Seeking serendipity

Apple Blossom Vodkatini based on Serendipity Green Apple SorbetVISIBILITY and curation are the two big buzzwords of book publishing today. I cannot see myself writing on visibility in this column so let’s talk curation.Whatever way you slice it, when it comes to books, curation means book reviews.Book reviews can take many forms. A news story saying … Continue reading Seeking serendipity

And the Archangel Michael Ascended to Hachette Heaven

THE trouble with conventional wisdom is by the time it becomes widespread it is passé.Take the old saw that a mainstream publisher will never pick up a self-published author. Not true now.Now it was certainly true when self-publishers were largely restricted to print and the heritage publishers hated the upstart, though largely ineffectual, competition. Their … Continue reading And the Archangel Michael Ascended to Hachette Heaven