Book Launch: Michael, we really have to talk …

The book will be launched at the West End Library on Saturday morning, 31st October 2015 Time: 10:30 am for 11 am start Place: Upstairs at West End Library 178-180 Boundary St West End Price: The book will be sold at the launch for $20 (RRP $25). The book will be introduced by Julie Cork and Abraham and Dan O'Neill. Music by Jumping Fences Refreshments are available.

Noir thrills in Brisbane

Bent Banana Books has all its titles at Bewdiful BargainBasement prices this festive season starting with Bernie Dowling’s neo-noir novel Iraqi Icicle at .99c.   Check back regularly at   click on books in our gallery and see what bargains are on offer. The Iraqi IcicleeBook bargain begins on December 7 at Amazon US. Your … Continue reading Noir thrills in Brisbane

Man trouble is murder for Annie

Annie: Bernie, what are your thoughtson my character?Bernie: Funny you should ask, Annie...FREDERICK Lee Brooke could be creating a new literary sub-genre – the relationship thriller. Like all good thrillers, Collateral Damage crackles along at a merry pace while the reader eagerly awaits the denouement of Annie Ogden’s entanglements with three men.Ex school teacher/ Iraq … Continue reading Man trouble is murder for Annie

Always Gai and often chatty but Mum’s the word now

Gai Waterhouse clams up though the boys John Singleton Tom Waterhouse and Andrew Johns have their sayGai Waterhouse was an actor but she was not in this film.Angelica Huston and John Cusack played Mother and Son in this one. The young woman on the right was not one of John Singleton's six wives.LEADING Australian racehorse trainer Gai … Continue reading Always Gai and often chatty but Mum’s the word now

Instant karma got me

Publisher’s Weekly reviews Iraqi Icicle as karma stalks the aisles of Woolworths SupermarketIT was beaut to see a review of my novel Iraqi Icicle in the prized review pages of Publisher’s Weekly.Perhaps that is why I returned the free groceries to my local Woolworths supermarket. I WAS shopping for the family groceries today, Sunday in Oz.I … Continue reading Instant karma got me

Book lovers warm to Iraqi Icicle

No Life of Pi at Pine Rivers Art Gallery Launch of Bernie Dowling’s Iraqi IcicleBernie Dowling launched his neo-noir novel Iraqi Icicle at Pine Rivers Art Gallery on April 20, 2013. It was not quite the fanfare you might associate with Life of Pi it does have the memorable background of Amada Van Gil’s touring … Continue reading Book lovers warm to Iraqi Icicle

Lennon and I are miffed

JOHN Lennon famously returned his MBE in protest about the war in Biafraand the Beatles single Cold Turkeyslipping down the charts. I won’t be receiving any Australia Day (January 26) award to return but I am mightily miffed at my novel Iraqi Icicle slipping down the charts.The Beatles single Cold Turkey rose to number 14 … Continue reading Lennon and I are miffed

The whole world loves freedom

Handmade notebooks from  Libre LivreI TRY not to trouble myself unduly with matters of commerce.For five days next week, I am giving away my enovel Iraqi Icicle. I do this not because I think it makes a lot of commercial sense but because others tell me it does.It seems the Amazon algorithms will discover me … Continue reading The whole world loves freedom

When Rusty snapped

Toytown: photograph by Russell BrownRUSSELL Brown is an Aussie newspaper photographer.He and I have worked on the same newspapers, the Pine Rivers Press and the Northern Times for more than a decade and we live in neighboring suburbs in the Pine Rivers district of Australia.Because he is Australian, Russell has been honored with the nickname, … Continue reading When Rusty snapped

Rain of humour among dark clouds

4.0 out of 5 stars By Bernie Dowling (Australia) - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Dark Clouds (Kindle Edition)This is the second I have read in the series with reluctant spy Rudi Flynn at its centre.Like Weimar Blues, Dark Clouds easily stands alone as Flynn is once more conscripted into the secret service of … Continue reading Rain of humour among dark clouds

Please warn Grandma

Guest Book Review4.0 out of 5 stars Not for the faint of heart but great, December 25, 2012By Ionia Martin "Ionia" - See all my reviews(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)   This review is from: Iraqi Icicle 2nd edition (Kindle Edition)"Iraqi Icicle" is definitely not your average run of the mill crime drama. Oddly, there are very few categories where a book could be listed … Continue reading Please warn Grandma

Festive Fun

A shout-out from my favourite witch4.0 out of 5 starsFun book for the person who loves journalism!ByBookish Witch "Heather" (Kentucky) This review is from: 7 Shouts (My Shout) (Kindle Edition)Bernie Dowling has compiled years of journalistic endeavors into one compendium, along with pictures (some of them quite funny), and has thus given readers "7 Shouts". For … Continue reading Festive Fun

Aussie thriller sings and zings

Brother reviews brother. Oh, Brother! 4.0 out of 5 stars National music and international politics in Australian thriller THIS novel is an epic detective story of more than 400 pages. Private investigator Steele Hill is a larger than life character who has the happy knack of being there when the action is happening. His world … Continue reading Aussie thriller sings and zings

Iraqi Icicle excerpt

The comic detective novel Iraqi Icicle is being released at Pine Rivers Art Gallery Queensland Australia on December 20 in a multi-art event as part of the world-wide A Big Project.Here is an edited excerpt. It was a week before I saw the cops again. They tried to kick down the door of my flat, which … Continue reading Iraqi Icicle excerpt

