Back to the Future – The Shape of Things to Come – The Queensland Labour Movement Under Conservative Governments – Then and Now!

BLHA Symposium: Call for Papers and Participants

BLHA is planning an October symposium which will deal with the Queensland labour movement’s activism, challenges and selected disputes under conservative governments.

We are calling for papers which deal with the broader topic as well as more focussed papers on particular disputes and events. We are particularly interested in material which addresses the 1960s Mt. Isa dispute, union involvement in the civil rights movement in the 60s and 70s, and the SEQEB dispute, although papers and suggestions should not be limited to those topics.

We will also incorporate a session which sketches the landscape to date under the new LNP state government.

As always BLHA is keen to hear from union activists and other individuals who can recount some direct involvement in these events or participate in a panel or broader symposium discussions.

Suggestions and offers to display artefacts are also welcome.

If you have a paper, or talk to present, or can provide any input please contact Dr Greg Mallory (0407692377, or Craig Buckley (0418197205,

Closing date for submissions: 3pm, Friday 17 August 2012. BLHA will reserve the right to set and f

inalise the symposium programme and will consider the format and other administrative arrangements upon receipt of information from interested participants.

Additionally we are always interested in articles and content for our bi-annual journal. Please contact Ross Gwyther (3366 5318,

One response to “Back to the Future – The Shape of Things to Come – The Queensland Labour Movement Under Conservative Governments – Then and Now!

  1. There will be some her-story, his-story ourstory at this event next January

    Organising for the Brisbane Anarchist Summer School is moving along smoothly.

    To keep updated watch the website: or

    We would love some help promoting the event around Oceania, so please tell everyone you know.

    Even better is to download our flyers and posters, print them up and get them out.

    They can be viewed here.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone here in 2013

    BAS13 Collective


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