How to get involved in Anti-Deportation Actions


It is estimated there are over 30,000 asylum-seekers currently in mandatory detention, or living in the community, who could be deported at any time. What is a certain though is that the Australian government has no qualms forcefully deporting refugees displaced by wars (in which Australia is partially complicit) back to imprisonment, torture and even death.

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Economic Migrants – Carr Humbug

Yet another realignment on refugee policy is rearing its head.

If the boats cannot be stopped or turned around, the rules must be changed. Senator Carr claims that the Labor government needs to change the process of assessing the status of refugees because an overwhelming majority of applications is approved.

“We’ve reached the view that as a result of court and tribunal decisions, it’s coming up wrong,” he said.

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Australian Government double standard over Israel


Australian Government demonstrates double standards over Israel

FOREIGN minister Bob Carr recently expelled Syrian diplomats because of human rights abuses in their country. Yet the Israeli defence force and Israeli settlers shoot, abduct, detain and torture Palestinians in the occupied territories on a daily basis. The Israeli government destroys Palestinian homes on the West Bank.… Go to Article

The Greens – A sensible solution spurned by hopeless government and opposition

Dear friends,

Let s fix our immigration system!

The events of the last few months have confirmed what we have known for some time; our immigration system is in total disarray and failing the worlds most vulnerable people . Rather than committing to the overhaul that is long over due, the Government and the Coalition are locked in a race to the bottom.

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