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Father free, son detained

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Ridha had been in administrative detention in Israel for over 600 days when he was released —  He faced no charges, he had not been brought before a court. His most basic democratic rights were taken away by the Israeli … Continue reading


Wrong city, wrong country

Before all the others to come, there were some unexceptional flowers hand-wrapped in white tissue paper. A breeze whispered up Albert Street. The steps leading up to the blood stains were steep and had a left hand turn. The position … Continue reading


Strengthened Pride – Slavery in Queensland

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It was a pretty brutal place, but there was no slavery in Australia.– Prime Minister Scott Morrison Corey writes: This is about Aunty Dawn Daylight’s experiences as a child slave at the All Hallows’ convent in Brisbane in the 1950’s … Continue reading


The Door to the Sun

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Story and Drawings by Nyree Divitini This book was written by Nyree who was then aged six years. It is published here to encourage other young imaginations. Library of Congress Number: 064602289X Published by Learn Press L.Press P.O. Box 5093 … Continue reading


PShift: Anarchist Summer School – what, where and when?

This discussion with organisers of the Brisbane Anarchist Summer School (BASS) was broadcast on the Paradigm Shift [Fridays at noon  on 4ZZZ fm 102.1] on 21 Dec 2012. What The Brisbane Anarchist Summer School will be held on 12th – … Continue reading


“New Questions about Recent Wars”: Wed 3 October meeting of the 17 Group

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The October meeting of the 17 Group will take place on Wednesday the 3rd of October at 7 pm in unit 6 at 20 Drury St West End. Tony Reeves, non-fiction author and journalist, will address the topic “New Questions … Continue reading


Back to the Future – The Shape of Things to Come – The Queensland Labour Movement Under Conservative Governments – Then and Now!

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BLHA Symposium: Call for Papers and Participants BLHA is planning an October symposium which will deal with the Queensland labour movement’s activism, challenges and selected disputes under conservative governments. We are calling for papers which deal with the broader topic … Continue reading


Public servant sackings: never forget, never forgive

Queensland public sector unions say up to 20,000 workers employed by state government are losing their jobs as a result of the government cuts. MORE than 2000 staff are being sacked at Queensland Rail, with the State Government 30 per … Continue reading


“Bahrain is burning and the world is silent!”

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Bahraini refugees call for ”understanding” as they rally against mandatory detention in Sydney today Bahraini Australian Youth Movement joins World Refugee Day Rally in Sydney Three audio interviews with Bahraini refugees are attached and permissible for use Refugee rights supporters … Continue reading


Workers under siege in Nablus – they have no country

“People of Jenin, all the citizens of Jenin and the refugee camp, this is Jenin-grad. Your battle has paved the way to the liberation of the occupied territories”.[53] — PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, addressing a gathering of about 200 people … Continue reading


Sir Joseph Banks and the Question of Hemp Book Launch

Drew Hutton, Green historian and activist, will launch Sir Joseph Banks and the Question of Hemp by Dr John Jiggens at Avid Reader, Boundary Street, West End, on Tuesday April 24 at 6pm. Sir Joseph Banks and the Question of … Continue reading


Man on Roof to Challenge Bank Sale of Community Centre

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Friends of Ahimsa House Press Release At 10am on the morning of Wednesday 14th December 2011 Friend of Ahimsa House activist, Bernie Neville, will climb onto the roof of AHIMSA (Peace) House, 26 Horan Street, West End and hang a … Continue reading


Rally at Labor conference: not in malaysia – not in nauru – end mandatory detention – refugees are welcome

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Hi all, The rally for refugees at the national Labor Party conference is now just over a week away. We are pleased to be able to announce that Ged Kearney, President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions has now … Continue reading


*Solidarity Vigil for Julian Assange, High Court, The Strand, London

MONDAY DEC 5th. *from 8.30 a.m. *Solidarity Vigil for Julian Assange, High Court, The Strand, London An anti-war solidarity vigil will be held outside the High Court, The Strand, London on Monday Dec 5th against the extradition of Julian Assange. … Continue reading


45th anniversary of wave hill walk-off and strike.

the 45th anniversary of the wave hill walk-off and 9 year strike, the longest in australia i believe. back in 1966 we were into the 17th year of the menzies (pig iron bob) federal government and there was no government … Continue reading


Australia shatters its party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child

by Gerry Georgatos It is indeed now common knowledge that Australian adult prisons are incarcerating children as young as 13. The human rights struggle to free these children from our adult prisons has been an arduous one, with the major … Continue reading


Human rights day forum in support of Tamil asylum seekers

The international celebration of UN Human Rights Day, observed annually on 10th December to mark the anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A public forum to support the human rights of the Tamils of Sri Lanka, … Continue reading


Petition to Save AHIMSA house

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We call on people who support community organisation to help defend AHIMSA house at 26 Horan Street West End from unconscionable sale by Challenger Bank, now owned by National Australia bank by signing the petition below. Background Following attendance at … Continue reading

Last Days on the Trams

“They lie, the men who tell us, for reasons of their own,
That want is here a stranger, and that misery’s unknown;
For where the nearest suburb and the city proper meet
My windowsill is level with the faces in the street”

— ‘Faces In The Street’ by Henry Lawson

Before freeways, old comrades celebrate public transport! Photo: Garner, Grahame. ‘Images documenting radical protest and street marches in Brisbane , 1960-1980.’ F3400. Fryer Library, University of Queensland.

