sorry Day charges in WA

The WA Minister of Child Protection, intervene and ensure all charges are dropped in relation to the May 26 protest.

Petitioning To the Honourable Helen Margaret Morton MLC

The WA Minister of Child Protection, intervene and ensure all charges are dropped in relation to the May 26 protest.

Petition by : Grandmothers Against Removals

To the Honourable Helen Margaret Morton MLC, Minister for Child Protection, Western Australia:

The petition of the undersigned shows:

On National Sorry Day May 26, 2014, Nyoongar activists Vanessa Culbong and Isabel Brown were arrested during a demonstration at the head office of the Department of Child Protection in Perth(DCP).… Go to Article

G20 Laws Community Information Session

Thursday July 31 5:30pm
Brisbane Square Library
Bookings required: 3214 6333 or camielle

Here is an Opinion Piece from Scott McDougall – the Director of Caxton Legal Service

Opinion: Let us use our moment to shine a light on democracy
Scott McDougall
The Courier-Mail
July 28, 2014 12:00AM


THE G20 summit presents an unrivalled opportunity for Australia and especially Queensland, to display our assets while the eyes of the world are upon us.… Go to Article

No Peace without Justice

We will not “return to a living death” of siege and blockade, 
say Gaza civil society leaders.
[Editor’s Note: Readers can see from the signatures below that No Peace without Justice  is a sentiment shared by Palestinian community both inside and outside Gaza – people who are losing loved ones, people who have lost so much and who will not give up.
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Wretched of the Earth

Europeans, you must open this book and enter into it. 
After a few steps in the darkness you will see strangers 
gathered around a fire; come close, and listen, 
for they are talking of the destiny they will mete out 
to your trading-centres and to the hired soldiers 
who defend them.
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Take action for Palestine

rally+for+palestine+july+26Take action for Palestine
Saturday July 26

Justice for Palestine Brisbane – Boycott Sodastream walking tour

Gather at 11am in King George Square for a guided tour of stores in Brisbane which stock Sodastream products made in an illegal settlement in Occupied Palestine.

In light of the on-going brutal military assault on Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere, effective actions, particularly in the shape of BDS campaigns, are needed to show solidarity and pressure Israel to end its regime of occupation, colonialism and apartheid.… Go to Article

Dawn to Dusk – reminisences of a rebel: childhood and youth

Dawn To Dusk, E. H. Lane 1939

Childhood and Youth

Chapter I. Early Influences

It is a far cry from the old worn-out beliefs of the conservativism and reactionary political policies of 50 years ago, to the virile working class movement that is to-day insistently smashing down the gates of capitalist imperialism and exploitation.… Go to Article

Dawn to Dusk – reminiscences of a rebel

Original Dawn to DuskThe wiles of Labour politicians – the futility of fearful and reactionary Labour leaders have been revealed in this record, and the lessons I and others so bitterly learned should preclude any further waste of time and enthusiasm in vainly endeavouring to make figs blossom and fruit on barren trees.
Ernie Lane in Dawn to Dusk

[Editor’s Note: By request, I have decided to re-publish this work by Ernie Lane, a rebel who wrote a critique of the Labor Party before the second world war.… Go to Article

Silences in the boom: coal seam gas and neoliberalism

[Editor’s Note: Combined here is an extract from an article published in the Journal of Political Ecology and a talk given by one of the authors, Ack Mercer, at Brisbane Free Uni. The article text below originally contained some references that I have removed. Thnx to brisbane free uni who put on this talk by a group of activists and academics (drew hutton, trevor berrill, sarah lowe & ack mercer) about coal seam gas in Australia and the work of the Lock the Gate campaign.… Go to Article

National Statement – 26 May 2014: Aboriginal Control of Aboriginal Welfare

National Statement – 26 May 2014

Say NO to Continuing Stolen Generations | Aboriginal Control of Aboriginal Welfare

Returning children must be the priority | No forced adoptions | Support and services to prevent removals

We, as Aboriginal Grandparents and parents, have called protests across the country on May 26 demanding the return of our children who have been forcibly removed by child welfare agencies.… Go to Article

Thatcherism in Queensland Housing

“Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.”

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National Action Group formed to combat child removals

+++ Stop Press ++++++ Stop Press ++++++ Stop Press ++++++ Stop Press +++

Today, Thursday 8 May 2014, people who have experience of continuing stolen generations from Perth, Brisbane, Gunnedah, Alice Springs, Sydney, South Coast, Melbourne and Bundaberg formed a National Action Group to fight aboriginal child removals from their guardians by DOCS in each state.Go to Article

Great Barrier Reef: Mega Ports or Marine Park?


Great Barrier Reef: Mega Ports or Marine Park?Dear Norma

At a time when the reef needs stronger protection, the Queensland Government is fast tracking port developments and giving special treatment to the mining industry.

Join us on Wednesday 14 May for a free Q&A event with four prominent experts to discover the risk these developments pose to the reef, the local tourism industry and Queensland’s economy.… Go to Article