The Greens – A sensible solution spurned by hopeless government and opposition

Dear friends,

Let s fix our immigration system!

The events of the last few months have confirmed what we have known for some time; our immigration system is in total disarray and failing the worlds most vulnerable people . Rather than committing to the overhaul that is long over due, the Government and the Coalition are locked in a race to the bottom.

The Greens are the sole voice of reason and compassion in the Parliament and my Migration Amendment Bill (currently before the Senate) would end the failed policy of mandatory detention.

The key features of my Bill are:

No mandatory detention

Currently detention of asylum seekers is mandated by law and this is the first point of call for boat arrivals. My bill will reverse this presumption, and instead ensure that detention is only a last resort . This would end the mandatory detention policy of the Government and Opposition.

No indefinite and long term detention

In instances where an asylum seeker is detained, this can only occur for up to 30 days, and;

Judicial Review

As a safeguard, any detention longer than 30 days will be subject to judicial review

No children in detention

More than 1000 children are currently being held in immigration detention. This is not the way to treat children. Under my Bill, no children will be held in detention.

End off-shore processing

The Bill would end off shore processing and repeal the excised territory policy.

If implemented, my Bill would reduce the pressure on a system at breaking point, as well as meet our obligations under international law.

Australia is a country that prides itself of the fair go, yet we have an immigration system that punishes those who travel to our country seeking our protection and support. We can and must do better than this.

My Bill is on the Senate notice paper and Ill be lobbying all parties to join the Greens in supporting it.

I need your help too. Contact your states Senators urging them to support my Bill.

Lets work together to fix our immigration system.

Yours sincerely,


Senator Sarah Hanson- Young

Australian Greens Senator for South Australia

Level 13/100 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000

P: 08 8231 9911 | F: 08 8211 7533

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One thought on “The Greens – A sensible solution spurned by hopeless government and opposition

  1. OK it is good someone is putting an alternative position on refugees to the government & opposition.

    This bill has no chance of getting through the parliament so how is it a solution?

    Surely the Greens have to withdraw all support from the government on all legislation now to force the government to change its policy of mandatory detention i.e. bring down the government and force an election? Why be part of a government that is promoting war and further instability in the world i.e. the bombing of Libya and the war in Afghanistan?

    The ALP solution has turned out to be more inhumane than the Howard solution with detention centres made into hell holes, suicides on the increase, men on roofs and facilities set alight through absolute desperation.

    The Greens need to withdraw all support from the government now!

    If you need any proof as to why I say this see

    Can the refugees wait till the Green’s new senators are in the parliament in July i.e. the Greens have balance of power? Sarah says “Greens are the sole voice of reason and compassion in the Parliament ” does she mean to exclude Andrew Wilke and other independent MPs?

    Doesn’t Australia need a no border policy for refugees otherwise people will end up in offshore ghettos in Indonesia etc. Is the bill proposed accepted by all the Greens Senators? By Bob Brown & Christine Milne and the newcomers?

    Why hasn’t the incoming senator from Queensland, Larissa Waters, come out against Scherger Detention Centre near Weipa? Who leads the Greens in Qld? Drew Hutton? He stated recently that the Greens should stick to environmental policy and not become involved in the ‘Boycott of Israel’ campaign or other social justice issues.

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