Peace, tourism and political games in Kashmir

While praise is heaped on tourism, its actual contribution to Kashmir’s economy is unknown [Showkat Shafi/Al Jazeera  – Opinion – Al Jazeera English]

For a second summer in a row, the Indian establishment and media are agog with Kashmir’s bumper tourism season.

The heavy inflow of tourists, after a gap of 23 years, when India had practically sealed off Kashmir to the outside world, is interpreted as a loss of popular appetite in Kashmir for dissident politics.… Go to Article

“Taking to the Streets” Exhibition

Uranium Picket at Hamilton Wharf in August 1977 - 2“Taking to the Streets – two decades that changed Brisbane 1965 – 1985”Museum of Brisbane Exhibition 2006.

The exhibition was opened on 6 April 2006. After an extended season and over 80,000 visitors later the exhibition was closed on Sunday 10 September 2006. Many took advantage of the last days to see the Taking to the Streets exhibition.… Go to Article

Lost film of the street marches

History is an angel being blown backwards into the future
History is a pile of debris
And the angel wants to go back and fix things
To repair the things that have been broken
But there is a storm blowing from Paradise
And the storm keeps blowing the angel backwards into the future
And this storm, this storm is called Progress.Go to Article

Historic film: If U Don’t Fight U Lose

The video you see was put together after the Queensland state election in 1977.

The video you see was shot and edited under difficult circumstances over 35 years ago, after the Queensland state election in 1977. It was compiled by the CLCC Media Committee. Apologies for the lack of picture clarity and dropout during this video.… Go to Article

The Third Metropolis: talk on the beginnings of English studies at UQ

Many of you may be interested in the talk advertised below.

At 1 pm on Friday 20th September in room 601 in the Michie Building at the University of Queensland:

A talk by William Hatherell, author of the groundbreaking book about Brisbane, The Third Metropolis:

‘JJ Stable, FW Robinson and the beginnings of English at the University of Queensland’


Professor JJ Stable and Associate Professor FW (‘Doc Robbie’) Robinson were the two leading figures in the establishment of English as a university discipline in Queensland through their pioneering work at the University of Queensland from the 1920s to the 1950s.… Go to Article

Foco Nuevo: May Day Special !!

Friday 3rd May, 2013.
8.00 p.m.
May Day Special !!

Kurilpa Hall at 174 Boundary Street West End.

Thanks to everyone who made our April event so enjoyable. This month we have a May Day special, to celebrate through song the struggles of workers for dignity and justice.
Formed in 1988, the Combined Unions Choir is the longest ‘Art in Working Life’ project in Australia.… Go to Article

Thatcher: silver bullets, garlic and a wooden stake

Thatcher is not dead. She is not dead because Thatcherism is going strong. Thatcherism is not dead because capitalism is still fighting to expand.

Thatcher was never more than the chair of one executive committee of monopolising capitals. Like Howard, Killard presides over a branch office.

Delightful as is it to chorus ‘Ding-dong, the witch is dead’, Thatcher’s viciousness was not the result of her personality.… Go to Article

The man who shot Don Mackay

Almost 40 years ago I was editor of The Murrumbidgee Irrigator newspaper at Leeton, and I was the conduit for information obtained by the late Don Mackay which I fed to the day editor of The Daily Telegraph, Harry Sherring, in respect of matters related to the activities of certain criminal elements in Griffith, specifically the Calabrian Mafia and some of their interesting agricultural activities.… Go to Article

Marxism 2013: African American civil rights campaigner and Black Panther

African American civil rights campaigner and Black Panther


Speaks at Marxism 2013 conference
Saturday 30th March, 2pm
University of Melbourne, Student Union Building


Read below about the interconnection between the American Black Panthers and the Aboriginal Black Power movement below:

Aboriginal ‘Black Power’ activists from the 1970s join American Black Panther Billy X Jennings at a Melbourne conference

A member of the one of the most controversial African American civil rights organisations, the Black Panthers, is coming to Australia for the Marxism 2013 conference.… Go to Article

Deepen the Conversation: A Burning Landscape

Historian Bill Gammage explodes the myth that pre-European settlement Australia was an untamed wilderness, revealing the complex, country-wide systems of land management used by Aboriginal people.

Inspired by early European accounts that some of the Australian environment resembled well-groomed English estates, Bill has written the book The Biggest Estate on Earth, exploring the ways Aboriginal people lived with the landscape to ensure a rich and fertile environment.… Go to Article

Tortured for Giving Care – Rula al Saffar Speaking Tour

Dear friends of the Bahraini Australia Youth Movement, I hope this email finds you well. Please find below the details of BAYM’s upcoming speaking tour of Rula al Saffar, President of Bahrain Nursing Society, starting next week! We will be having public meetings in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne to mark two years of violent repression of Bahrain’s forgotten Arab Spring.… Go to Article

Top 5 videos on BushTelegraph

According to You Tube these videos are Bush Telegraph‘s all time top videos

1. 1982 Land Rights Struggle – Brisbane Cmwlth Games

2. David Rovics – ‘Laissez les bon temps rouler’ (Let the good times roll)

3. Letter from Camp Hill

4. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land!

