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Eunji Ban: what about workers health & safety?

Police say Eunji Ban was on her way to work at the Transcontinental Hotel at 482 George Street Brisbane at about 4 am when she was attacked and killed. In 2014 her killer will be tried in the Supreme Court … Continue reading


Public Disobedience SAVE the AMU (Clinic 2) and Roma St Sexual Health

Public Disobedience against LNP Government proposed closure of the AIDS Medical Unity rebranded as Clinic 2. Time: 4:30 PM on Wed 27 March 2013. Clinic 2 provides care for people living with human immunodeficiency virus (PLHIV). Their team includes health … Continue reading


Tunnel vision on safety

The Airport Link tunnel project in Queensland. Picture: Liam Kidston Source: The Australian FOR Andrew Ramsay, it was the plethora of shiny, green, energy drink cans that told him all was not right on Brisbane’s Airport Link tunnel project. “Everywhere … Continue reading


Richard Laco RIP – minutes silence for killed construction worker outside building site.

The Construction Safety Campaign are organsing a wreath laying and minutes silence for Richard Laco, the worker killed last week on the Laing O’Rourke building site at Kings Cross. 2pm Thursday 14th November Laing O’Rourke site entrance Francis Crick Institute … Continue reading


Did i mention the DUST show?

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Dust – Newsletter 1_Brisbane-1.pdf


CFMEU: Discrimination not acceptable

THE first sitting of the new federal parliament will see the Abbott government move to reinstate the Australian Building and Construction Commission. This should be of concern to the community: these laws, which don’t apply to any other sector of … Continue reading


Workcover StopWork – what now?

Under camouflage of anti-bikie (accepted by the Labor party) and sexual offenders legislation,  Qld Attorney General, Jarrod Blejie, took away workers rights to a safe work environment and took away rights to privacy of their health history and cover. Extensive … Continue reading


‘Not Guilty’

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This is the Paradigm Shift broadcasting on 4ZZZ fm 102.1 This show is called ‘Not Guilty’ and is about political defence  – the story begins… Vale Clarke and Dawe On Wednesday, 26 June 2013, the Australian Labor Party killed political … Continue reading


Why the sacred fire is important to everyone

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A week ago, Jagera elder, Kevin, was kicked out of his housing commission home. Tonight Kevin is in jail for re-lighting the sacred fire. A little after noon today, West End police arrested a traditional owner of Musgrave Park. Policewoman … Continue reading


AIDS Medical Unit rebranded as Clinic 2

Public Disobedience against LNP Government proposed closure of the AIDS Medical Unit rebranded as Clinic 2.Clinic 2 provides care for people living with human immunodeficiency virus (PLHIV). Their team includes health care professionals expert in HIV and we provide education, … Continue reading


Council’s case against Homer reaches new depths

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“Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.” ― Bertolt Brecht [Broadcast PShift Saturday 2 Mar 2013 4zzz fm 102.1 Friday at Noon] Homer was a busy dog this week, court … Continue reading


The People’s Voice – Newman breaks pledge to keep royal children’s hospital

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NEWMAN BREAKS PLEDGE TO KEEP ROYAL CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL The government has kept the public in the dark about closure of the -Royal Children’s Hospital • Brisbane North will be deprived of the readily accessible and comprehensive paediatric accident & emergency … Continue reading


Abigroup sends in agent provocateur

Mr Carnegie is being charged with breaching a court order made by construction company AbiGroup on September 5 2012 which purportedly prohibited him from coming within 100m of a construction site. But Mr Carnegie’s counsel, Peter Morrissey argues the original … Continue reading


1000 Warrior March, Brisbane

We assembled at 12 noon, Saturday 9th Feb Musgrave Park at the tent embassy and lit the sacred fire. At 1pm about fifty (50) people marched to the indigenous all stars game at Lang park over the river. Before we … Continue reading


Why QLD’s coal and gas boom matters to you, Brisbane, Wed Nov 14, 5.45pm

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For those of you in Brisbane and able to attend, I look forward to seeing you at this free public forum tomorrow evening. Kind regards, Mark Ogge Public Engagement Officer The Australia Institute M. +61 421 272 884 E. … Continue reading


Rallies against Qld Government

Qld Teacher Union rally on Tuesday 21 August Qld Uncut rally Thursday 23rd August (Social services organisations campaign) Combined Unions rally (will be very large!!) Wednesday 12th September. also info below on activities in other parts of Qld [Thanks Ross … Continue reading


Opposed to forced fluoridation ? – Please sign the Qld Parliament E-Petitions

If you are opposed to the forced fluoridation of Queensland public water supplies – please sign one, or preferably all three of these E- petitions – it is simple and takes only a few minutes. Currently on the Queensland Parliament … Continue reading


Back to the Future – The Shape of Things to Come – The Queensland Labour Movement Under Conservative Governments – Then and Now!

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BLHA Symposium: Call for Papers and Participants BLHA is planning an October symposium which will deal with the Queensland labour movement’s activism, challenges and selected disputes under conservative governments. We are calling for papers which deal with the broader topic … Continue reading


Failing Energy Policy and Climate Change – Why can’t Australia get it right?

Failing Energy Policy and Climate Change – Why can’t Australia get it right?? My take on this is that what we are seeing in Australia is a complete failure to implement good long term energy policy to support the development … Continue reading


Edge of Darkness: damned walls, floods and landslides

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Editor’s Note: This is one of a series of articles under the heading ‘Edge of Darkness’ authored by Trevor Berrill (Sustainable Energy Systems Consultant & Educator) and Ian Curr (BSc UQ Grad Dip ATAX). These articles are about systemic failure … Continue reading

Vale Alistair Hulett — eulogy by David Rovics

“There’s a man in my bed I used to love him
His kisses used to take my breath away
There’s a man in my bed I hardly know him
I wipe his face and hold his hand
And watch him as he slowly fades away” — Alistair Hulett, “He Fades Away

Alistair Hulett has has died.

Icon of Scottish folk music, international socialism, and Australian punk rock dead at 57

Today is my daughter Leila’s fourth birthday, and while this occasion brings my thoughts back to the day she was born, the past 24 hours have otherwise been full of fairly devastating news.

If the left can admit to having icons, then two of them have just died. Yesterday it was the great historian and activist Howard Zinn, with whom I had the pleasure of sharing many stages around the US over many years. Much has been written about Zinn’s death at the age of 87, and I think many more people will be discovering his groundbreaking work who may not have heard of him til now.

And then less than a full day later I heard the news that my dear friend, comrade and fellow musician Alistair Hulett died today. He was thirty years younger than Professor Zinn, 57 years old, give or take a year (I’m shit at remembering birthdays, but he was definitely still years shy of 60). Ally had an aggressive form of cancer in his liver, lungs and stomach.

I last saw Alistair last summer at his flat in Glasgow where he had lived with his wife Fatima for many years. (Fatima, a wonderful woman about whom Ally wrote his love song, “Militant Red.”) He seemed healthy and spry as usual, with plenty to say about the state of the world as always. He was working on a new song about a Scottish anarchist who had run the English radio broadcast for the Spanish Republic in the 1930’s.

Continue reading

Merak Refugee Supporters Detained

This article has beee taken down upon request to protect refugee advocates involved.

How a union survives

“There are plenty of examples of socialists who are not Marxists; but to be a Marxist, you have to be a socialist” — H. McQueen


Introduction by Humphrey McQueen

1991 Victorian Branch Report [Builders Labourers Federation] by John Cummins





********************************************************************** Continue reading


by Ian Curr “Job and me and Jesus sittin’ Underneath the Indooroopilly bridge Watchin’ that blazin’ sun go down Behind the tall tree’d mountain ridge The land’s our heritage and spirit Here the rightful culture’s Black and we sittin’ here … Continue reading

Sustainable Homes Program – Oct, 2009

Location:         69 Thomas St., West End

Dates/Time:     Saturday, 17 Oct, 9am to 3.30pm

Sunday, 18 Oct, 9am to 1pm

Cost: $120 per person (cash only)

Ph. 07 3207 5077 or Mob 0400 177 283 Continue reading

The Paradigm Shift on Food, Conflict …

The Paradigm Shift on Food

eliza, thomas and sarah
September 22nd, 2009

This week ‘The Paradigm Shift’ looked at food, production and consumption generally. We spoke a bit about the current food system and went on a dumpster diving tour with a Food Politics class. We also spoke to Robina McCurdy who is, among other things, a food self-reliance consultant. She told us a bit about how food self reliance can be achieved and what it might look like in a urban environment like Brisbane.

