Homage to Kobanê: how is the Left to act?

The challenge for the Left is in knowing how to respond properly to the plight of the Kurds, writes Shannon Brincat.

David Graeber’s impassioned plea in this week’s The Guardian called for assistance to Kobanê. It was a desperately needed voice amidst a sanguine humanitarian militarism and public apathy in the ‘West’.… Go to Article

Humanitarian aid, arms trade and refugees.

This is the story of how the Syrian war reached out 5,000 miles across the globe and destroyed at least 29 Lebanese lives in the Indian Ocean. It is a story of tragic irony; the destitute Lebanese families who wanted to live in Australia and left their arid villages in the hills of the northern Akkar plateau had been warned by their relatives not to leave their homes, and they died just off the coast of Indonesia – Robert Fisk

But it is also a story of how the Australian government supports the US government which helped fatten the Islamic State to take on the Assad regime in Syria and now wants to curtail its power in Iraq trading arms to the Kurds in exchange for fighting the Islamic State (IS).… Go to Article