How you write a book review

WHAT the world needs now are reviews, book reviews; they're the only things (apart from fresh water, social justice and quite a bit of other stuff) that there's just too little of: reviews, book reviews. Please do not ask! I am not volunteering to review your book. After penning, publishing and promoting the damn things, I … Continue reading How you write a book review

Celia Shorojk film previews II

Film reviewsFilm previews with Celia Shorojk Blow up stuff including the planetForget itTotal RecallTHE producers of Total Recall must have forgotten that not long ago (1990, not long ago for some) the original sci-fi shoot&blowemup starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone collected much of its handy profits through mystery and suspense.  Maybe it is just me, but surprise is … Continue reading Celia Shorojk film previews II