We also played some wicked songs which we can’t include here because of copyright restrictions! See our playlist

To Listen Now:

The Paradigm Shift

The Paradigm Shift on Conflict

• September 19th, 2009

Eliza and Thomas present The Paradigm Shift’s debut show on Brisbane’s community radio station 4zzz. This show features discussion about violence and conflict resolution; the ways they are dealt with and different ways they can and are being dealt with. Features interviews with Rachel Herzing from U.S. based group Creative Interventions and Heather Millhouse from the Queensland chapter of the international Alternatives to Violence Project.

Music has been removed due to copyright restrictions.

‘Killing no Murder’

Humphrey McQueen at Leightons in Eagle Street Brisbane 21 Sept 09

Humphrey McQueen speaking about 'Framework of Flesh' with building workers at Leightons in Eagle Street Brisbane. 21 September 2009. Photo: Ian Curr

The factory-owners of the time formed a “trade union” to resist the factory legislation, the so-called “National Association for the Amendment of the Factory Laws”, based in Manchester, which collected a sum of more than £50,000 in March 1855 from contributions on the basis of 2 shillings per horse-power, to meet the legal costs of members prosecuted by the factory inspectors and conduct their cases on behalf of the Association. The object was to prove “killing no murder” if done for the sake of profit.

Karl Marx, Capital, III.[1]

Why OHS injuries are not real crimes

More than buildings rise on “a framework of human flesh”.

So, too, do the profits of Messrs Construction Capital.

The opening 80,000 words of Framework of Flesh carry our understanding of that reciprocity past the level of generalisation. The next step is to foreground the concepts embedded in that analysis by asking how the il-logic that compels capital to expand also

”]# McQuillan, Ern, 1926- # Member of the Builders Labourers Union carrying a banner on the 6 Hour March, Sydney, 6 October 1964makes it injure human capacities.

Investigating this relationship between the needs of capital and the frequency of harms will proceed through four phases.

The first is a reminder that the assaults suffered by builders’ labourers are but a microcosm of the gore that has accompanied  capital accumulation around the globe. Continue reading

Victorian Union’s rally to demand "Best Practice" National OHS Laws

by Peter Curtis AEU

Meanwhile Unionists support Ark Tribe outside court. Ark faces ABCC charges.

7,000 workers marched on the Victorian Parliament, and a further thousand in Geelong, calling on the Brumby ALP Government to pressure their federal counterparts to make the best Occupational Health and Safety laws possible through the national ‘harmonisation’ process. The federal government should be taking the best laws that each state has to offer if they are to set a new national minimum standard. Continue reading

Australia’s ‘Construction Stasi’

by Humphrey McQueen

Dare Australia’s Labor government gaol Adelaide builders’ labourer, Ark Tribe?

Tribe’s crime is that he refuses to attend a secret hearing of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC). His failure to appear renders him liable to six months in prison or a fine of $22,000. Similar penalties apply if he turns up but refuses to answer, or if he answers but then tells anyone what the questions were. The power to coerce testimony also applies to passers-by whom the ABCC felt might provide evidence of wrong-doing by unionists, as happened to a Melbourne university lecturer subpoenaed in 2007. Continue reading

Abolish the Australian Building & Construction Commission

Click on the recording of Julia Gillard’s speech to the ACTU congress and reply by ACTU Secretary Jeff Lawrence and while it is playing read the explanation below.

Earlier at the ACTU congress Ark Tribe, a rigger from South Australia, received a standing ovation.

What Ark had done was write a petition on a toilet hand towel to get better conditions on his construction worksite at Flinders University. He got his mates to sign the petition and asked management to correct the bad safety conditions on site.

The Australian Building and Construction commission were brought in by the boss and demanded that Ark reveal the people who were at the meeting where they got the petition together.

Ark refused. Continue reading