The People’s Voice – Newman breaks pledge to keep royal children’s hospital

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The government has kept the public in the dark about closure of the -Royal Children’s Hospital

• Brisbane North will be deprived of the readily accessible and comprehensive paediatric accident & emergency service currently provided by Royal Children’s.

• Closure of Royal Children’s will cripple the Royal Women’s neonatal units, forcing newborns requiring surgery to be separated from their mothers for transport to the Mater site

• Two and a half years before its scheduled closure, Royal Children’s is being systematically gutted by a hostile Board. The successful Royal Children’s hospital Foundation has been abolished

• Government cannot continue to cry poor while continuing to pour $bil2 (original estimate $m700) into an inadequate, poorly and politically sited hospital in a former Premier’s electorate, which is . not authorized by any document of evidence-based justification $40 mis being wasted on a dumbed-down paediatric facility at Prince Charles, operating unnecessarily in close proximity to Royal Children’s, for 2% years before RCH is due to close

• The quality infrastructure essential for a teaching hospital, in which the Royal Children’s is embedded at Herston, will not be moving with it to the Mater site. $m

• The misguided ‘all eggs in one basket’, single hospital policy eliminates backup in the event of disaster, and ignores the Sydney and Melbourne system and inevitable increase in needs of an expanding population ‘

Protest to the Minister (32341191, ; and the Premier (32244500, )

Authorized by the Save the Royal Children’s and Royal Women’s Hospitals group.

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