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CAN you help me achieve 1000+ free downloads of Iraqi Icicle this week through your social media contacts?
I am not begging, though I will if I have to.

The great attribute of my anti-hero Steele Hill is that once he commits to something he is in boots and all.
The world is full of wishy-washy middle managers. Vacillation is at the heart of their powers, as their lack of commitment appeases all sides.
At the heart of the novel Iraqi Icicle is Steele’s full-bodied engagement of a deadly enterprise he is sure will fail.
Thus it is with my decision to give away copies of Iraqi Icicle for five days. If you have not read my previous post on The Whole World Loves Freedom, please do so. After this join me on my Quixotic and Dulcinean quest.
Please contact your social media contacts to achieve this noble if doomed quest.
Here are the tweets for US, UK Australian and French account holders at Amazon.
US Amazon customers DOWNLOAD FREE TODAY Controversial comic thriller IRAQI ICICLE
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You can re-post my fun GoodReads blog for more on Amazon estores. My paperback is out Saturday.
BTW, I am at 150 downloads.
Thanks and cheers Bernie.

Bent Christmas and Banana New Year

Avoir un Bent Noël et une Bonne Année Banana Nouveau!
Werfen Sie einen Bent Weihnachten und ein Banana New Year!
एक तुला क्रिसमस और एक केले New Year!
Bíodh na Nollag Bent agus Athbhliain Banana Nua!
Have a Bent Christmas and a Banana New Year!

GIVE a gift of a Bent Banana Book this Christmas to family, friends and yourself.

At Bent Banana Books, we offer a simple guarantee – our books are different.
You can choose from a novel, short story anthologies or a witty set of observations on modern life.
All of our eBooks are priced at $4.99 or below. Hey, some will be free on certain days before Christmas. Follow us on Twitter free alerts.
All the books are available as Kindle editions and some as Google eBooks.
Of course, a Kindle eReader is a fine way to savor a book and you can also get a free Kindle app for Android, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone 7.
Here are the BBB offerings for holiday reading.
This much anticipated novel Iraqi Icicle is released fir Christmas. The neo-noir detective story has devilish humor, memorable characters and plot, all of which hark back to the original masters of the form: Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. Check out the making of Iraqi Icicle. (Warning: this video contains no cats and goes for about 9 minutes. Prepare yourself for the Tolstoy of Youtube) But Iraqi Icicle HERE 

Jane Sharp introduces psychic detective Trudy Harper in the opening anthologies of the Vision series. Reader reviews are uniformly excellent and BBB is predicting big things for the Harper franchise as astute early adopters such as yourself spread the good word. Buy Vision I HERE
Buy Vision II HERE

 Each story illustrated

These two anthologies comfortably meet out guarantee of books that are different. The modern short stories offer laughs, shocks, drama and insights into the exterior and interior of the modern world. Each story is illustrated by an Australian artist. Check them out, today. Buy Can you believe it…. HERE  Buy Sweet and Sour HERE
If you want to try before you buy the full anthologies, here is a teaser. Buy 5 Strong Bricks in the Wall HERE
Bernie Dowling’s 7 Shouts is a series of quirky reflections on the world today. It will have you laughing out loud one minute and in reflective mood the next. 7 Shouts is an early experiment with the eBook form. Buy 7 Shouts HERE

BBB wishes you all the 

best of reading over the 

festive season. Support 

quality books wherever 

you find them.

Bent Christmas and Banana New Year 

to you.

And our Christmas song:

Amazon declares me profane

Amazon thinks we are profane.

They said my profile was unacceptable because it contained a profanity. WTF! I carefully re-read my profile and tried a few changes but the message came back: PROFANE
I deleted the only remaining  thing I could see they might object to. Sure enough, the new version passed muster.

And the deletion: bentbananabooks. That’s right, my publishing name.

Do you think I should burn all the books I have published?

Censors, you gotta love ém. What is your favourite censorial comment?

Mine is from an American censor who banned a foreign movie with the comment:

This film is meaningless. If it has any meaning, 
it is, no doubt, objectionable.

All in all, you know what a censor is: