The Paradigm Shift on Food, Conflict …

The Paradigm Shift on Food

eliza, thomas and sarah
September 22nd, 2009

This week ‘The Paradigm Shift’ looked at food, production and consumption generally. We spoke a bit about the current food system and went on a dumpster diving tour with a Food Politics class. We also spoke to Robina McCurdy who is, among other things, a food self-reliance consultant. She told us a bit about how food self reliance can be achieved and what it might look like in a urban environment like Brisbane.

We also played some wicked songs which we can’t include here because of copyright restrictions! See our playlist

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The Paradigm Shift

The Paradigm Shift on Conflict

• September 19th, 2009

Eliza and Thomas present The Paradigm Shift’s debut show on Brisbane’s community radio station 4zzz. This show features discussion about violence and conflict resolution; the ways they are dealt with and different ways they can and are being dealt with. Features interviews with Rachel Herzing from U.S. based group Creative Interventions and Heather Millhouse from the Queensland chapter of the international Alternatives to Violence Project.

Music has been removed due to copyright restrictions.

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