Laughs amid the turmoil

Book Review by Bernie DowlingWeimar Vibesis a most humorous novel on a very serious subject.Anti-hero Rudi Flynn is a former tabloid journalist, reformed cocaine abuser and practising alcoholic. Under normal circumstances, he would not be first choice as an operative of Her Majesty’s Secret Service but here he is enlisted to thwart a takeover in … Continue reading Laughs amid the turmoil

Critical readers have their say about 7 Shouts

A fun read June 10, 2012By Jane.SBernie Dowling has a unique voice that really brings his columns to life. I highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys Australian humour. Even if you don't laugh you will be entertained and informed. My favourite is the Slanguage chapter. For the record I say 'marown'.Fun book for the person who … Continue reading Critical readers have their say about 7 Shouts

Reviews roll on

REVIEWS are coming in to Amazon for Bernie Dowling's non-fiction work 7 Shouts:The Best of My Shout.Gleaned from seven year's of his My Shout newspaper columns, the book establishes Australian humour at the off-centre of the Universe.The first two reviewers each gave 7 Shouts four stars.Here is what they had to say.4.0 out of 5 … Continue reading Reviews roll on

Poking fun at focus groups

I tried my hand at parody for our anthology Can you believe it...What better target  for satiric verse than politicians using focus groups to develop policy.You can buy Can you believe it... HEREIf you like this parody feel free to pass it on.CheersBernieHow they Brought the Good News from Focus GroupsBernard Browning Dowling(Gallup is one of … Continue reading Poking fun at focus groups