Book Launch: Michael, we really have to talk …

The book will be launched at the West End Library on Saturday morning, 31st October 2015 Time: 10:30 am for 11 am start Place: Upstairs at West End Library 178-180 Boundary St West End Price: The book will be sold at the launch for $20 (RRP $25). The book will be introduced by Julie Cork and Abraham and Dan O'Neill. Music by Jumping Fences Refreshments are available.

A Natural Wonder in Peril

The Reef: A Passionate History: The Great Barrier Reef from Captain Cook to Climate Change by Iain McCalman Scientific American/Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 336 pp., $27.00 Australia’s Great Barrier Reef stretches for around 1,430 miles along the continent’s northeast coast, encompassing an area roughly half the size of Texas. Those who have dived into its … Continue reading A Natural Wonder in Peril

Noir thrills in Brisbane

Bent Banana Books has all its titles at Bewdiful BargainBasement prices this festive season starting with Bernie Dowling’s neo-noir novel Iraqi Icicle at .99c.   Check back regularly at   click on books in our gallery and see what bargains are on offer. The Iraqi IcicleeBook bargain begins on December 7 at Amazon US. Your … Continue reading Noir thrills in Brisbane

Man trouble is murder for Annie

Annie: Bernie, what are your thoughtson my character?Bernie: Funny you should ask, Annie...FREDERICK Lee Brooke could be creating a new literary sub-genre – the relationship thriller. Like all good thrillers, Collateral Damage crackles along at a merry pace while the reader eagerly awaits the denouement of Annie Ogden’s entanglements with three men.Ex school teacher/ Iraq … Continue reading Man trouble is murder for Annie

Annie get your man before he gets you

I'm BAAACK.Haven't been around my blog for a while but I am back with the news of  a thrillerProtagonist Annie Ogden’s ex-boyfriend Michael Garcia reappears and she has to confront a lie dating back to her service in Iraq.Will she go back to hot, passionate Michael, who has developed a disturbing interest in meth, or … Continue reading Annie get your man before he gets you

MSM judges Iraqi Icicle

From the Daily Telegraph SydneyConfusion  MARGARET Thatcher's death caused confusion on Twitter where some users were apparently left with the impression that Cher had died.That's a bit like confusing my novel Iraqi Icicle with the Life of Pi.The first newspaper reviews of Iraqi Icicle are in. As they are from the News Limited stable they are pretty … Continue reading MSM judges Iraqi Icicle

Book review of Iraqi Icicle

My reaction to  a review of my novel (Only joking)Glenda A. Bixler is the latest reviewer of my novel Iraqi Icicle. Glenda writes she had never heard of the band The Go-Betweens which is a regular motif in the novel. Ms Bixler went to the trouble to present a Go-Betweens sampler which heads her review.Ladies … Continue reading Book review of Iraqi Icicle

The whole world loves freedom

Handmade notebooks from  Libre LivreI TRY not to trouble myself unduly with matters of commerce.For five days next week, I am giving away my enovel Iraqi Icicle. I do this not because I think it makes a lot of commercial sense but because others tell me it does.It seems the Amazon algorithms will discover me … Continue reading The whole world loves freedom

When Rusty snapped

Toytown: photograph by Russell BrownRUSSELL Brown is an Aussie newspaper photographer.He and I have worked on the same newspapers, the Pine Rivers Press and the Northern Times for more than a decade and we live in neighboring suburbs in the Pine Rivers district of Australia.Because he is Australian, Russell has been honored with the nickname, … Continue reading When Rusty snapped

Rain of humour among dark clouds

4.0 out of 5 stars By Bernie Dowling (Australia) - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Dark Clouds (Kindle Edition)This is the second I have read in the series with reluctant spy Rudi Flynn at its centre.Like Weimar Blues, Dark Clouds easily stands alone as Flynn is once more conscripted into the secret service of … Continue reading Rain of humour among dark clouds

