When Joh went to Uni

In 1980 or 1981, Bjelke-Petersen went to University of Queensland guarded by Qld Special Branch. Joh’s visit was controversial as the questions from the news media suggest. We have secured historic footage of the event. Standing behind Joh during the interview was Constable Gary Hannigan, previously from Sandgate CIB and the youngest ever undercover detective … Continue reading When Joh went to Uni

Book Launch: Michael, we really have to talk …

The book will be launched at the West End Library on Saturday morning, 31st October 2015 Time: 10:30 am for 11 am start Place: Upstairs at West End Library 178-180 Boundary St West End Price: The book will be sold at the launch for $20 (RRP $25). The book will be introduced by Julie Cork and Abraham and Dan O'Neill. Music by Jumping Fences Refreshments are available.

A Natural Wonder in Peril

The Reef: A Passionate History: The Great Barrier Reef from Captain Cook to Climate Change by Iain McCalman Scientific American/Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 336 pp., $27.00 Australia’s Great Barrier Reef stretches for around 1,430 miles along the continent’s northeast coast, encompassing an area roughly half the size of Texas. Those who have dived into its … Continue reading A Natural Wonder in Peril

Celebrate the launch of Vision 111

Bent Banana Books is offering the third installment of Jane Sharp’s Vision III psychic mysteries free for five days. Flight of the Reluctant Psychic is free from the Kindle store from December 10 to December 15.http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00H0MOX5YMark your diary or return to the  website below  regularly, click on the Amazon link of any book in our … Continue reading Celebrate the launch of Vision 111

10000 ways to make up stuff

Simeon Stylites sat on a pole for more than 30 years. Everybody said he was a saint, but he shrugged. “After 10, 000 hours, you get very good at it,” he said.NUMBERS terrify some people. Others worship them as icons. Many of us just get tricked by them.A number con-game which has been around for a while … Continue reading 10000 ways to make up stuff

How you write a book review

WHAT the world needs now are reviews, book reviews; they're the only things (apart from fresh water, social justice and quite a bit of other stuff) that there's just too little of: reviews, book reviews. Please do not ask! I am not volunteering to review your book. After penning, publishing and promoting the damn things, I … Continue reading How you write a book review

And the Archangel Michael Ascended to Hachette Heaven

THE trouble with conventional wisdom is by the time it becomes widespread it is passé.Take the old saw that a mainstream publisher will never pick up a self-published author. Not true now.Now it was certainly true when self-publishers were largely restricted to print and the heritage publishers hated the upstart, though largely ineffectual, competition. Their … Continue reading And the Archangel Michael Ascended to Hachette Heaven

My book is 5 cents but I’m worried I have priced it too high

All you voracious readers out there, will you pay a fair price for a book? All you professional writers out there, will you accept a fair return on your labour, say $50, 000 and upwards a year?  Yes from both.  Alright, we have solved the publishing crisis. Amazon says between $3 and $10 is a … Continue reading My book is 5 cents but I’m worried I have priced it too high

Dead books thrive

Rigid Male Ship PublishingMUCH wailing at the wall and gnashing at the teeth follow from the recent ill fortunes of the publishing industry.Newspapers are in the midst of a shake-up which is just beginning in book publishingAs a journalist and author, I appear to have accepted not one but two third-class seats on the Titanic.Thankfully … Continue reading Dead books thrive

Trolling for good grammar part 1

 A leisurely stroll with trollsTrolling for blue fish, a1866 lithograph by Currier and IvesTHE heritage media in Australia is hunting for trolls after a celebrity was hospitalised with a breakdown following Twitter exchanges. As it turns out, the celeb was not entirely blameless in the internet banter , but, as she admitted, she met more … Continue reading Trolling for good grammar part 1

Them ol’ Publisher blues

I came across another mainstream publisher at a conference the other day - very depressing. I don't mind so much they are in denial that ebooks will send them spiralling into obsolescence just like epublishing sent the big  record companies down the drain. If I was in their shoes, I would be dreading the future … Continue reading Them ol’ Publisher blues