Get on the road to ground the Drones

Get Ready, Get Set, Get On the Road to Ground the Drones May 21, 2014Walk with us part of the 165 miles from the Boeing corporate headquarters in Chicago (where the manufacture of drones and conventional war planes are managed and designed) to the Michigan Air National Guard Facility at Battle Creek, control site of … Continue reading Get on the road to ground the Drones

Australian Government double standard over Israel

MEDIA RELEASE Australian Government demonstrates double standards over Israel FOREIGN minister Bob Carr recently expelled Syrian diplomats because of human rights abuses in their country. Yet the Israeli defence force and Israeli settlers shoot, abduct, detain and torture Palestinians in the occupied territories on a daily basis. The Israeli government destroys Palestinian homes on the West Bank. On 21 May 2012 an Australian citizen, Khalil Hamdan, received a call from his sister Weam in Nablus. “My sister was distraught because 25- 30 Israeli soldiers broke into her small two bedroom unit at 3am in the Camp No.1 refugee camp in Nablus, Palestine,” Mr Hamdan said. “She is the wife of Ridha Khalid and the mother of five children aged 5 to 18 years. Ridha is employed by United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Nablus.” “The soldiers smashed the door down and took Ridha away for no reason and took him to Huwarra prison outside of Nablus. After they took him away, they asked my sister, Weam, to get out of the unit with her children. “They proceeded to destroy everything in their unit: furniture, electrical appliances including the children’s computer; the children’s school books. “Naturally all the children were traumatised and they were mindful of their imminent school examinations.” The soldiers took the food from the pantry, freezer and refrigerator and spread it all over the furniture and floor. They removed all the pictures from wall and smashed them. Weam is aged fifty years. “She is a good woman and cared for her aged parents and her two handicapped brothers since she was a young teenager. She is a good wife, caring mother and kind to her friends and has never been in any trouble. “Weam was born in the Refugee camp. The destruction of the contents of her unit was completely unjust. Her frugal savings and furniture were gone in 2.1/2 hours.” Weam’s husband Ridha distributes aid throughout the West Bank. The Australian Government will contribute $90M to UNRWA over the next three years. Ridha has been taken before and tortured. In 2001 he spent 18 months in detention without charge. His 17 year old son was shot dead and Ridha has been the victim of an Israeli rocket attack. He now is on hunger strike in Huwarra prison near Nablus. Weam is concerned for the future of her husband and their family. I, Khalil Hamdan, call on the Foreign Minister to seek the immediate release of Ridha and compensation for loss of property and savings taken from Weam's unit. I want an independent medical examination of Ridha. "The Australian government is obliged to act because: 1. I'm an Australian citizen and my family has been attacked. 2. My brother-in-law works for United Nations Relief and Works Agency. The Australian government provides funds to UNRWA. 3. The Australian government is signatory to international agreements that outlaw the abduction and torture of civilians. 4. My sister's property has been damaged and money stolen. 5. The Australian Government has acted to prevent human rights abuses across the border in Syria but not in the occupied territories. Khalil Hamdan, his mother, father and siblings were driven out of their village in Jaffa in 1948. They fled to Nablus where Weam was born in 1962. “As a result of the 6-day war in 1967 I was made a refugee for a second time and sought a new life in Australia" Mr Hamdan said." “I want an end to the occupation and the right to return to my village. I am one of 5 million Palestinian refugees and their descendants. We all want justice." I, Khalil Hamdan, can be contacted at 0438 194 342

“No crocodile tears for the dead, bring the troops home now!”

Editor's Note: Please find below a press release from StandFast. To my surprise I opened the Australian to find that war monger and US ally Greg Sheridan, Foreign editor AUSTRALIA says that he is in favour of a withdrawal of Australian Troops form Afghanistan. Wonders never cease! Of course Mass Murdoch loves it - yet … Continue reading “No crocodile tears for the dead, bring the troops home now!”

Radical Rosary Mystery Tour *”NO QUEEN…but Mary Queen of Heaven, single mum, refugee, role model for a revolutionary!

DUBLIN M16 - Catholic Worker Radical Rosary Mystery Tour "NO QUEEN...but Mary Queen of Heaven, single mum, refugee, role model for a revolutionary! Remember Giuseppe Conlon...and all Victims of Empire! Free Bradley manning and All Imprisoned War resisters! VIDEO - 5 mins filming/ Editing by Dave Donnellan Giuseppe Conlon Song by Joe Black Speakers - … Continue reading Radical Rosary Mystery Tour *”NO QUEEN…but Mary Queen of Heaven, single mum, refugee, role model for a revolutionary!