Please warn Grandma

Guest Book Review4.0 out of 5 stars Not for the faint of heart but great, December 25, 2012By Ionia Martin "Ionia" - See all my reviews(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)   This review is from: Iraqi Icicle 2nd edition (Kindle Edition)"Iraqi Icicle" is definitely not your average run of the mill crime drama. Oddly, there are very few categories where a book could be listed … Continue reading Please warn Grandma

Guest Book Review

4.0 out of 5 starsIraqi Icicle by Bernie Dowling, 22 Dec 2012Interesting theatrical, musical and political diversionsByKathy Hennessy - See all my reviewsThis review is from: I ENJOYED this story and I liked the main character, Steel Hill, who delivers as a first person narrator.We start in Brisbane, Australia, where the story is focused initially on low-life … Continue reading Guest Book Review

Aussie thriller sings and zings

Brother reviews brother. Oh, Brother! 4.0 out of 5 stars National music and international politics in Australian thriller THIS novel is an epic detective story of more than 400 pages. Private investigator Steele Hill is a larger than life character who has the happy knack of being there when the action is happening. His world … Continue reading Aussie thriller sings and zings

Vision gets even better

5.0 out of 5 stars Harper Fan December 7, 2012By Ruth GAmazon Verified PurchaseI LOVED this book possibly more than the first. The short stories are easy to read and Vision II: The Reluctant Psychic Returns takes the reader on a great journey.  Even though I know the main characters of the books, each of the short stories can stand alone but … Continue reading Vision gets even better

Laughs amid the turmoil

Book Review by Bernie DowlingWeimar Vibesis a most humorous novel on a very serious subject.Anti-hero Rudi Flynn is a former tabloid journalist, reformed cocaine abuser and practising alcoholic. Under normal circumstances, he would not be first choice as an operative of Her Majesty’s Secret Service but here he is enlisted to thwart a takeover in … Continue reading Laughs amid the turmoil

As free as a the vision of a boirdy.

Jane Sharp's great new psychic thriller eBook goes free tomorrow so we should all support it to encourage the give-away and create a legion of fans.Here is Jane's Twitter entry.Jane Sauffs10:26am Oct 5My 1st book will be available free on Amazon(see link below) this Saturday Oct 6 (US time) 5 short stories featuring Detective Trudy … Continue reading As free as a the vision of a boirdy.

On the road to Damascus Paul’s book pummels your brain

IF The Book of Paulwere a music album, a critic might say it had cross-over appeal.It has a feel of a genre novel but it is hard to classify because of its elements of sci-fi, dystopia, psychological drama and comedy.I believe its publicity machine  is running with supernatural thriller and that is a good as … Continue reading On the road to Damascus Paul’s book pummels your brain

Hey hey Paul-eay, how many kids you kill today?

Welcome to Day 3 of my part in the whirlwind blog tour of The Book of Paul.On Day 1, author Richard Long was kind enough to eloquently answer my questions on his supernatural thriller.On Day 2, we ran an excerpt from the novel.Today we return to Q&A, one of my fave media for discussion and … Continue reading Hey hey Paul-eay, how many kids you kill today?

Tales of psychics and psychos

PERCOLATE the coffee and break open a bar of Swiss chocolate: a new author is visiting our home.Australian Jane Sharp has arrived bearing the gift of her first published work, the eBook Vision The Reluctant PsychicA promise of more to come in the Vision series accompanies these five short stories, introducing psychic detective, Trudy Harper.A … Continue reading Tales of psychics and psychos

The Maltese Falcon: classic book review

The Maltese Falcon: classic book reviewFalcon strikes magnificentlyAt Google Books Amazon large print version from GALE CENGAGE Learning which has a better cover than the other version is not listed on the publisher’s current catalogue.MANY of those familiar with the title The Maltese Falcon may be acquainted with the 1941 film noir rather than … Continue reading The Maltese Falcon: classic book review