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Community of Authors Shine

THIS anthology follows on from the critically acclaimed debut volume The Writing on the Wall.

Writers from the Moreton Bay Region of Australia present 24 short stories, each one illustrated by an accomplished artist in Can you believe it…

This is the middle volume of a three-year Arts Alliance Pine Rivers project to showcase the writing and artistic talents of a local community.
This second anthology add a smattering of poetry, ranging from the comic through parodies to the lyrical.
In both words and illustrations, contributors range from people who earn or have earned a living from writing or art to those being published for the first time. The age range of the authors is from 16 to writers in their 80s. At least two of our authors do not have English as a first language. Two of the contributors are 16-year-olds, Sarah Hewitt-Howell and Maddi Mitchell.
Ken Armstrong digital art for Kay Curran’s Brilliant Colours about an artistic boy who learns about life from colours 
The stories range in style from humour to dark tales.
In this volume darker stories dominate, perhaps attesting to a bleak house at the centre of today’s world But even sombre stories have the power to uplift.
Michelle Caitens art for Maddi Mitchell’s
Too Late for Heroes 

Some of the illustrations are from award-winning international artists which is a huge bonus.
Elena Ventura illustration for Anne Ollson story 
Best Mates

This volume and its sequel Sweet and Sour combine for the perfect gidt for someone with a keen eye for a literary, albeit with some flaws, among the genres.
Buy Can you believe it… HERE 

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Bent Christmas and Banana New Year

Avoir un Bent Noël et une Bonne Année Banana Nouveau!
Werfen Sie einen Bent Weihnachten und ein Banana New Year!
एक तुला क्रिसमस और एक केले New Year!
Bíodh na Nollag Bent agus Athbhliain Banana Nua!
Have a Bent Christmas and a Banana New Year!

GIVE a gift of a Bent Banana Book this Christmas to family, friends and yourself.

At Bent Banana Books, we offer a simple guarantee – our books are different.
You can choose from a novel, short story anthologies or a witty set of observations on modern life.
All of our eBooks are priced at $4.99 or below. Hey, some will be free on certain days before Christmas. Follow us on Twitter free alerts.
All the books are available as Kindle editions and some as Google eBooks.
Of course, a Kindle eReader is a fine way to savor a book and you can also get a free Kindle app for Android, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone 7.
Here are the BBB offerings for holiday reading.
This much anticipated novel Iraqi Icicle is released fir Christmas. The neo-noir detective story has devilish humor, memorable characters and plot, all of which hark back to the original masters of the form: Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. Check out the making of Iraqi Icicle. (Warning: this video contains no cats and goes for about 9 minutes. Prepare yourself for the Tolstoy of Youtube) But Iraqi Icicle HERE 

Jane Sharp introduces psychic detective Trudy Harper in the opening anthologies of the Vision series. Reader reviews are uniformly excellent and BBB is predicting big things for the Harper franchise as astute early adopters such as yourself spread the good word. Buy Vision I HERE
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 Each story illustrated

These two anthologies comfortably meet out guarantee of books that are different. The modern short stories offer laughs, shocks, drama and insights into the exterior and interior of the modern world. Each story is illustrated by an Australian artist. Check them out, today. Buy Can you believe it…. HERE  Buy Sweet and Sour HERE
If you want to try before you buy the full anthologies, here is a teaser. Buy 5 Strong Bricks in the Wall HERE
Bernie Dowling’s 7 Shouts is a series of quirky reflections on the world today. It will have you laughing out loud one minute and in reflective mood the next. 7 Shouts is an early experiment with the eBook form. Buy 7 Shouts HERE

BBB wishes you all the 

best of reading over the 

festive season. Support 

quality books wherever 

you find them.

Bent Christmas and Banana New Year 

to you.

And our Christmas song:

Reviews roll on

REVIEWS are coming in to Amazon for Bernie Dowling’s non-fiction work 7 Shouts:The Best of My Shout.
Gleaned from seven year’s of his My Shout newspaper columns, the book establishes Australian humour at the off-centre of the Universe.
The first two reviewers each gave 7 Shouts four stars.
Here is what they had to say.

4.0 out of 5 stars A fun read, June 10, 2012
By baggy
This review is from: 7 Shouts (My Shout) (Kindle Edition)
Bernie Dowling has a unique voice that really brings his columns to life. I highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys Australian humour. Even if you don’t laugh you will be entertained and informed. My favourite is the Slanguage chapter. For the record I say ‘marown’.

4.0 out of 5 stars Fun book for the person who loves journalism!, June 7, 2012
By Heather Marie Adkins
This review is from: 7 Shouts (My Shout) (Kindle Edition)
Bernie Dowling has compiled years of journalistic endeavors into one compendium, along with pictures (some of them quite funny), and has thus given readers “7 Shouts”. For the individual with a love of journalism, an open-minded viewpoint on all things living, and often insightful blurbs on life, I highly recommend this book. Love, tragedy, success, and history–it’s all there in the funny, intelligent, and sometimes satirical voice of Dowling. Definitely a getaway read for the nonfiction crowd 🙂

Reviews are also at Google eBooks for the Kindle-less lovers of lit.
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or Google Books
Give yourself a giggle.

BBB on KDP and OK

THE three Bent Banana Books eTitles  Can you believe it… 5 Strong Bricks in the Wall and 7 Shouts are now available on Amazon Kindle.
Kindle accounts for about 65% of the eBook market. The three books are also available at Google eBooks for those who own eReaders other than Kindle.
Bent Banana Books managing editor Bernie Dowling said the books will continue to be available through Google eBooks and its partners
“The Google eBook store is a pleasant way for readers to shop but two in three eBooks are sold to be read on Kindles,” Mr Dowling said.
7 Shouts (My Shout)The book 7 Shouts written by Mr Dowling is a humorous  interactive journey through modern culture where city and country meet.
“I have YouTube, Wiki and email links, the sorts of things you cannot do in a print book,” Mr Dowling said.
7 Shouts sells for $8.06. Visit7 Shouts
Can you believe it... (Arts Alliance Anthologies)Can you believe it...  is a literary collection of 24 contemporary short stories, each illustrated by an an accomplished visual artist.“Again it is something you do not get in other books, either electronic or print, original illustrations by serious artists,” Mr Dowling said. It costs $8.20 Visit BELIEVE
5 Strong Bricks in the Wall (Arts Alliance Anthology)5 Strong Bricks in the Wall is a collection of five illustrated short stories from a longer anthology.
“It is a sampler, if you like, and sells for $3.29,” Mr Dowling said. Visit BRICKS
Bent Banana Books is a boutique publishing house which promises books which are different.
Free previews of its books are available on the website links section. Visit