Noir thrills in Brisbane

Bent Banana Books has all its titles at Bewdiful BargainBasement prices this festive season starting with Bernie Dowling’s neo-noir novel Iraqi Icicle at .99c.   Check back regularly at   click on books in our gallery and see what bargains are on offer. The Iraqi IcicleeBook bargain begins on December 7 at Amazon US. Your … Continue reading Noir thrills in Brisbane

Instant karma got me

Publisher’s Weekly reviews Iraqi Icicle as karma stalks the aisles of Woolworths SupermarketIT was beaut to see a review of my novel Iraqi Icicle in the prized review pages of Publisher’s Weekly.Perhaps that is why I returned the free groceries to my local Woolworths supermarket. I WAS shopping for the family groceries today, Sunday in Oz.I … Continue reading Instant karma got me

Book lovers warm to Iraqi Icicle

No Life of Pi at Pine Rivers Art Gallery Launch of Bernie Dowling’s Iraqi IcicleBernie Dowling launched his neo-noir novel Iraqi Icicle at Pine Rivers Art Gallery on April 20, 2013. It was not quite the fanfare you might associate with Life of Pi it does have the memorable background of Amada Van Gil’s touring … Continue reading Book lovers warm to Iraqi Icicle

MSM judges Iraqi Icicle

From the Daily Telegraph SydneyConfusion  MARGARET Thatcher's death caused confusion on Twitter where some users were apparently left with the impression that Cher had died.That's a bit like confusing my novel Iraqi Icicle with the Life of Pi.The first newspaper reviews of Iraqi Icicle are in. As they are from the News Limited stable they are pretty … Continue reading MSM judges Iraqi Icicle

The Life of D: a bleak novel

Possible cover for my work-in-progress The Life of DI wish I could write a life-affirming novel like The Life of Pi. It is just not my voice. I would like Barack Obama writing to me as he did to Pi author Yann Martel. The president could take quill to paper to write about my novel … Continue reading The Life of D: a bleak novel

The joy of publishing

A FUNNY thing happened – as it always does – on the way to publishing the paperback of my novel for Australia Day 2013.All’s well that ends well: let’s get that out of the way. Someone at Amazon decided that my novel Iraqi Icicle was part 1. It was declared Iraqi Icicle was part 1 … Continue reading The joy of publishing

Lennon and I are miffed

JOHN Lennon famously returned his MBE in protest about the war in Biafraand the Beatles single Cold Turkeyslipping down the charts. I won’t be receiving any Australia Day (January 26) award to return but I am mightily miffed at my novel Iraqi Icicle slipping down the charts.The Beatles single Cold Turkey rose to number 14 … Continue reading Lennon and I are miffed

The whole world loves freedom

Handmade notebooks from  Libre LivreI TRY not to trouble myself unduly with matters of commerce.For five days next week, I am giving away my enovel Iraqi Icicle. I do this not because I think it makes a lot of commercial sense but because others tell me it does.It seems the Amazon algorithms will discover me … Continue reading The whole world loves freedom

Is Li-Lo Cu-Cu? No-No-

Critics praised Lindsay Lohan for the 2006 film  Chapter 27 on the Lennon murder and now they're gonna crucify herA GAME doing the rounds is one in which we emerging/ nobody authors are asked to name our dream cast for the film of our novel.I played recently and said I definitely wanted Lindsay Lohan to play … Continue reading Is Li-Lo Cu-Cu? No-No-

When Rusty snapped

Toytown: photograph by Russell BrownRUSSELL Brown is an Aussie newspaper photographer.He and I have worked on the same newspapers, the Pine Rivers Press and the Northern Times for more than a decade and we live in neighboring suburbs in the Pine Rivers district of Australia.Because he is Australian, Russell has been honored with the nickname, … Continue reading When Rusty snapped

Please warn Grandma

Guest Book Review4.0 out of 5 stars Not for the faint of heart but great, December 25, 2012By Ionia Martin "Ionia" - See all my reviews(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)   This review is from: Iraqi Icicle 2nd edition (Kindle Edition)"Iraqi Icicle" is definitely not your average run of the mill crime drama. Oddly, there are very few categories where a book could be listed … Continue reading Please warn Grandma

Guest Book Review

4.0 out of 5 starsIraqi Icicle by Bernie Dowling, 22 Dec 2012Interesting theatrical, musical and political diversionsByKathy Hennessy - See all my reviewsThis review is from: I ENJOYED this story and I liked the main character, Steel Hill, who delivers as a first person narrator.We start in Brisbane, Australia, where the story is focused initially on low-life … Continue reading Guest Book Review

Iraqi Icicle excerpt

The comic detective novel Iraqi Icicle is being released at Pine Rivers Art Gallery Queensland Australia on December 20 in a multi-art event as part of the world-wide A Big Project.Here is an edited excerpt. It was a week before I saw the cops again. They tried to kick down the door of my flat, which … Continue reading Iraqi Icicle excerpt

Australian/ Italian film maker talks about his Youtube opus

They say the book is always better than the movieIT is kinda weird when we authors post up videos supporting out novels. I mean why would someone want to watch a vid we cobbled together for a few bucks when they could take a squizz at a cool-song video which had a budget stretching into … Continue reading Australian/ Italian film maker talks about his Youtube opus

To sex or not to sex

THAT is the question: to sex or not to sex.A lot of websites are saying no to sex. On the first page of a Google search of mine, six websites had this exact same bait line: 'American Playwright David Mamet explains why no play or movie he writes or directs include explicit sex scenes.'Oh! Calcutta! you are … Continue reading To sex or not to sex