Reviews roll on

REVIEWS are coming in to Amazon for Bernie Dowling's non-fiction work 7 Shouts:The Best of My Shout.Gleaned from seven year's of his My Shout newspaper columns, the book establishes Australian humour at the off-centre of the Universe.The first two reviewers each gave 7 Shouts four stars.Here is what they had to say.4.0 out of 5 … Continue reading Reviews roll on

7 Aussie sayings in 7 Shouts

I THOUGHT everyone loved rhyming slang but I was wrong.During a bout of immersion in Aussie slang through my weekly column 7 Shouts, a reader wrote in to protest.She said Aussie rhyming slang and slang in general were provincial and uncouth.I took mild offence to the observation and was about to offer to write a … Continue reading 7 Aussie sayings in 7 Shouts