5.… Go to Article

PShift: Anarchist Summer School – what, where and when?

This discussion with organisers of the Brisbane Anarchist Summer School (BASS) was broadcast on the Paradigm Shift [Fridays at noon  on 4ZZZ fm 102.1] on 21 Dec 2012.


The Brisbane Anarchist Summer School will be held on 12th – 13th January, 2013 – for more details go to Where and When and  Program

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May the 1st Club

WERC - May 1st Club
Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s there was a need for political culture. In West End appeared the the first coffee club in Brisbane – May the 1st Club which was a regular event organised by activists from the democratic rights struggles in the 1970s.

May 1st featured live music, readings, poetry and talks on local and international themes.… Go to Article

Frontier Wars, Class Wars, Imperialist Wars

Talk by Humphrey McQueen at the Railway Club, Darwin, 17 July 2012.

In paying acknowledgement to country I want to do more than mention custodianship and sovereignty. Too often those values are made to sound passive or legalistic. The reality is that across this continent and for more than 250 years, indigenous Australians resisted invaders with a mix of violence and inventiveness.… Go to Article

Refugee Italian Detention in Australia

As we struggle to understand our nations obsession with detention, it is helpful to examine who else in our short history we have chosen to lock away “in the national interest”. Australia a nation founded on the need for England to dispose of her unwanted, transported and detained people convicted of a wide variety of crimes from stealing food to political action and all shades in between.… Go to Article

The 5th September Meeting of the 17 Group

The next meeting of the 17 Group will take place on Wednesday the 5th of September in unit 6 at 20 Drury St. West End at 7 pm. The speaker will be Shakti and his topic will be:

“Has Politics (as we know it) Reached Its ‘Use-by’ Date?”

Here is a brief summary of the remarks that will introduce the discussion of this topic:

There are some powerful alternatives for social design starting to emerge, and it is time to start seriously considering alternatives to the present dysfunction of society.

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1982 Commonwealth Games Land Rights Protests

A note to indigenous people, this film contains images of people who are deceased.

LeftPress would like to acknowledge the Jagera and Torrubul people on whose land this film was shot – land never ceded to the colonisers. A note to indigenous people, this film contains images and songs of people who are deceased.… Go to Article

Celebrate July 26 – the anniversary of the Cuban revolution

The Australia–Cuba Friendship Society (Brisbane)presents

Poetry in Motion X
Day of solidarity with Cuba

Celebrate the beginning of the Cuban Revolution — the 59th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada Barracks

Thursday July 26
6.30 p.m.
Qld Council of Unions Building
16 Peel St, South Brisbane

A program of Cuban poetry readings and live music, with food and drinks available.… Go to Article

Yes, Virginia, there are conspiracies

By Humphrey McQueen
(Text of speech at Canberra Friends of Wikileaks, Coombs Lecture Theatre, Australian National University, 27 June 2012.)

Once more, I have the honour of sharing a platform with Christine Assange. Since we were at the Sydney meeting in February, she has come through five tortuous months. Her calm yet loving commitment to keeping us up to date with the legal and extra-judicial proceedings inspires us all.… Go to Article

Socialist Alternative Meeting: The Civil Rights Movement in America

Today, despite America’s first Black president, there has been little change and there is now little hope for African Americans. They are bearing the brunt of the economic crisis, with unemployment among Blacks at almost 16 per cent, and with the highly publicised murder of Trayvon Martin it is apparent racism is alive and killing in the States.… Go to Article

Important meeting re National Museum of Labour – Thursday 3rd May

Dear Comrades and Friends,

The Brisbane Labour History Association and the Queensland Council of Unions are holding a meeting with Kim Sattler, Unions ACT Secretary, to promote the National Museum of Labour. Kim has been involved in the setting up of a national museum in Canberra dedicated to the history of workers for a number of years now.… Go to Article

The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll

‘Two sides of every story’? Related to this title is the the death of the man who ‘inspired’ the song by Bob Dylan.Compare the facts as told by Dylan and those described in The Times (Ben Hoyle January 12, 2009 reprinted in The Australian). Dylan: “William Zanzinger killed poor Hattie Carroll With a cane that he twirled around his diamond ring finger At a Baltimore hotel society gath’rin’.”Go to Article