Laughs amid the turmoil

Book Review by Bernie DowlingWeimar Vibesis a most humorous novel on a very serious subject.Anti-hero Rudi Flynn is a former tabloid journalist, reformed cocaine abuser and practising alcoholic. Under normal circumstances, he would not be first choice as an operative of Her Majesty’s Secret Service but here he is enlisted to thwart a takeover in … Continue reading Laughs amid the turmoil

Australian/ Italian film maker talks about his Youtube opus

They say the book is always better than the movieIT is kinda weird when we authors post up videos supporting out novels. I mean why would someone want to watch a vid we cobbled together for a few bucks when they could take a squizz at a cool-song video which had a budget stretching into … Continue reading Australian/ Italian film maker talks about his Youtube opus

Amazon declares me profane

Amazon thinks we are profane.They said my profile was unacceptable because it contained a profanity. WTF! I carefully re-read my profile and tried a few changes but the message came back: PROFANEI deleted the only remaining  thing I could see they might object to. Sure enough, the new version passed muster.And the deletion: bentbananabooks. That's … Continue reading Amazon declares me profane

Richard like John in his own write

Day 4 of the Book of Paul tour is here.Today we have a guest post from the author Richard Long.Welcome to the Save the Book blog, Richard.Make yourself at home. Can I get you a cup of coffee?No, you want to get started. Fire  away!Guest Post by Richard LongLaura gave me my first tarot deck. … Continue reading Richard like John in his own write

Day Two in the Life of Paul

YES, it is Day 2 of my part in Richard Long’s Blog Tour of The Book of Paul.It is Day 2 and I already have to apologise to yesterday’s readers for misleading you about your opportunity of winning all these fabulous prizes. It seems you all have the opportunity to win as you will discover … Continue reading Day Two in the Life of Paul

More than just a naughty boy: the life of Paul

This week, Save the Book is part of a whirlwind blog tour in support of Richard Long’s novel The Book of Paul. I am not sure what the tour badge is about. As I understand it, only the bloggers can win the prizes. WTF, they give me badge: I'll wear itThere will be some generic … Continue reading More than just a naughty boy: the life of Paul

Critical readers have their say about 7 Shouts

A fun read June 10, 2012By Jane.SBernie Dowling has a unique voice that really brings his columns to life. I highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys Australian humour. Even if you don't laugh you will be entertained and informed. My favourite is the Slanguage chapter. For the record I say 'marown'.Fun book for the person who … Continue reading Critical readers have their say about 7 Shouts

What’s hot these days?

A MAN who has been dead for 30 years, an 80-year-old car and a teenager are the hottest tickets of the week. More than 160,000  readers of  British music magazine NME voted John Lennon as the greatest rock icon of the past 60 years.The top 10 are  John Lennon   Liam Gallagher   David Bowie   Alex Turner   Kurt Cobain  … Continue reading What’s hot these days?

10 annoying things in fiction

“I know nothing about him,” I murmur.“…Thank you,” I murmur.“Um. Actually –” I mutter.“Raising the ordinary to the extraordinary,” I murmur.“It’s shrewd business,” he murmurs.“Very well,” she mutters, then exits.“Oh I’ll bear that in mind,” I murmur.– All the above quotes are from Chapter 1 of Fifty Shades of Murmuring and Muttering 10  annoying things … Continue reading 10 annoying things in fiction

Gates swing better

THE mainstream Olympics are done and dusted and it is time to turn our  passion to popular science.By popular science, I mean knowledge to help people. If it can compete in the media with Brad, Angelina, Jen and that other bloke, all the better. More dollars may befall science.Today, two great scientific endeavours crossed my … Continue reading Gates swing better

Mohamed we adore you

Olympic Rant #18 On the fourteenth day God resumed workTHE squabbles and rancour of this year’s Ilympics were run into the ground on Day 14 as Great Britain, Jamaica and the United States turned in memorable performances.Britain's Mohamed Farah was stunning as he held off Ethiopia and Kenya to take gold in the 5000m. Mohamed … Continue reading Mohamed we adore you

Phoney war on drugs

Olympic rant #16 Journalism 101 Create a furoreTHE Bolt v Lewis drug brouhaha was a classic media beat-up. It raced across international television screens and newspaper front pages with a speed worthy of the central characters.Carl Lewis points the fingeronly to have it bitten offThere was little to the yarn and it was hardly news … Continue reading Phoney war on drugs

Daily Mail arrives every 24 hours

Olympic Rant #15 The Mailman deliversOLYMPIC coverage by the U.K. newspaper the Daily Mail is ranging from traditional adolescent-male nonsense to the downright weird. Extremely talented GB cyclist Victoria Pendleton is physically attractive and this has not passed across the Mail eagle eyes without notice.The Mail loves pedalling VickyCondoms in the athlete’s village were gold … Continue reading Daily Mail arrives every 24 hours

Winners and sinners

Olympic Rant #15 Third-rate Stuporpowers declare warTHE rivalry for Olympic medals between Great Britain and Australia is difficult to understand if you are not from one of the two countries. It is impossible for the surprisingly large number of Americans who think Australia is a European country near Germany.Jessica Ennis helps GB leap over OzAustralia … Continue reading Winners and sinners

Run up for Jah

Olympic Rant #14 Celebrate Jamaican IndependenceOLYMPIC athletes  Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Usain Bolt and  Yohan Blake provided a thrilling prelude to  today’s Jamaican Independence Day with a combined four medals in the marquee 100m sprints.Fraser-Pryce and Bolt  completed back-to-back golds, an uncommon feat in the 100m dash. Campbell-Brown took the bronze and Blake the silver … Continue reading Run up for Jah