The Hollow Men

Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow

Yesterday, Sunday 15 August 2010, I went to a rally and march against global warming in Brisbane’s King George Square (KGSq).

KGSq, or Fred Patterson*  Square as we used to call it in the street march days,  is a horrible place to have a rally — gone are the lawn and the water fountain now replaced by warm glare and ugly,  hot, grey, brick pavement.… Go to Article

Race Discrimination Commissioner appears before United Nations

[Aboriginal News]

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Commissioner appears before CERD Committee at the UN

Graeme Innes AM
Race Discrimination Commissioner
Australian Human Rights Commission

I acknowledge the Chair and CERD Committee, the Australian Government delegation, and the Australian NGO delegation, in particular Dr Djiniyini Gondarra from East Arnhemland, and Rosie Kunoth Monks from Utopia.… Go to Article

Questions to the candidates in the Federal election 2010


Why do none of the political parties support ‘ecologically sustainable development’?


If the ALP and the federal Labor government support clean energy why is coal going gangbusters here in Queensland?

Climate Change

Do the candidates think that climate changes can be fixed under capitalism?

War and Higher Education

Why have political parties done so little to stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?… Go to Article