Book lovers warm to Iraqi Icicle

No Life of Pi at Pine Rivers Art Gallery Launch of Bernie Dowling’s Iraqi IcicleBernie Dowling launched his neo-noir novel Iraqi Icicle at Pine Rivers Art Gallery on April 20, 2013. It was not quite the fanfare you might associate with Life of Pi it does have the memorable background of Amada Van Gil’s touring … Continue reading Book lovers warm to Iraqi Icicle

Seeking serendipity

Apple Blossom Vodkatini based on Serendipity Green Apple SorbetVISIBILITY and curation are the two big buzzwords of book publishing today. I cannot see myself writing on visibility in this column so let’s talk curation.Whatever way you slice it, when it comes to books, curation means book reviews.Book reviews can take many forms. A news story saying … Continue reading Seeking serendipity

Less is more if light on your feet

American ballerina Gillian Murphyis part of an allegory for independent authorsI LIKE this story because I see it as an analogy of how to make a success of independent writing.Throughout the world arts organisations are struggling as we seem to be near the bottom of the sponsorship – government and private – cycle.So how does … Continue reading Less is more if light on your feet

So U Wanna Write Sumthun

Albert Jarry author of the short story  The Passion Considered as an Uphill Bicycle Race.IF there is an author’s grand plan for successful writing practice we would fail to have the rich diversity which makes literature a thing of beauty. I write all the time: it is my day job and often my night occupation. … Continue reading So U Wanna Write Sumthun

Billionaires bewail the eBook

I HAVE been pondering the real agenda behind the big publishers’ constant whingeing about eBooks eroding the literary standard.The Big Publishers – there is only a half-dozen throughout the world – go by other names such as legacy publishers or heritage publishers which makes you think they belong in a museum.I’ve decided the BPs have … Continue reading Billionaires bewail the eBook