The joy of publishing

A FUNNY thing happened – as it always does – on the way to publishing the paperback of my novel for Australia Day 2013.All’s well that ends well: let’s get that out of the way. Someone at Amazon decided that my novel Iraqi Icicle was part 1. It was declared Iraqi Icicle was part 1 … Continue reading The joy of publishing

Festive Fun

A shout-out from my favourite witch4.0 out of 5 starsFun book for the person who loves journalism!ByBookish Witch "Heather" (Kentucky) This review is from: 7 Shouts (My Shout) (Kindle Edition)Bernie Dowling has compiled years of journalistic endeavors into one compendium, along with pictures (some of them quite funny), and has thus given readers "7 Shouts". For … Continue reading Festive Fun

Aussie thriller sings and zings

Brother reviews brother. Oh, Brother! 4.0 out of 5 stars National music and international politics in Australian thriller THIS novel is an epic detective story of more than 400 pages. Private investigator Steele Hill is a larger than life character who has the happy knack of being there when the action is happening. His world … Continue reading Aussie thriller sings and zings

Hey hey Paul-eay, how many kids you kill today?

Welcome to Day 3 of my part in the whirlwind blog tour of The Book of Paul.On Day 1, author Richard Long was kind enough to eloquently answer my questions on his supernatural thriller.On Day 2, we ran an excerpt from the novel.Today we return to Q&A, one of my fave media for discussion and … Continue reading Hey hey Paul-eay, how many kids you kill today?

Rich crazies insure their best bits

OMG what can you sayWhen a loopy has lots of doughI received this media release from an insurance company today.I have no comment.I mean, really, what can you say?CheersBernieWhat do alien abductions, legs, backsides, moustaches and voices all have in common?The answer is, celebrities insure them!Here are just some of the fascinating things that the … Continue reading Rich crazies insure their best bits

Does anyone do the viz anymore?

BERNIE’S Best Bet - our fun Twitter tipping service – selects Dash for Viz at lovely Flemington racetrack in Melbourne today.Dash for Viz is a a 5-year-old gelding by Dash for Cash out of Miss Academic.The horse is splendidly named, as Dash for Viz  meets the sublime naming criterion of reflecting the monikers of sire … Continue reading Does anyone do the viz anymore?

You see, an Australian, a Kiwi and a Russian want to name this racehorse…

BBB -Bernie’s Best Bet for Australia on June 30, 2012  - was at the Sunshine Coast, in the 3-year-olds Guineas:  Sunshine Coast R 5 H 15 Ametsis.My international tipping service began as a bit of fun and for me to create a few new Twitter followers. One Tweeter offered the opinion that, if you have fewer than 100 … Continue reading You see, an Australian, a Kiwi and a Russian want to name this racehorse…

Reviews roll on

REVIEWS are coming in to Amazon for Bernie Dowling's non-fiction work 7 Shouts:The Best of My Shout.Gleaned from seven year's of his My Shout newspaper columns, the book establishes Australian humour at the off-centre of the Universe.The first two reviewers each gave 7 Shouts four stars.Here is what they had to say.4.0 out of 5 … Continue reading Reviews roll on

That is why they call him a bookie

That is why they call him a bookieBOOKMAKER Tom Waterhouse is at again.The son of leading Australian racehorse trainer Gai Waterhouse is fresh from betting on the Sotheby auction of the Edvard Munch pastel The Scream.Aussie author Miles FranklinHe follows up with a market on the prestigious and time-honoured Australian literary award the Miles Franklin … Continue reading That is why they call him a bookie

Munching on $80+ million

AUSTRALIANS will gamble on two flies. crawling up a wall, they say.Aussie bookmaker Tom Waterhouse is currently betting on how much Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream will fetch at a Southey’s auction this month.Waterhouse has previously wagered on the winners of reality shows such as Dancing with the Stars and The Voice to add a … Continue reading Munching on $80+ million