Bahrain: no hope for the Al Khalifa regime

Bahraini nurse calls on international support after police kill 16 yr old during crackdown on anniversary of democracy protests.

Hussain Al Jaziri, 16 years old, was killed by Bahraini security forces yesterday as the crackdown on pro-democracy protesters intensifies around the second anniversary of Bahrain’s ‘forgotten Arab Spring’. Rula al Saffar, President of Bahrain Nursing Society and recently voted 11th most influential person in the Middle East described,

Bahrain is like a warzone.

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Hands off Bob! Defend the right to organise!

'I Called Him A Worship, Your Bastard!' 
Denis Kevans (Poet Lorrikeet)

The poet lorrikeet would have enjoyed court yesterday with obscene language featuring in the original 54 charges of criminal contempt against union man, Bob Carnegie.

Over 3000 people were arrested in Queensland in 1977-1979 defending the right to organise, to assemble and to march.… Go to Article

Rallies against Qld Government

Qld Teacher Union rally on Tuesday 21 August
Qld Uncut rally Thursday 23rd August (Social services organisations campaign)
Combined Unions rally (will be very large!!) Wednesday 12th September.

also info below on activities in other parts of Qld
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[Editor’s Note: this material is from Qld Council of Unions]

‘Stand for Queensland’ State-wide Community Day of Action
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Opposed to forced fluoridation ? – Please sign the Qld Parliament E-Petitions

If you are opposed to the forced fluoridation of Queensland public water supplies – please sign one, or preferably all three of these E- petitions – it is simple and takes only a few minutes.

Currently on the Queensland Parliament E-Petition Site there are three anti fluoride petitions – please click on the 3 links in the table below to access

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Bahrain: eyewitness for freedom

Eyewitness account of first martyr in the Bahraini struggle for Freedom and Democratic Rights. The events occurred in the village of Daih where the eye witness, Hussain, resided. The day is 14 February 2011: ‘the rest is history…’ says Hussain as he gives this terrible account of a regime gone mad against its own people at the behest of US government interests.Go to Article

‘Bahrain is Burning’: nurses union calls for support

In the month of March / in the year of the uprising / earth told us her blood secrets / In the month of March five girls at the door /of the primary school /Came past the violet / came past the rifle  / burst into flame / With the roses and thyme /they opened /the song of the soil / and entered the earth  / the ultimate embrace / March comes to the land / out of earth’s depth /out of the girls’ dance /The violets leaned over a little / so that the girls’ voices /could cross over / the birds /pointed their beaks /at that song and at my heart.Go to Article

Baby Milk Action Nestlé-free Zone

Baby Milk Action Nestlé-free Zone.

To hear more – listen to the Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ FM 102.1 Brisbane and surrounds 12 Noon Friday 9 September 2011

You may not know, I support the boycott of Nestlé products.

According the the World Health Organisation Authority (WHO) 1.5 million babies die every year as a result of inappropriate feeding.Go to Article