Rally for Palestine – remembering al-Nakba

Al Nakbar

63 years after Al Nakba Khalil Hamdan returns home to Palestine
Interview with Khalil Hamdan on the Paradigm Shift on 4Zzz. Interviewers are Eliza and Ian. Khalil is one of the 1948 refugees from Al Jammasin in Palestine. His family were driven from their village by the Israeli militia – the Hagannah & Stern gangs. Khalil speaks of his history and of recent visit to Palestine in Feb 2011, what he saw and what his hopes are for the future.

Interview with Khalil —Click arrow to play interview — volume needs to be turned up:

Rally for Palestine – remembering al-Nakba

Rally on May 13 to commemorate the Palestinian Nakba (Catastrophe) day. On May 15 1948, more than 780 000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from their homeland and more than 500 Palestinian villages depopulated and destroyed by Zionist terrorist death squads that were set up in Palestine under the protection of the British mandate.

Rally: May 13, 5pm
Brisbane Square, top of Queen St mall (outside Casino)

* speakers, display, march through the city *

* End the genocide in Palestine * End the siege of Gaza *
* End the Israeli occupation * Recognise the Palestinian right of return *
* No Australian support for Israel: sanctions now! *


One thought on “Rally for Palestine – remembering al-Nakba

  1. A slideshow telling (in short words) the story of the 1948 Palestinian Nakba. Selected pictures, documented statistics, Naji Al-Ali cartoons and heart-felt music. Thank you for listening. Emad Sinan.

    عرض لوقائع نكبة فلسطين 1948 من خلال صور مختارة، احصائيات موثقة، رسوم للشهيد ناجي العلي و موسيقى عالمية مؤثرة. شكرا على حسن الاستماع. عماد سنان


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