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Vision gets even better

5.0 out of 5 stars Harper Fan December 7, 2012
By Ruth G
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I LOVED this book possibly more than the first. 
The short stories are easy to read and Vision II: The Reluctant Psychic Returns takes the reader on a great journey.  
Even though I know the main characters of the books, each of the short stories can stand alone but written so that they can be read one after the other in a way that does not detract from the continuing storyline. 
The way the author is developing the character of Trudy Harper and her special abilities gives a greater range of how her physic gift aids in each case. 
You never know what is coming up next and I look forward to the next book. Keep up the great work Jane.

Trudy Harper, did you say?

Free Spirit soars

FREE!  Free at last!

Not quite but Vision: The Reluctant Psychicis free this Saturday.

The new paranormal crime drama is free Saturday, US time.
You might want to set your world clock. has a default time of Brisbane, Australia. You might want to change that.
Vision: The Reluctant Psychic is knocking on the heavenly door of Top 20 in the Ghost genre. Last week it reached #24, a credit to its author Jane Sharp and its publisher Bent Banana Books which is, well, me.
With great kudos comes great responsibility as someone once almost said. Let’s hear from young Bob on a variation of that theme.
If you are a bit of a rebel in the mould of Billie the kid – to be gender unspecific – you might want to thumb your nose at the free offer and buy the book, right now.

You would make author Jane and publisher, me, very happy. It seems to be an unfashionable philosophy, but one I subscribe to, that authors should not work for their art or future reward but rather present recompense for the sweat of their brow.
Indie authors seem to be setting standards of free or 99cent books. It is not a strategy I subscribe to but that is a discussion for another day. For today, ours is not to reason why ours is to plug the free Vision ‘til we die.
I am uncertain what the reward is for free books as the free receivers cannot write reviews, and they are hardly likely to buy another copy of the book they have received for free. That too is grist for a future discussion.
Right now, here are is a selection of reviews to encourage you to buy this book even if it is for zero cents on Saturday. My comments are in bold under each review as I cannot help myself.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Vision : captivating!, September 23, 2012
I finished ‘Vision : The Reluctant Psychic’ in a day. I haven’t read like this for years.
Jane Sharp’s creativity is magnificent. Her ideas and plotting are the equal of the best crime dramas like Law and Order or The Mentalist. The writing travels at a clip. The originality and heart kept me right in the story. Please write more!
Wow 2 0ut of 2 people found this review helpful. That is 100%, perfection – publisher hyperbole.
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars , August 26, 2012
What a good read! I found myself easily engrossed in the story and loved the references to suburbs and landmarks in Brisbane. Can’t wait to hear more of Detective Trudy Harper and her adventures as a reluctant psychic.
Wow 2 0ut of 2 reviewers  have given it 5 stars, perfection again – publisher hyperbole, again.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Smart! Smart! Smart! (and entertaining too!!), September 17, 2012
I found the book to be well written and very enjoyable reading.

Each story is an easy read and flows on from one to the other effortlessly, revealing a little more character development each time.

I became very invested in the character of Trudy and in those of her friends. Get cracking Trudy Harper! I want to see what happens to you.

I, the publisher,  could go on but why bother? You have already left this page to buy the book.

Make sure you come back for our celebratory song. We’ll wait for you.

It costs more than $8 and I am promoting it thus:
Over-proceed to buggery in a world of free and 99cents, 7 Shouts is a must-have.)
We all back from frantic impulse buying of Visionnow?
Here is our celebratory song: slightly spooky, joyful and quasi spiritual. For any racist who has stumbled across this blog, stick this song in your ear.

As free as a the vision of a boirdy.

Jane Sharp’s great new psychic thriller eBook goes free tomorrow so we should all support it to encourage the give-away and create a legion of fans.

Here is Jane’s Twitter entry.

Jane Sauffs 10:26am Oct 5

My 1st book will be available free on Amazon(see link below) this Saturday Oct 6 (US time) 5 short stories featuring Detective Trudy Harper & her experiences with the paranormal, approx.48 pages. I would appreciate some reviews. Many thanks
What the heck,  my review is about the place if you wish to read on.
Hey, hey before you go to the review above here is our celebratory video.

Tales of psychics and psychos

PERCOLATE the coffee and break open a bar of Swiss chocolate: a new author is visiting our home.
Australian Jane Sharp has arrived bearing the gift of her first published work, the eBook
Vision The Reluctant Psychic
A promise of more to come in the Vision series accompanies these five short stories, introducing psychic detective, Trudy Harper.
A young detective in the Metropolitan Major Crime Squad, Harper has been aware of her undernourished psychic ability since she was a child. But she is reluctant to discuss it, even with her trusted police partner Bruce Hotchkiss.
Harper, an unassuming but thorough investigator, certainly does not wish knowledge of her “gift” to be spread across the police force. More than one of her colleagues flippantly call her Harpy, symptomatic of the hard-bitten humour in the force. Harper knows many officers would be uncomfortable in her company if her secret were revealed.
A series of murders with the signatures of psychopaths force Harper to either embrace or reject her gift.
The first story in Vision is Random Victim, in which Harper believes a spirit is telling her he was murdered by a stranger for no other reason than the killer wanted to see what it was like to kill and whether they could get away with it.
Harper is desperate to discover The Missing Piece to find peace for a little girl murdered decades ago in diabolical fashion.
The Bubble Gum Killer introduces a chilling psychopath who murders women for bizarre reasons, only for the killer to die himself. That is just the beginning as the crazed spirit and a vengeful Harper struggle for how the future will judge the murders.
Cleverly titled Blood Ties tells the story of a trio of psychics locked in struggle against a backdrop of family, greed, lies and murder.
Love and Vengeance has a vulnerable single mother caught, living  in a rented house, with a dangerous spirit trying to resolve a love scandal harking back 60 years to the days of World War II.
Jane Sharp brings considerable talents, uncommon in a first time author, to her supernatural tales.
Her plots are fresh and free of cliché. The ordinary is interwoven with the other-worldly to keep the reader fascinated as the stories unfold.
Characters are keenly observed so the reader is immersed in the inner life of the vicious and the vulnerable with the author using an economy of description and direct speech.
Suspense is generated from the first paragraph of each tale which reaches a satisfying conclusion without tricks, smoke or mirrors.
Vision: The Reluctant Psychic is recommended to any reader seeking the privilege of embarking on the journey through a seductive new series from Book 1.
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Bernie Dowling August 18, 2012