Mr Carr rides his hobby horse to the book-store

Of course the world is flat 
and ebooks are finished

THE flat-earth priests from the Wall Street Journal have joined their counterparts on The Guardian in pre-emptively performing the last rites on ebooks.
Nicholas Carr in a recent WSJ article  made this quite extraordinary prediction: 
…‘the initial e-book explosion is starting to look like an aberration.
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Real books are for people who cannot accept reality

eBooks are real: there I have said it.
I thought we would quickly see the end of the absurd term “real books’’ favoured by counter revolutionaries in publishing, literary retail and  media. It seems not.
The homage to the 3D book – I think that is a term we can agree on – the video  The Joy of Books’ has rightly gone viral on You Tube.
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We Are Bent Together

It is about time Bent Banana Books explained itself as we prepare to publish our first eBook titles in January 2012.
The ultimate aim is for Bent Banana Books to promote as eBooks some of the best self-published titles from around the globe.
The baby steps in January set us on the path by ePublishing three quality titles from out home-town district of Pine Rivers.
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Copyright is your friend just like Joe Orton’s

The emerging author will grapple with a copyright issue early in their writing career.
If they do not, chances are they have breached copyright without knowing it and that is absolutely no defence at law.
If you think copyright is there to protect your creativity – I unlike the phrase “intellectual property” – you are partially right.
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Them ol’ Publisher blues

I came across another mainstream publisher at a conference the other day – very depressing. I don’t mind so much they are in denial that ebooks will send them spiralling into obsolescence just like epublishing sent the big  record companies down the drain. If I was in their shoes, I would be dreading the future of the ebook.… Go to Article