Report from Ciaron O’Reilly in “Royal Visit Security Clampdown Dublin”

Report from Ciaron O'Reilly in "Royal Visit Security Clampdown Dublin" Dublin is in the middle of a 20+ million euro security clampdown for the Royal Visit (first in a hundred years), daily bomb hoaxes (so far!), pre-emptive arrests of suspected dissident Republicans (only so far!) north and south, British military occupation continues in the north … Continue reading Report from Ciaron O’Reilly in “Royal Visit Security Clampdown Dublin”

A Report from the streets of Dublin Pre- QE2/U.S. Prez B.O Visits

*** by Ciaron O'Reilly As the U.S. Grand Jury on WikiLeaks/ Julian Assange breaks cover and the Guardian newspaper settles into its dual role of the "Pravda of the Brit liberal left" and attack dog of the U.S. Feds....the Irish prepare for a change of shift of their imperial masters. Within a few short days, … Continue reading A Report from the streets of Dublin Pre- QE2/U.S. Prez B.O Visits

Brisbane BDS Flash Mob – join in!

We will boycott Israel! Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Flash Mob The words of the Queen song "We Will Rock You" have been re-written to take the message of the BDS campaign to the people of Brisbane with a Flash Mob performance. Your support is needed to make this a success. There'll be no auditions - … Continue reading Brisbane BDS Flash Mob – join in!

End of hope

On this night like any other night Maybe raining maybe clear In a world exploding is any heart open Can you hear us Can you hear —'article 14' words and music by tony mockeridge The 4 am ABC news just announced an Iraqi man has taken his own life. Not in Baghdad; in Sydney, Australia, … Continue reading End of hope

Pine Gap 4 have won their Appeal!

by Donna Mulhearn Dear friends Today [22 February 2008] Bryan, Jim, Adele and Donna were acquitted of their convictions under the Defence (Special Undertakings) Act 1952. It was a unanimous decision by the full bench of the Northern Territory Court of Criminal Appeal. The three judges agreed with our submission that there was a miscarriage … Continue reading Pine Gap 4 have won their Appeal!

Where now for Palestine?

After US president Bush's visit to Palestine in in January 2008 Israel cut power and fuel in its siege of the Gaza strip yet again . See for details. Given the points raised below in the email about Israel’s cutting power and fuel in its siege of the Gaza strip in Palestine, I … Continue reading Where now for Palestine?

‘Liberating Pine Gap’ Book Launch

A wide cross-section of the peace movement and supporters attended the launch of 'Liberating Pine Gap'.About 60 people turned up at AHIMSA (meaning Peace) house to hear speeches from PG4 activists Adele Goldie and Jim Dowling with supporting comment from Ann Rampa and Sean O'Reilly among others. There were dancers, video, original lyrics and music … Continue reading ‘Liberating Pine Gap’ Book Launch

BOOK LAUNCH: Iraqi Icicle by Bernie Dowling

BOOK LAUNCH Thursday, 4 - 6 PM 28 February 2008 West End Library Address:178-180 Boundary StreetWest End Q 4101[Just next to the Pensioners League Building] "QUEENSLAND journalist Bernie Dowling launches his first novel, the detective thriller Iraqi Icicle at West End Library on 28 February 2008. The launch starts at 4 pm and features original … Continue reading BOOK LAUNCH: Iraqi Icicle by Bernie Dowling

‘A cage lined with silk is still a cage’ – detained Iranian refugee

Villawood Death in Custody Demands Ministerial Action “The tragic death of a 62 year old Iranian immigration detainee is yet another disgraceful and entirely preventable cost of the ongoing mandatory detention policy” said Pamela Curr, of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC). “Mr F was taken to St Georges Hospital on Friday for an appointment. … Continue reading ‘A cage lined with silk is still a cage’ – detained Iranian refugee

Vale Bryan Law

"Can't add my name into the fight while I'm gone So I guess I'll have to do it while I'm here And I won't be laughing at the lies when I'm gone And I can't question how or when or why when I'm gone" -'when i'm gone' by phil ochs Ciaron O'Reilly has penned a … Continue reading Vale Bryan Law

Hard Times for economic refugees

As people are already aware, the main focus of the 2007 election campaign is interest rates on housing mortgages. This is underlined by the number of times the shadow treasurer, Wayne Swan, mentioned interest rates in the debate with Treasurer Costello on 30 October 2007. Video: Port Hedland Refugee Detention Centre, 2001 Unfortunately it is … Continue reading Hard Times for economic refugees

DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS — lest we forget

A lunchtime rally organised by the Stop The War Collective was held today (Thursday July 19) in support of Dr Haneef at the Department of Immigration Offices in Adelaide St, Brisbane to condemn the federal government’s use of the Migration Act to detain Dr Haneef, and the undemocratic nature of the recently introduced “terror” laws. … Continue reading DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS — lest we forget

Pine Gap 4: Crime and Punishment

US Base at Pine Gap Crown Appeal sentence in Pine Gap Case Why are the missiles called peacekeepers, when they're aimed to kill? Why is a woman still not safe when she's in her home? Love is hate, war is peace, no is yes, we're all free. But, some-body's gonna have to answer, the time … Continue reading Pine Gap 4: Crime and Punishment

Pine Gap: Crime and Punishment

*warning – this article contains information that has been withheld from the jury in the trial of the Pine Gap Four in Alice Springs in June 2007. The government, the attorney general, the minister for defence, commonwealth lawyers, the prosecution and the judge in this has have used the law to hide from the jury … Continue reading Pine Gap: Crime and Punishment

Where to, the anti-war movement?