In 1969, Labor Mayor of Brisbane, Clem Jones, declared that the Brisbane City Council (BCC) was going to shut down the trams.

In the early 1970s under the ‘Wilbur Smith Plan’ the BCC replaced trams with freeways.

Does this sound like Campbell Newman digging tunnels?

A one time press photographer, Graham Garner, thought what can I do?

During the last days of the trams, Graham went out to every tram terminus and each tram line and took photos.

Photo: Garner, Grahame. 'Images documenting radical protest and street marches in Brisbane , 1960-1980.' F3400. Fryer Library, University of Queensland

What foresight! Thanks Graham.

When politicians destroy or sell public assets perhaps union members might use their special skill in the way Graham used his skill with a camera.

Tram at South Brisbane Station Photo: Garner, Grahame. 'Images documenting radical protest and street marches in Brisbane , 1960-1980.' F3400. Fryer Library, University of Queensland

Visit Graham’s photo collection of Radical Protest and Street Marches in Brisbane, 1960-1980

Trams in depot opposite PA Hospital Photo: Garner, Grahame. 'Images documenting radical protest and street marches in Brisbane , 1960-1980.' F3400. Fryer Library, University of Queensland

Tram leaving South Brisbane Station. The banner on the front of the tram reads "Women's International League for Peace & Freedom" Photo: Garner, Grahame. 'Images documenting radical protest and street marches in Brisbane , 1960-1980.' F3400. Fryer Library, University of Queensland.

Onlookers on buildings during the Youth Campaign against Conscription, Brisbane, Australia in 1965. Paddy wagons, police and a tram can be seen on the corner of Queen and Albert Streets Brisbane. Facade of T & G corner with Spiers Chemists, Mimi building and NM centre can be seen in the background. Photo: Garner, Grahame. 'Images documenting radical protest and street marches in Brisbane , 1960-1980.' F3400. Fryer Library, University of Queensland.

1971 May Day march - Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley Photo: Garner, Grahame. 'Images documenting radical protest and street marches in Brisbane , 1960-1980.' F3400. Fryer Library, University of Queensland.

Ian Curr
Nov 2010


Vale Robert Francis Walker

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This story I’m about to tell, About a bloke you all know well. A Union Rep. here on the job And known by all of us as Bob. He fought the cause on our behalf, With his neck stuck out … Continue reading


Editor’s Note. Les Malezer has sent this interesting article around and so I reprint it here. I hope the National Geographic Society do not mind, I notify the editor of that magazine and credit the author (Charles Bowden) and photographer … Continue reading


Between the idea And the reality Between the motion And the act Falls the Shadow Yesterday, Sunday 15 August 2010, I went to a rally and march against global warming in Brisbane’s King George Square (KGSq). KGSq, or Fred Patterson*  … Continue reading

Questions to the candidates in the Federal election 2010


Why do none of the political parties support ‘ecologically sustainable development’?


If the ALP and the federal Labor government support clean energy why is coal going gangbusters here in Queensland?

Climate Change

Do the candidates think that climate changes can be fixed under capitalism?

War and Higher Education

Why have political parties done so little to stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why were political parties so gullible on WMDs in Iraq?

Background: When I was at the University of Queensland 40 years ago the biggest issue was peace — or more specifically opposition to the Vietnam war. If political candidates came on campus at UQ he would be harangued and harassed about this.

An ambassador from South Vietnam, Mr Quang, was even held up at the relaxation block while students debated with him his support for the war and Australia’s involvement in it.

There was an incident outside and police were called and a fire truck were called and some of students (opposed to the war) were hosed by water cannon.

Now my question coming to 2010 why is it that politicians and or candidates and other who have said little to about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan or have done little to oppose it visit campus without a word said. Why?


Do the candidates support collective bargaining between unions and bosses? (eg at the University of Qld and the National Tertiary Education Union?)

If Universities continues to refuse such an agreement what will the candidates supportstrike action to force bosses to  live up to their obligation to bargain with the union?

Questions arose out of an NTEU Candidates forum at UQ

Present at the forum:

Steve Miles (ALP) candidate for Ryan.

Sandra Bayley (Greens) candidate for Ryan

Andrew Bonnell, chairperson

Neither Jane Prentice (Lib) not Michael Johnson (Ind) turned up

About 30 members of University of Queensland students and staff


The Paradigm Shift on the Intervention (NTER) By the paradigmshift on August 8th, 2010 In early July there was a Defending Indigenous Rights Conference in Mparntwe (Alice Springs), Northern Territory, so this week we spoke to two people from Brisbane who … Continue reading