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Who is poorer – the deserving or the undeserving?

[PShift (4zzz fm102.1 fridays at noon) 12 noon Friday 30 Aug] Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and … Continue reading


Is West Papua being split up to marginalise the Papuan people?

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West Papua (called Irian Jaya by the expansionist, military-backed Indonesian regime) is rich in natural mineral and precious metals resources, making it a target for foreign trans-national corporations such as Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. The country and its peoples … Continue reading


Rallies against Qld Government

Qld Teacher Union rally on Tuesday 21 August Qld Uncut rally Thursday 23rd August (Social services organisations campaign) Combined Unions rally (will be very large!!) Wednesday 12th September. also info below on activities in other parts of Qld [Thanks Ross … Continue reading


From Melbourne to Barcelona: housing in crisis

[Editor’s Note: Broadcast on Paradigm Shift (4zzz Fm 102.1 Friday 10 Aug 2012 at Noon)] From Melbourne to Barcelona there is a housing crisis — this affects the poor, the young, the ‘differently-abled’, the aged and infirm. The crisis takes … Continue reading


Minister liquidates low cost housing

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The Queensland government says that it should not be in the business of running low cost accommodation like caravan parks. Yet the Monte Carlo Caravan Park is more affordable housing than any other, more affordable than units nearby or privately … Continue reading


Workers under siege in Nablus – they have no country

“People of Jenin, all the citizens of Jenin and the refugee camp, this is Jenin-grad. Your battle has paved the way to the liberation of the occupied territories”.[53] — PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, addressing a gathering of about 200 people … Continue reading

The Battle for Bowen Hills


Starting in 1972, inner-city residents of the city of Brisbane in Australia struggled against the Queensland Government’s plan to build a freeway that would destroy their community. The Government was cold-hearted and dismissive of the community’s concerns, plus the residents were offered inadequate compensation for their properties. As their voice went unheard, the residents decided to change tact and joined together in and effort to make the Government “sit up and take notice” of them.

To highlight their case, the residents and their supporters occupied recently evacuated Main Roads Department houses. The State Government responded with a provocative show of strength. They used the police to carry out evictions. The Government also used scab labour to hurriedly demolish houses right before people’s eyes. The protestors were forced into frightening confrontations with baton-wielding police dramatically captured in this film. When the protestors appealed for justice, they were dismissed by the Minister for Main Roads as “fairies” and “a pain in the neck.”

The residents ultimately won the battle. The freeway was never built. Unfortunately their victory came at a price with the partial dismantling of their community in the process.

This film is about winning and how to win. While highlighting the valiant struggle of the people of Bowen Hills, this is also a universal story that may prove helpful to others facing a similar threat.


On 5 August 2010 the National Press Club hosted a debate about sustainable population in Australia. Neither the Minister for Population & Agriculture, Tony Burke (ALP), nor the shadow Minister Scott Morrison (Lib) made any mention of the original inhabitants … Continue reading


[Editor’s Note: Every now and then you come across a well written, positive story in the mainstream press. Dale Webster and the ABC both put together the following stories about Aboriginal struggle for independence and self determination in Arnhem land. … Continue reading


From: Samuel Watson Sent: Saturday, 21 November 2009 6:43 AM URGENT NOTICE FOR  ON WEDNESDAY THE 25TH. OF NOVEMBER TO START AT 7 PM SHARP – NO MURRI TIME,  7 PM SHARP !!! Brisbane City Hall There has been a … Continue reading


by Ian Curr “Job and me and Jesus sittin’ Underneath the Indooroopilly bridge Watchin’ that blazin’ sun go down Behind the tall tree’d mountain ridge The land’s our heritage and spirit Here the rightful culture’s Black and we sittin’ here … Continue reading

Forced Removal – how it was done

Back to the Future - Refugees on the Tampa (2001)

by Pamela Curr

FORCED REMOVAL– how it was done

-Lest we forget

“…it is not their violence, it is ours, which turns back on itself and rends them; and the first action of these oppressed creatures is to bury deep down that hidden anger which their and our moralities condemn and which is however only the last refuge of their humanity.”

—John Paul Sartre in the preface to
“The Wretched of the Earth”
by Frantz Fanon

In 2001 when the Australian ship Manoora sailed to Nauru with its cargo of asylum seekers, it was anticipated that the Iraqis on board would resist embarkation.

These people knew only too well that while they were on the ship, they were Australia’s responsibility. Once off the boat they had no idea what lay in store.

‘The Chili technique’ used on refugee childrens’ rice

The Australian Navy laced the food with chili and limited water for 3 days prior to arrival in Nauru.  Iraqi Mothers told me later that they begged the Navy to at least not put the chili through the childrens’ rice.  The Mothers told me that their children were so hungry that they cried as they tried to eat the rice through cracked lips. Continue reading