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Noir thrills in Brisbane

Bent Banana Books has all its titles at Bewdiful BargainBasement prices this festive season starting with Bernie Dowling’s neo-noir novel Iraqi Icicle at .99c.


Check back regularly at   click on books in our gallery and see what bargains are on offer.
The Iraqi IcicleeBook bargain begins on December 7 at Amazon US. Your copy for Kindle is a few clicks and .99c away.  The promotion begins at Amazon UK on December 8 for £.99.
In paperback, your favorite online book stores will have the 368-page paperback in your eager hands for $US16-17 including delivery.
For less than $20, you can give a paperback copy of Iraqi Icicle as a Christmas gift and have the eBook at your finger-tips for your holiday reading.
You might want to read the reviews before you buy.
Here is one from the most respected book magazines in the world, Publishers Weekly. At the very least, you will find out what an Iraqi Icicle is.
Australian author Bernie Dowling applauds this promotion.
“I am pleased Amazon and Bent Banana Books have made Iraqi Icicle available at the eBook price of .99c,” Dowling said from his home  north of Brisbane.
“I created the novel as a deliberate challenge for the reader with a headache from the sugar-hits of formula thrillers. Now, people can read the eBook to decide which friend would appreciate the paperback for Christmas.”
He said the correct answer to what is an Iraqi icicle was find out for yourself.
I have not blogged here for quite some time so I am not sure if you are out there. Helloooow!  Helloooow! Anybody there? 
Any way, if you are out there, you know the drill. We finish with a song. As this post is about a neo-noir novel this one is appropriate. The video is a cultural atrocity but the song is cool.
Cheers, Bernie.

CAN you help me achieve 1000+ free downloads of Iraqi Icicle this week through your social media contacts?
I am not begging, though I will if I have to.

The great attribute of my anti-hero Steele Hill is that once he commits to something he is in boots and all.
The world is full of wishy-washy middle managers. Vacillation is at the heart of their powers, as their lack of commitment appeases all sides.
At the heart of the novel Iraqi Icicle is Steele’s full-bodied engagement of a deadly enterprise he is sure will fail.
Thus it is with my decision to give away copies of Iraqi Icicle for five days. If you have not read my previous post on The Whole World Loves Freedom, please do so. After this join me on my Quixotic and Dulcinean quest.
Please contact your social media contacts to achieve this noble if doomed quest.
Here are the tweets for US, UK Australian and French account holders at Amazon.
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You can re-post my fun GoodReads blog for more on Amazon estores. My paperback is out Saturday.
BTW, I am at 150 downloads.
Thanks and cheers Bernie.