US election poll on Iraq war The day before the recent mid-term elections in the US, I asked two American graduate students studying at the University of Queensland in Brisbane what their view of that election was, would they vote, and if so, how? I asked what their view of the Iraq war was. One, … Continue reading Where to, the anti-war movement?

Rally for Peace in the Middle East

About 100 people attended this rally to hear speakers like Les Thomas, Ian Rintoul (Solidarity), Halim Rane (Fair Go for Palestine) and the Greens candidate in Mount Cootha, Juanita Wheeler, who polled well in the recent state elections. Les Thomas spoke in support of his brother Jack and condemned the government for using his brother … Continue reading Rally for Peace in the Middle East

Pine Gap Four reach Ground Zero

"This is a true story, it may not be your story, but it is a good story nonetheless" [from the film "Ten Canoes" by Rolph de Heer]. This is a story of the Pine Gap Four who went to the American base out there in the desert with the permission of the aboriginal caretaker of … Continue reading Pine Gap Four reach Ground Zero

Anti-War Coordinating Committee Meeting

Date: Wednesday, 13 September 2006, Time: 6:30 pm — 8:30pm Place: AHIMSA House, 26 Horan Street, West End (near State School) A resolution was passed by the Anti-War Coordinating Committee to organise a rally on 23 September 2006. An organising meeting was held at the above time and place. Invitations were issued to others interested … Continue reading Anti-War Coordinating Committee Meeting

Benefit Dinner and Concert raises over $12,000 for relief to Lebanon and Palestine

Last night (26 Aug 2006) in Brisbane there was a benefit dinner and concert held to raise money for relief efforts for the Lebanese and Palestinian people after the July/August 2006 war. The function was organised by Brisbane’s Fair Go for Palestine and the local Al-Nisa Muslim Women’s Youth Group. Sheikh Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh from … Continue reading Benefit Dinner and Concert raises over $12,000 for relief to Lebanon and Palestine

Rally and March for Justice for Aboriginal people

Sam Watson is the Senate candidate for the Socialist Alliance in the 2007 Senate election. He is the chairperson of regular community meetings and rallies in support of aboriginal democratic rights. During 2006/2007 these are some of the activities conducted by the community for Justice and Democratic Rights. **** During the 2006 Queensland State Election … Continue reading Rally and March for Justice for Aboriginal people

Boycott the war machine!

Economic Sanctions against Israel Israel has imposed military blockades on both Palestine and Lebanon. These blockades prevent aid, food, water, medicines, and electricity getting to the people most affected by Israeli attacks. In response, various people and groups have proposed economic sanctions on Israel. I support any proposal that will stop Israeli war crimes and … Continue reading Boycott the war machine!


6:30 pm — 8:30pm Wednesday, 16 August 2006 Ahimsa House (see map by clicking on AHIMSA House) 26 Horan Street, West End Qld 4101 The meeting will be held in the library on the second floor. There have been several meetings and demonstrations organised by various groups since the bombing and invasion of Lebanon on … Continue reading ANTI-WAR COORDINATING MEETING

Rally against War on Lebanon and Palestine

Stop the war on Lebanon and Palestine Israel out NOW! 12 noon, Saturday 12 August, 2006 Rally Queens Park, Corner of George and Elizabeth Sts, Brisbane March through city Various speakers from Lebanese, Palestinian and community organisations, including: Phil Monsour, Lebanese-Australian musician Nora Amath, Fair Go for Palestine Greg Jenks, Anglican priest & Friends of … Continue reading Rally against War on Lebanon and Palestine

Petition for Palestine

To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives assembled in Parliament. This Petition of concerned citizens draws to the attention of the House the dire circumstances of the people of Palestine... See petition in the link below: petition-for-palestine-13th-jul-06.doc Please fill out and get signatures from family and friends and send to: … Continue reading Petition for Palestine

What to do about Israel’s War Crimes?

Driving through town on Saturday morning my wife tried to express her anger and outrage at the premeditated and serial war crimes being committed by Israel against the Palestinians and Lebanese: crimes against humanity, crimes against environment. She owned up to feelings of wanting to do violence against the leaders of Israel, and was shocked … Continue reading What to do about Israel’s War Crimes?


NO to WAR and MILITARISATION, NO to a NUCLEAR AUSTRALIA, YES to HUMAN RIGHTS in PEACE AND WAR Date: August 6 (Sun) Time: 2pm Location: QUEENS PARK, Cnr George and Elizabeth Streets, Brisbane Speakers: Andrew Dettmer - State Secretary, Aust Manufacturing Workers Union, Salam El-Merebi – Al Nisa - Aust Muslim Womens Youth Group, Dave … Continue reading HIROSHIMA DAY PEACE RALLY & MARCH (Brisbane)